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An Internet TV network and social community combined with an e-commerce platform of ethical brands, which highlight marginalized communities around the world.
Lisa Mae EqualityTV
Video / Web
Los Angeles
United States
11 Team Members

EqualityTV – Celebrating Humanity!

Be Informed. Be Inspired. Be Accepted. Be Transformed.

Set to launch in 2014, EqualityTV will offer transformative shows, web series, talk shows, films, compelling documentaries, music, and powerful discussions that everyone can enjoy on a global scale. Whether you are a filmmaker, activist, non-profit organization, disabled veteran, gay, lesbian,transgendered, queer or a member of any other under-represented or minority group, EqualityTV will provide the platform you need to begin Celebrating Humanity.

Our mission to be of service to the world and achieve Equality by celebrating humanity is inspired by a quote from acclaimed film maker, Joss Whedon:  “Equality is not a concept. It's not something we should be striving for. It's a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who's confronted with it. We need equality.”

EqualityTV believes in celebrating humanity. We believe in ‘Equality For All’ and we are committed to provide a platform that highlights marginalized communities around the world and encourages people to shine their light on others. We all have a voice and it is time we have a network that celebrates who we are. Together we can make 'Equality Go Viral!'

For reference, we are providing an image of an early version of the site.

WHAT IS EQUALITYTV? EqualityTV is here to be of service.

EqualityTV is the brainchild of author, marketing exec and motivational visionary, Lisa Mae Brunson—who conceived EqualityTV and its six distinct divisions during a meditation session.  Over the last eighteen months, Lisa Mae has poured her heart and soul into developing EqualityTV with a family of supporters and other visionaries around the world who are committed to this global vision.

EqualityTV produces original shows in addition to curating and aggregating content from visionary filmmakers and content producers around the world.  The content we seek is compelling, innovative and geared towards embracing other communities and providing a new way of thinking, understanding and relating with one another.


*Gender specific: i.e., Women’s Rights, Gender Equality, Male Education, etc. We have a separate channel geared towards Women’s Programming.

*Specific and Mixed Race Communities: i.e. Hispanic, Black, Asian, Indian, Mixed Race, Interracial relationships, other race, etc. We have content filmed in other languages and featuring a rich and diverse cast.

*Children’s Programming: We have a separate children’s network called the "Visioneers," comprised of a diverse group of kids, creating programming for kids and by kids. We have partnered with extraordinary visioneers to build a unique platform.

*Seniors and Elder Care: Individuals over the age of 55 are celebrated on our network. We hire staff over 55 and feature senior panels and cast on our shows.

*LGBTQA: Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersexed (Male with female parts, or female with male parts,) Allied, (Straight people who support gay rights,) etc. All our featured and welcome on our network.

*Deaf and Disabled Communities: We have content filmed in sign language and are committed to integrate our platform with a subtitled service. We NEVER exclude someone because of an injury or handicap. We celebrate abilities!

*Disabled Veterans: We are here to be of service, and those who have served for any country and have been injured have a platform to speak on EqualityTV.

*Animal Rights: – We love animals and so do our viewers. We partner with animal lovers, activists and organizations to provide animal friendly programming and information.

*Child and Sex Trafficking/Other Causes and Platforms: (National & Global) We support any cause that is dedicated to saving lives, changing the world, and promoting ‘Equality For All.’ We will always provide a platform for non-profits and other causes and organizations to share their stories and inform and educate the world.

*Eco and Sustainable Communities:, i.e., Green Solutions and Climate Change information. We are passionate about educating people on how to keep our planet alive and healthy and we partner with brands and companies committed to doing the same.

*Cultural Programming: i.e. Indigenous peoples, Tribes, South American, Asian, European, etc. We want to be educated by other cultures and learn about practices and a way of life that has existed for generations.

In addition, EqualityTV only partners with brands and companies who directly support our audience. We believe that ethical companies and stewardship is a vital component to achieving Equality and changing the world.

*Vlogs from people in your community:  We invite you to be part of our daily EQTV Vlog Series. These Vlogs change continuously, so check our listings for who's premiering. (Please note: We are no longer hosting EQTV Vlogs on a YouTube Channel and will resume our Vlogs series exclusively on our EQTV Platform.)


We believe in cultivating partnerships. Our strategy is simple: "Build relationships and build a global community." The kinds of programming you will find on EqualityTV include:

*EqualityTV Original Programming: Talk shows, kid's shows, films, documentaries, and special programs.


Over the past ten years, your hosts, Dann & Kelly, have been interviewing celebrities for Art & Understanding (A & U), an international monthly magazine devoted to the art and culture of people affected by HIV. Some of the more-than-one hundred notables interviewed include: Dustin Hoffman, John Waters, Bebe Neuwirth, Virginia Madsen, Danny Glover, and Johnny Galecki.

