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An early Warning system for detection of earthquakes up to 48 hours ahead of time which has the potential to save millions of lives.
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Cosmic Induction Generator - Indiegogo

Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who is a "living legend" in the field of electrical research. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Author of the landmark mathematical papers Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves and Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave, Eric shows how all electric phenomena can be mathematically measured and engineered WITHOUT using calculus or "Maxwell's Equations." Author of Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers and Theory of Wireless Power, he is also the only person since Tesla's death to successfully build a real Magnifying Transmitter. Learn more about Eric Dollard's work here: Eric Dollard

Presentation: THE EXTRALUMINAL TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS OF TESLA & ALEXANDERSON will explain the theory and practical application of the transmission systems of Nikola Tesla and Ernst Alexanderson. You will learn Eric Dollard's theories on the aether, longitudinal waves, Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, Alexanderson's multiple loaded antenna and network analysis through analog computers.

Register now while you still can! 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference


Although this Indiegogo campaign is over, you can still support Eric Dollard by joining his free announcement list at Eric's official homepage http://ericpdollard.com.

On that same website, there is information on how you can still send donations to EPD Laboratories, Inc. 

You will also find a list of Eric Dollard's book and video presentations. 

Please make sure to share http://ericpdollard.com with anyone that wants to see the development of real Tesla technologies in a way that only Eric Dollard knows how to do. Thank you!


Eric Dollard will be giving a presentation at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference on The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson. Get registered now while you still can!

Help Eric Dollard Save Millions of Lives

Please help make it possible by funding this game changing earthquake detection system and find out more about the research that has been done, because In 30 days it could all be gone.

This project is about "saving lives", "minimizing destruction", and the "48 hour tsunami and earthquake warning system"


What would you do
if you could predict a serious disaster like the Fukushima tsunami or The Haitian earthquake that claimed over a quarter of a million lives?
What would you do if you knew that it has been done already using Tesla's electrostatic telluric technology? Wouldn't you want the world to benefit as well?

On Offer to the World...

"This system will allow us to respond to natural geological disasters like Fukushima, Haiti or Indonesia not after, but before, as much as 2 days in advance. The reduction in loss of life and capital expense is billions of dollars in a few years. The system costs in the ten's of thousands of dollars and can pre-detect earthquakes using an electrical system"

On offer to the world is a working advanced seismic detection system capable of predicting earthquake and their tsunami between 18 hours and even several days ahead of time. It is not theory, it has been done in practice. Currently we are the only project aimed at developing this technology on indiegogo. 


Right now there is still NO advanced Seismic Warning System available .With a large tsunami event happening every 10 years and rising economic costs of disasters mounting close to trillions there is a need for a project like this. A project with not only the potential to save lives, but save entire economies and livelihoods.  WE believe that is worth promoting and we're asking for your support to make it happen.

About The Advanced Seismic Warning System

The advanced Seismic Warning System is a Tesla inspired Earthquake Detector

Nikola Tesla is known for the uniqueness of his Technology since it operates by electrostatic instead of the electromagnetic method used today in common electrical systems. Ernst Alexanderson improved upon Tesla's electrostatic telluric transmission system and is most well known for his Alexanderson Antenna system, which demonstrates communication methods through the interior of the earth at extraluminal velocity.

Worlds most sensitive and advanced earthquake warning system

Eric Dollard has improved upon the Alexanderson technology and has applied this knowledge to an Advanced Seismic Warning System, which can detect earthquakes of large magnitude as much as 18 to 48 hours ahead of time.
When people are prepared for disaster through having an Advanced Warning System, the number of injuries, deaths and damage to property and assets can be considerably reduced or even prevented.

Detection System

"This equipment is 1 billion times more sensitive that the equipment used by the United States Geological Society."

-Eric Dollard, Engineer/Scientist & Designer of Advanced Seismic Warning System.

This is the world's most sensitive and advanced earthquake warning system, which would be of great benefit and is desperately needed in some parts of the world, such as in earthquake hotspots. Your contribution can help make a difference with this life saving technology.

"System Not Theoretical"The system is not theoretical - Eric Dollard had a fully engineered and functional system in Landers, California. See the apparatus in the pictures below.

Advanced Seismic Warning System Chart Recorders, Oscilloscope Displays, Counter, other sensors and a Naval Tactical Communication System built by Eric Dollard at the Landers, California facility. The cables under the window go to  the operating system in the next picture.

In Landers, California, The Dollard System picked up a large earthquake 18 hours ahead of time, which was the initial proving of the system. This earthquake in Landers caused quite a bit of damage. Unfortunately, the Landers facility was lost through a real estate scam, and Eric lost $1.5m worth of equipment inside his operating site because of this.

