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Eternal Desert Sunshine is a third person surreal adventure that gives a new perspective on ancient Egypt.
Ahm Awad
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“Eternal Desert Sunshine” is a third-person adventure game with platform and shooter elements. The game is set in ancient Egypt with numerous references to the myth of Horus and Seth. You will be living a surreal adventure under the sun of Egyptian desert and along the legendary Nile River. Use the power of the Ankh and save Egypt from the return of Seth.

The major inspirations for Eternal Desert Sunshine are: Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, To the Moon and Future Boy Conan (Miyazaki).

"A long time ago after the death of Osirid Seth ruled Egypt bringing chaos and destruction but 5000 years ago one warrior sealed Seth in a mortal fight, this warrior was known as Horus the son of Osirid. The power of Seth was sealed in two: the red Ankh and a human body..."

Our story begins after these events our Hero is the son of Osiris and he is a young wizard who is training to become the magician of the 1st Egyptian dynasty. His master Shu (the God of air), was a great friend of his father Horus and he was chosen to protect the Ankh until our Hero was ready. Princess Kheti the young girl that you can see in the trailer is the daughter of Pharaoh Menes; Horus sealed part of Seth power inside her to prevent the return of darkness on earth. The Egyptian peoples regards Kheti as if she were Seth himself and she was shunned by her classmates, who out of fear and anger, hated her. Our hero will become the only friend of Kethi and this is why he will do anything to save her life and prevent the return of Seth.

Nut the fox your inseparable friend, will help you discover the Sahara Desert.

Eternal Desert Sunshine combines the precision of a first person shooter with the connection to the character you get from a third person game. You can twist and turn with the target always on your sight, the game was designed around mouse and keyboard controls. Your weapon the legendary "Eye of Ra" behaves as an independent living entity and during the missions you will unlock new powers including the ability to create and build.
In This journey you will meet strange and terrifying characters and in the giant Sahara desert you will find many temple complexes that will feature platforms and rpg elements. Be ready to live a dramatic and cinematic adventure!

The game environments are inspired from some of the most incredible Places of Egypt: Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and Giza Necropolis are only few of the monuments and temples that you will see.

"So my mind skins in this immensity: and foundering is sweet in such a sea.”

Giacomo Leopardi -The Infinite

In these dramatic political events that have put Egyptian tourism sector 'on its knees' this project can be seen as a small dream in a Land full of magic and history.

All the dialogues in the game are written but that does not stop us from giving facial animation to the characters of the game.
For us it's important to express feelings and emotions in the best way possible!

Karnak Arts is a new studio. Indiegogo is the easiest way for us to find and chat with players like you in an open and honest way. We hope you’ll share your opinions with us and help us refine the game.

We also chose IndieGoGo because we hope to raise enough money to make the best game we can. Here is what we will use the money for:

Software: Help us afford the software needed for pushing this game even forward.

Audio & voiceover: For this trailer we have used low budget voiceover we would love to have other amazing professional voiceover inside the game! We are in contact with 3 musicians that show interest in the project and have already joined the team:

-Fabrizio Santososso


-Gabe Castro

And we don't think they should work for free.

The music that have inspired this story is "The host of Seraphin" from the album "The Serpent's Egg" of English-Australian neoclassical band "Dead Can Dance" we obviously will never be able to afford the rights for this song we thoughts anyway to let you know.

Create an Editor: We are considering making a level editor, in that way after completing the game experience you will be able to play with custom platform levels, the level editor will never happen without your help.

Polish: We generally don't like releasing anything unless it has undergone a lot of polish.

Our vision for Eternal Desert Sunshine is innovation and fun and by contributing to our campaign you will empower that idea and make this happens.

We have been working hard on "Eternal Desert Sunshine" for the past 2 years and we believe that with your help we can improve almost every aspect of this game.

Karnak Arts is an independent game studio based in Milan(Italy), founded in 2012 by Ahmed Awad.

“I was born in Egypt in the village of Karnak surrounded by the beauty of Karnak temple complex, Luxor temple and the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

With Eternal Desert Sunshine my hope is to bring the old magic sensation of ancient Egypt in a surrealistic game experience.

Ahmed Awad

Karnak Arts is a group of devolopers with a deep passion for videogames and 3d art in general. We started working on Eternal Desert Sunshine 2 year ago focusing on every aspect of the game (Story, character design, game programming, game design , 3d models…) in the trailer you can see the first working prototype of the game. We have also invested some money to buy the essential software and the rights for the music and sounds inside the Trailer because we believe that "Eternal Desert Sunshine" with your help can become a great story.



we've just been Greenlighted by Valve! Thank you all for your support!
Steam Greenlight

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This campaign ended on August 22, 2014
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  • $2USD
    desktop wallpaper

    SPECIAL THANKS Special thanks on the website + a perfect quality download of the game's main theme music + desktop wallpaper!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $15USD
    Virtual copy of the game!

    The virtual copy of the game(steam Keycode)! + beta access/early access. + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS Game estimated delivery: December 2014

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $35USD
    Collector's Edition

    BETA ACCESS + full virtual copy of the game + ARTWORK DIGITAL BOOK ( PDF - including all the sketches, concept and designs created by Ahm Awad ) + Digital Soundtracks! + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $90USD
    Golden Edition

    T shirt with your name in middle Egyptian Hieroglyphics and the logo of the game!+ a table with all the hieroglyphics english translation + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $200USD
    Horus Edition

    handmade papyrus made in Luxor with customers name. + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS

    0 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $2,000USD
    Seth Edition

    Your name written in a giant wall inside the game in middle Egyptian Hieroglyphics+ your face carved under your name with a pharaoh crown + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $15,000USD
    Visit Egypt!

    Visit all the places that have inspired the game (Giza, karnak temple, luxor temple, abu simbel, the valley of the king and queens and much more) with the devolopers + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS

    0 out of 2 claimed
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