Error Records All-Ages Music Venue

Help Error Records launch Champaign-Urbana's only all-ages music venue and record store!

Short Summary

Since moving to Champaign-Urbana about 7 years ago, I have witnessed first-hand what the local music community has to offer. Not only great new music, but genuine hard working and inspiring people. Making friends through a strong and diverse artistic community has little to no comparison in my opinion. No matter what age you are, or stage in your life you’re at, you take all of these experiences and friendships with you for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t come with some risks, though. Putting on house shows where the cops could show up any minute and shut you down is no worry any music lover wants to carry. Not being able to pay a traveling band gas money because you had to pay X amount of dollars an hour to rent the space you’re throwing the show at also sucks. It’s also discouraging to have to host a show at a bar with an age limit when you know a lot more people could be enjoying the show.

If I wouldn’t have been able to get into some of the all-ages venues in St. Louis, that I did as a 15 year old, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I hope to provide those same opportunities to the younger generation of today. This is why Champaign-Urbana needs an all-ages music venue with an honest business model that doesn’t discourage any person from putting together an event, or to see one.

I look forward to bringing the underground music and art scenes together. For all of the support I have already received from the community, I am forever grateful. I hope that support and desire continues to take us places we never imagined possible.

Nathan Landolt
Founder / Owner – Error Records

What We Need 

Opening a business takes not only a lot of hard work, but also money. That's where you come in! Here's a breakdown of what your money will go towards:

Security Deposit & First Month's Rent

Licenses, Registrations, Permits, Insurance, and Inspection fees

Reconstructing damaged walls, building a stage, electrical work, and paint supplies

Microphones, Cables, Stands

*Note: Any extra funding will go towards a sound system upgrade. This means bigger bands and better sounding shows all around! 

What You Get

Awesome stuff! Like...

$5 = Thank You & All-new Error Records Sticker (below)

$10 = Show Voucher to get into one $5 show within one year + Thank You + Sticker

$25 = Limited Poster for Indiegogo Contributors - 11x17 Hand screened (by owner Nathan) and designed by local (Champaign/Springfield) artist Brian Galecki (work below). + Show Voucher + Thank You + Sticker 

$30 = Random Music Grab bag from local record labels; Polyvinyl, Error Records, Crippled Sound, Rat King Records, Skeletal Lightning, & Parosol. You'll get either 2 cassette-tapes, or 1 vinyl record, or 1 cd & 1 cassette-tape. How cool! + Limited Poster + Show Voucher + Thank You + Sticker

$60 = ER Vinyl Record Club! You get 15% off of 5 records a month, for six months. + Limited Poster + Show Voucher + Thank You + Sticker

$100 = You get any record in stock and carried in the Error Records online store and distro. + Random Music Grab Bag + Limited Poster + Show Voucher + Thank You + Sticker

$150 = $100 worth (25 hours) of rental space/time for band practice within the Error Records venue facilities. Practice time slots are in 2.5 hour increments and are scheduled one week in advance. + Limited Poster + Show Voucher + Thank You + Sticker

$300 = One of everything!!! Practice Time + Online Record + Vinyl Record Club + Random Music Grab Bag + Limited Poster + Show Voucher + Thank You + Sticker


The Impact

Having an all-ages music venue in C-U will open up so many doors to the music and art world. This is a place where musicians from all around the country will want to come perform and see what our community has to offer them. Within bringing diverse music into our community, it will also bring in great inspiration. We have a lot to offer the art world, so let's make this happen! 

*The physical address of the space is 702 S. Neil St. Champaign, IL. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Don't feel bad if you can't donate. You can still help out a lot by simply sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect. Just tell everyone you know and you've done your part! 

Thank you! 

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