Processing System

The Recording system in the previous pictures sends all the data to this desk station for analysis. On the computer screen is a Coast Guard weather broadcast, which is what the Naval communication system is picking up. The notebook with the pen is Eric Dollard’s log of solar activity and you can see a chart with some of the activity to the left. All of this data and more is brought together for analysis.

What we need

In order for Eric to rebuild the Advanced Sesimic Warning System technology from Landers, funds are desperately needed .This system will be placed on government property and the project is already approved by the government. Eric Dollard has been permitted to take over an abandoned carrier telephone facility known as a "J-Carrier" line. This allows him to use about 54 existing telephone poles, which are already erected as well as existing wire to build the antenna with - all without the expense of having to put up the poles from scratch, which saves a massive amount of time and money. It is a truly once-in-a-life-time-opportunity! 

Financial Hurdles

1. $10,000 USD is needed to secure a bond because this is going to be on government property.

2. $15,000 USD is needed to obtain the necessary equipment to rebuild the Advanced Seismic Warning System which was lost at Landers. This includes chart record and other necessary equipment for a functional system.


The Cost of Undetected Earthquakes and Tsunami

HAITI 2010 Sumatra/Indonesia 2004 Eastern Sichuan China 2008 JAPAN/FUKUSHIMA 2011
Deaths: 316,000 227,898 87,587 15,550
Injuries: 300,000 374,177 5314
Damaged Property: 1,300,000 homes 1,700,000 homes 5,000,000 homes Multiple Nuclear facilities
Destroyed Property: 97,000 5,000,000  TEPCO FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI NUCLEAR FACILITY
TOTAL ECONOMIC LOSS: N/A N/A $86,000,000,000 USD $309,000,000,000 USD

Created with USGS Geological statistics on major earthquakes over 1000 deaths

Antenna System

Eric Dollard supervising the operation of setting up poles to string wire on for the antenna part of the system.

Part of the antenna array used for broadcasting the data
from the Advanced Seismic Warning System to distances
as far as Japan. The antenna array is pointed at the sister
station that used to be in Bolinas, California with the call letters
KPH and the reciprical Landers antenna call letters were
N6KPH designed as a transponder system along the
San Andreas fault.

High Frequency  Receiving Array – Log Periodic and Rhombic and overground transmission lines into the field

Pre-Detected Disasters


Damage to the Kaiser Permanente building in the Northridge earthquake represented a significant risk to life and was detected by our system 18 hours in advance of the disaster.

The Northridge earthquake (Los Angeles) was detected by the Alexanderson Network in Bolinas California, which is Eric Dollard's alternate research facility. He detected the electrical signal about 
18 hours ahead of time of the quake. This was done with the network which is almost 500 miles away from the epicentre. Evidence that a perfected system for the monitoring of an entire state is easily within the capacity of the seismic detection system.


Geological instability caused an earthquake-tsunami that destabilised the nuclear reactor and control systems at Fukushima Daiichi and eventually caused a meltdown. The meltdown threatens the wild life and eco-system.The Dollard system has detected pre-earthquake tell-tale signals that signalled a full 48 hours before the disaster. In this disaster there was no advanced warning system. The Dollard system could have provided TEPCO and other government organisations with significantly earlier warning, and the system would allow proper planning and preparation before a serious disaster, not after.

After years of development at Dollard's Lander's station picked up the earthquake signals from the 2011 Japan Earthquake a full 2 days (48 hours) ahead of time, adequate time to reduce the loss of life experienced in the disaster from 20,000 lost to a few hundred.

The geological instability that was detectable days before the fukushima disaster was undetected and resulted in a nuclear meltdown in several control reactors which were running when the Tsunami impacted. This could have been avoided with the Adnvanced Seismic Warning System as it is able to give warnings of several hours to days before the event, nuclear reactors and government assets could be closed down safely, without loss of life, or gross economic output.

Application of Technology

There are three major applications to Advanced Seismic Warning System that has been developed by Eric.

  • 1.  COMMERCIAL WIRELESS COMMS: Transmitting to remote locations through the mass of Earth.
  • 2. INDUSTRIAL, MINING & GEOLOGICAL Locating deep geological formations through observation of the impulses they emit, or how they distort propagation. 
  • 3. MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT - ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY - RELIABLE GEOLOGICAL INSTABILITY PREDICTION - ULTRA RELIABLE EARLY WARNING SYSTEM - The system utilizes the reception of specific telluric impulses that originate days prior to major seismic events.

