Equalize Youth, the world's support network for LGBT youth

We want to take support for LGBTQ youth into the social media age, and let them tap the world of support that's out here!

Equalize Youth aims to become the world's support network for LGBTQ youth. We are a team of passionate young adults inspired by the impact of web-based initiatives like the It Gets Better Project and AllOut. Our project started from the heart and has developed with an eye on the safety, needs and behaviors of young LGBTQ people growing up in the world of iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, and many other social media platforms. 

Our site will make it easy for every adult make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ adults, friends, and family will get to share their hope and wisdom, without compromising anyone's safety or privacy.  Adult contributors will out their stories and give young people like them hope and advice by sharing multimedia content themed around the unique things experiences of their own life path as LGBTQ folks.These will be stories of struggle, of success, of people simply being themselves. Real-life knowdlege on coming out, bullies, feeling ashamed, communicating with parents, handling crushes, being open in the workplace... Everyone gets to contribute, everywhere in the world.

There is a world of support out here, and we want to make it accessible for young people by harnessing the power of the technologies of our time.Help us to safely connect LGBTQ youth to the stories of people that have walked in their shoes: folks from their own town, school, ethnicity, or faith. We want create a genuine and safe place of hope and power generated by everyone who cares about the future of our communities.

If you can already hear the commotion... We invite you to visit this powerful and award winning resource. We want to provide something similar for LGBTQ youth everywhere. A place to insipire, and to be inspired. A place that gives youth the tools to move forward! This is Queerty's take on this project: 

"Equalize Youth is the next logical step after the It Gets Better Campaign" - Queerty, Sept 29th

Together we can make this worldwide tool a reality!

Our platform innovates by bringing location markers and background tags into the user experience, and by keeping contributors anonymous. We want to use this new social media approach to safely connect youth with the stories and experiences that were part of those that have walked in their shoes before. With a savvy Google Maps application, contributors tie entries to physical locations and important places related to their story: high schools, congregations, summer camps, and community centers—anywhere around the globe counts!

Searches will be as simple as entering a zip code. Kids can find entries by folks just like them, whether in their own hometowns or around the globe. Contributors will tag their ethnic backgrounds and religious upbringings in their entry to facilitate effective searches. Additional tags for experiences like being deaf, blind, going through “anti-gay therapy,” or being HIV+ will also be included. No matter what, we want youth to see (literally!) that they are not alone, that their challenges can be overcome, and that there is a world of unconditional love and support out there.

Let's be clear: we are serious about being a resource to all LGBTQ youth!

Equalize Youth will be a safe and readily available source of hope and power, put forth by real-life people that youth can relate to. It will be like nothing else out there, and available worldwide—a place to inspire and to be inspired, and give youth the tools that can help them move forward into healthier, more resilient, and optimistic lives.

The end result?

Generations of young LGBTQ teens people won't feel ashamed and ostracized. Kids will understand that the hostility they may face is not their fault, and that it stems from ignorance 100% unrelated to themselves, their value, their perfect selves. These youth will gain crucial access and connection to people that have faced the same challenges. They'll get to know how someone just like them has gone through it before—not only that these people exist, but also how they felt, where they are now, and how things are changing across the globe.  

Where will my money go?

Our current platform can accept written entries, but can't yet perform searches or organize results… It’s like a stand-in: it’s missing the meat—and a lot of it. We've gotten this far with the help of lawyerssoftware companiesdesignersweb developersphotographersmedia consultantsbloggers, local nonprofits, and more. But we can't grow further without funding: skilled developers cost over $100/hour! We need your help!

Your money will go towards the development of the back-end “machine” we need to support our platform. It will organize the data, enable searches, and expand functionality. Your resources will enable the infrastructure necessary for this platform to exist. These resources will contribute to:

  • User Interface Design (it needs to look crazy good!)
  • Back-End Development (its a unique and complex platform. We need help!)
  • Custom Server Configuration (let's make it fast, shall we?)
  • Grassroots and Creative Outreach (getting the word out is key!)

By helping us to build this online interface, you'll help LGBTQ Youth access content they can relate to in a meaningful and personal way. To see themselves in stories will give them hope; knowing how others faced their own challenges will make them more resilient. They’ll get to know they are not alone, no matter where they are.


The contributor perks

We reward contributors with unique and limited run perks that our team will make, cook and craft, and they will always remind you of the important role you played in making this resource a reality. Click below and visit our gallery for images! 

We believe these to be superb perks, and there's something you should know about them: even though quite awesome, they fall (VERY) short of letting you know the full extent of our gratitude. A team bear hug would be a good start towards letting you know how thankful we are to have you onboard.

Stop for a second, and think of how sites like Google Maps, craigslist and reddit have truly changed how we live, think, and act. There is true potential for scalable, sustainable, and powerful change here. Every contribution helps us get closer to making it a tangible reality. Together, we can take it beyond our wildest dreams.

 If you believe that this platform will make a positive impact in the world, please show your support with even just a buck! Reading off those sixteen digits always go by faster than you expect :)

There are many ways to help - SHARING IS CARING!

We want to get info on this campaign to everyone cares: help us by sharing this page with friends, parents, your employer's LGBTQ group, your local LGBTQ center, your college campus' student-run organization—every little bit helps!

There are many other important ways in which you can make a powerful contribution and help us make it happen. Every sharing effort and donation matter a whole lot. We urge you to take a minute and:

  • Comment on our campaign page here.
  • Like and share our campaign and use indiegogo’s sharing tools. Share it with anyone with a heart! They don’t have to be gay, they just have to be human! Every single dollar, like, comment, and share counts.
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