EqualityTV! Help Us Make Equality Go Viral With A Global TV Network!

EqualityTV--an internet TV network dedicated to promoting Equality For All and creating a movement in media with shows, music, films & more!
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  • $5USD
    Equality Goes Viral!

    You get our eternal thank you and you've just help us make Equality Go Viral! For that we'll give you a shout out on Twitter and Facebook! And as a bonus, you get LOVE!!!

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  • $10USD
    EqualityTV Gratitude Cloud

    Be part of the EqualityTV Gratitude Word Cloud on our Network. Your name will be proudly displayed and included in our awesome EqualityTV Word Cloud design featured on its very own page. You'll have immortal recognition for less than the price of lunch at your favorite restaurant!

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  • $25USD
    EqualityTV Sticker Perk

    Get an awesome EqualityTV Bumper Sticker and spread Equality while you drive! Also snag our cool logo tattoo and a personal ‘Thank You’ card from the EQTV Family. Gratitude and coolness rolled into one great perk!

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  • $50USD
    EQTV Ambassador Pack

    In addition to the EqualityTV sticker perk, you'll get an EQTV bandanna and a shout out on Twitter! #Awesome! Throw the bandanna on your dog and let them promote Equality, or keep it for yourself and get your swagger on.

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  • $100USD
    Swagger Gear Pack

    Want to up the EQTV Gear ante? Get an awesome T-Shirt or tank in addition to the Sticker Perk. Snag a 'Wild Card' surprise! Trust us--You'll LOVE it!

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  • $200USD
    Mashup Moment

    Get a shout out on an episode of the Mashup by one of the hosts on the show! Enjoy an Associate Producer credit on The Mashup episode you're featured in! Also, join us for a virtual Pajama Party on Google Hangout with the EQTV Family!

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  • $300USD
    'I Am Equality' Experience

    Be part of the ‘I Am Equality’ PSA. We'll film you for our 'I Am Equality' documentary and give you a signed DVD copy. Get a personalised 'Thank You' video from an EQTV Family member. You'll also receive a special invitation to the official EQTV Launch Party. (Travel not included)

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  • $500USD
    EQTV VIP Status

    Are you a VIP? At EqualityTV being a VIP means you get to be a guest on The Mashup Show! Snag Associate Producer credit for the show and a shout out on Twitter. Score a Special VIP invitation to the launch party!

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  • $1,000USD
    EqualityTV Founder Experience

    When VIP Status just isn't enough, we offer the EQTV Founder Experience. Enjoy a special dinner with the founder at the hottest restaurant in Hollywood. Sip on a Martini and share secrets. Also, Get 'In Bed With Dann and Kelly' and score Producer Credit on the show. Your special VIP Invite to the EQTV launch party includes a secret surprise!

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  • $5,000USD
    Executive Producer Credit

    Here's your chance to leave your mark on EqualityTV and the world. Be an Executive Producer and create an episode of your favorite show! Expand your creativity and share your voice. In addition, you'll get the Swagger Gear Pack and enjoy the EQTV Founder Experience. A perk that is too good to be true!

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  • $10,000USD
    EQTV Genie In A Bottle

    Your wish is our command! For the Equality champion we've brought out the big guns. As the EQTV Genie in a bottle you get three wishes! You choose three shows to air on EQTV for a week. You'll receive Executive Producer credit for every show produced during your special week. We'll donate $1000 to a cause of your choice featured on the network. We'll even create a special sponsor banner for the shows you like!

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  • $1,000,000USD
    Million Dollar Producer

    As Network Producer you choose the shows you want to see for a week. You’ll create your own show to air permanently on the network and receive Executive Producer credit for all shows! Have you always wanted to see A Gay Bachelor? Do you want a show about interracial dating? The sky's the limit! Have dinner anywhere in LA with the EQTV Family and score a special table at the launch party with red carpet entrance and a basket of goodies!

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