Humanitarian Benefits

The benefits of a cheap and affordable broadband system for commercial communications, industrial mining, and ultra early warning system of 48 hours before major geological events, presents myriad opportunities for a serious investor in a tried and tested technology which has been developed in the Lab over many years. The health and safety of a geological prediction system of earthquakes could naturally be extended to other electrical phenomenon concerning the formation of weather currents, such as severe winters. Therefore the Application of this advanced seismic impulse technology represents a significant benefit to humanity. In terms of both economic, commercial, industrial and safety considerations - the Dollard has something to offer the serious investor.


If the Dollard Advanced Seismic Warning System is made available as a central government resource for predicting hazardous geological activity then countless lives could be saved and potential future disasters like Fukushima prevented. The system is inexpensive and can produce significant savings by reducing the total cost of the economic, financial, industrial and environmental damage resulting from disasters.


Fully monitored geological activity with the system offers protection to highly critical infrastructure such as Nuclear Power Stations which are prone to earthquake damage caused by unexpected geological activity that un-prevented could result in another international incident and a nuclear meltdown runaway. For developing countries and military installations still dependent on nuclear power, the Dollard system offers logistical protection in advance so that government and military can plan & respond to geological disasters before they happen. In this case powering down volatile systems in the window of geological instability. 


Dollard's Advanced Seismic Warning system collects or receives electric impulses originating within the solid mass of the earth. A technical description is available in the paper "System for the Transmission and Reception of Telluric Electric Waves by Eric Dollard".

Origins in Military and Government, Navy & Radio Corporation America

The operating principle of this configuration originated with the U.S Navy and the Radio Corporation of America (R.C.A). The first systems were constructed in Bolinas, California and New Brunswick, New Jersey. This has become known as the Alexanderson System, which is named after its inventor Ernst Alexanderson. The Alexanderson system has been employed in the use of the modern Dollard Advanced Sesimic Warning System.

System of Transmission

The system of transmission was adapted to submarine communications in World War II. Dollard's application of this technology to his earthquake warning system described above is the improvement upon Alexanderson. Prior to this advancement, there has never been a broadband system that can pick up earth signals completely free of distortion and interference.

Picture showing a portion of the phasing network adopted

This is the master terminal where all wires over and underground in the 25 acre antenna field terminated.

This is the master terminal for all lines out in the field

This is the back side of the terminal rack in the picture above where all the wires in the field connect. This is all hand built by Eric Dollard with nothing more than scrap electrical parts. This is the lower level of the rack.

This is the upper level of the rack shown in the 2 pictures above.

This is the loudspeaker output of the Earthquake warning system. This allows you to hear the electrical signals inside the earth , in STEREO! Everything here has been hand built by Eric Dollard

The 300 watt broadcast transmitter all hand built with scrap parts by Eric Dollard. This is what broadcast the data from the system through the antennas that sent it to Japan, etc.

High frequency analysis bay and carrier generation equipment.

Master frequency generator for the N6KPH radio broadcast.

Earth Stereo receiver. Pair of Army R3-92’s powered by
Eric Dollard’s Toyota Corolla’s DC station bus.

System Established as Engineering Reality

The third application has undergone, through the study of the Landers and Northridge earthquake events, proof of performance testing and is now an engineering reality. Such a system operates continuously and is passive for the most part. Little attention or maintenance is required. This technology could very well be the blessing it appears to be for the world.

The world needs this technology & we need your help

If there really was a way to save thousands , if not tens of thousands of lives every year in geologically unpredictable regions we'd be using it right? wrong.

The Dollard system already works, and geologically unstable regions as well as coastal regions such as Haiti, Malaysia, Tokyo and Thailand are vulnerable to the appalling destructiveness of geological instability and the scenario's we saw in 2004 took 186,000 lives in Indonesia alone and the terrible disaster we saw in Japan took 18,550 lives in just a few hours in a single incident.  Localities around the indian ocean and the pacific rim are at risk to tsunami's that pose significant threats to life, economic activity, and monetary resource. A great deal of lives can be saved, but not just lives, money too. We can see these disasters coming hours ahead of time. Imagine what it could mean to the 186,000 people in 2004 if this technology was available.

We can't just let this technology die with Eric. We need your help 

The EPD Laboratories Logo is designed with the sentiment of the AT&T spirit of communication and features the same hand and electrical lightning bolts.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the government and international community to crowd fund something that could allow Eric to continue his important research, but more importantly make a difference to those vulnerable to natural geological disasters such as earthquakes. This could just be the beginning, and you have a chance to be a part of it!

Any funds raised that are above the $25,000 goal will be applied towards operating expenses at EPD laboratories, Inc., which is Eric Dollard's 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. All of your donations to this earthquake project or otherwise are tax-deductable. If extra funds raised are significant enough, they will be used to purchase the building that the organization is operating out of


The Advanced Seismic Warning System can carry a significantly greater warning time than existing products on the market. Developer of Technology Eric Dollard boasts apparatus 1 billion times more sensitive than instrumentation in use by United States Geological Survey (USGS). We want to replace more expensive and inferior earthquake post detection equipment with pre-detection equipment developed by Dollard.

 Current technology is reactionary instead of visionary. The alarms only sound after geological survey instruments detect quakes physically giving but a few minutes which is insufficient or completely inadequate. What is on offer here is something that can detect the earthquake before it happens.

Please help us share this important technology for the future.

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  • $25USD
    Be a Pioneer

    Help make this technology available to the wider world, become a friend of Eric Dollard and be a pioneer! Your are also contributing to help develop this technology further and make it available to people who are vulnerable and at risk of tsunami and earthquake. The early warning system is capable of providing extended time periods for the safe evacuation of people and assets from coastal regions prone to Tsunami and Earthquake.

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  • $65USD
    Autographed Photo

    A signed photo of Eric Dollard at EPD Labs working on the Earthquake project. No doubt it will one day be extremely collectable. Your are also contributing to help develop this technology further and make it available to people who are vulnerable and at risk of tsunami and earthquake. The early warning system is capable of providing extended time periods for evacuation of coastal regions prone to Tsunami and high density cities or underdeveloped properties prone to Earthquake.

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  • $100USD
    Hand written letter

    A Hand written thank you letter from Eric Dollard. Your are also contributing to help develop this technology further and make it available to people who are vulnerable and at risk of tsunami and earthquake. The early warning system is capable of providing extended time periods for evacuation of coastal regions prone to Tsunami and high density cities or underdeveloped properties prone to Earthquake.

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  • $250USD
    Phone an Engineer

    Got questions for Eric about his telluric earthquake technology or just want to hang out and talk about Tesla's wireless. No problem. Eric has got time and has agreed to make himself available to people that are both interested and want to help raise money on the campaign to develop the technology. Talk to Eric Dollard by claiming this perk and you will get the opportunity to put your questions to Eric and learnt a bit more about the man. Total time approx: 30 minutes.

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  • $350USD
    Telluric Writings

    A collection of all of Eric Dollard's Books and Video lectures. Your are also contributing to help develop this technology further and make it available to people who are vulnerable and at risk of tsunami and earthquake. The early warning system is capable of providing extended time periods for evacuation of coastal regions prone to Tsunami and high density cities or underdeveloped properties prone to Earthquake.

    3 claimed

    Breakfast With Eric

    A ticket to the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference to see Eric Dollard in person. Includes conference ticket, autographed photo, and a breakfast or dinner with Eric Dollard depending on availability. http://www.emediapress.com The Conference Ticket usual price is $400. Does not include travel, lodging or other expenses. Estimated time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    2 out of 2 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Tour of Earthquake Project

    A 2 hour tour of the entire earthquake project at EPD Labs personally taken around by Eric Dollard. (May include a group of people, questions will be permitted). In Nevada area. Transport & accommodation not included.

    4 out of 5 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    A Phone Interview

    Journalists, news outlets and radio stations can help a good cause by contributing for this perk and they can simultaneously get themselves an exclusive interview with Eric Dollard the designer of this game changing Advance Seismic Warning System, that is tried and tested. Be the first to break a world exclusive and support Eric! Total Time: 1-2 hours approx.

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Investor in the Car

    Go for a personal tour with Eric in his car, around the vast suburban wastelands and have the chance to reminisce on the 19th and 20th century, expect a personal tour of the earthquake system. Eric and EPD Labs are extremely grateful for any help they receive and Eric is more than willing to show investors around his facility and describe the Tesla technology used to carry out this exciting work! Approximate time 3 - 5 hours. But more than that, get to know the genius that is Eric Dollard.

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  • $7,500USD
    A week with a genius

    Spend a week with Eric Dollard, the electrical genius engineer who has replicated the works of Nikola Tesla, but not only has he done that he has demonstrated and it and lectured on the subject prolifically. A truly experienced master in his art, and the art of wireless electricity. Any student seeking to aid Eric's cause, and learn something about the advanced technology of the future, wants this perk!

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Angel Investor

    As an angel investor you also will receive, an autograph, handwritten letter, a personal tour of the Earthquake Project, all Eric's books and video's and become an honorary member of EPD Labs. The money you donate will go into the government bond ($10,000) that allows us to secure the antenna array on the government land and to continue to roll-out this technology in side the realms of a government approved project. We only have 30 days by contributing you save it's destruction.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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