In their new show, IN BED WITH DANN & KELLY, they’ve taken their interviews off the written page, into the bedroom, and onto the screen. The effervescent hosts take exceptional people “to bed” in a fun, lively, intimate romp in their bedrooms and boudoirs, digging below the sheets to uncover new stories to share with fans.

So prop up a pillow . . . . and get IN BED WITH DANN & KELLY!

*Specifically Curated and Aggregated Content: Documentaries, films, talk shows, shows, music videos and content from known and Indie filmmakers, content producers and visionaries around the world.

*Cultural Specials: We specifically look for content that enlightens us to other cultures and lifestyles. 

*Eco-Friendly: We shine the light on what's happening in the world and to our planet.

The VISIONEERS: Children are the visionaries of our future. We learn and grow from them. This next generation is who shapes our future of Equality and we have developed a special partnership and Programming to ensure our children have a voice.

Some of the members of our EqualityTV Visioneers Family


We are the visionaries, the seekers, the outcasts, the minorities. We are the avant-gardes, the 'out of the closets’, the people who don’t play by the rules, or throw them out the window altogether. We are the 99%, the women, men, children and animals, the discriminated, the abused. We are the revolutionaries, the enlightened, the eco-conscious, the spiritually grounded, the rebels who believe in standing up for our rights. We are the change we wish to see in ourselves and in the world.  More importantly—we are the people who believe in Equality For ALL.

Martin Luther King said it best: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

At EqualityTV, we take that further—our dream is that one day we will live in a world where everyone is treated equally regardless of the color of their skin, sexual or religious orientation, gender, age, ability, geographic location or economic status. Our dream is that we will know true liberty and not just live in pursuit of it. We will live in a world where hearts and minds are open and receptive and we learn and grow from cultural differences, and not live in fear of them. We will marry the ones we love and receive the same pay and the same opportunities as our neighbor.

We have a dream that EqualityTV will thrive and change lives because YOU co-created the vision.

We are a Family of Visionaries made up of filmmakers, producers, web and app developers, marketing professionals, graphic designers, activists, photographers, actors and actresses, creatives, mothers and fathers, inspired individuals and children and tastemakers from around the world.


EqualityTV has a HUGE MISSION to stand out alongside traditional media. We need Angel Investors like YOU to partner with EqualityTV and be of service to the world.

We have a Network LAUNCH Goal of $250,000 to allow us to refine our User Experience and programming and launch our Internet TV platform in 2014.

Funding raised beyond that will allow us to continue building our company and global platform according to our 65 page comprehensive Blueprint we have generated as our business outline. 

Funding will be distributed between operation costs of building the network, web hosting, site development, content production, equipment, and other costs associated with launching an Internet TV network and global vision of this magnitude.


*Produce more content with our Studio Partner, Asset Media Group. Current projects in production are: The Lisa Mae Show, Kid's View, Golden Gab, The "I Am Equality" Campaign and Documentary, Junior Mashup, The Mashup, a variety of music videos, commercials and PSA's and more! 

EQTV Filmmaker and Creative Director, Fernando Monet filming a PSA.

*Continue to build and add on to our video intensive website and multimedia platform which allows us to expand and provide innovative features and interactive tools.

*Keep up with web development, hosting, security and bandwidth costs.

*Hire staff, and professional production and post-production teams to help us produce EqualityTV Exclusive content.

*Hire staff to moderate the site, manage and aggregate content and oversee the daily progress of the network.

*Obtain equipment to film news, events and shows.

*Hire network team, on-air talent, producers and hosts.

*Scale our entire vision for EQTV which includes a social media network and unique e-commerce platform.

*And everything else that falls under running a business and an internet TV network.

Our Visioneers Executive Producer: Kelly Anderson with EQTV Filmmaker: Sergio Diamel from Belgium.

Regular updates and progress will be posted on this platform and our social media networks so you can track your contribution!

“I Am Equality” Worldwide Photo Campaign”:

Launched by EqualityTV network, The “I Am Equality Campaign” is a multimedia PSA dedicated to celebrating self-expression to educate and inspire people to embrace diversity, culture and equality within communities, families and individuals across the globe. Sparked by an idea, we threw ourselves head first into the project and in a matter of weeks set up our first campaign. On August 17th, 2013 we made ‘Equality Go Viral’ and invited photographers from several cities around the world to participate in our inaugural event. We held events in a wave across the globe in 17 cities and 5 countries. 2014 is poised to be even bigger as we achieve our personal goal of 100 cities and 25 countries. “What will YOU do to make “Equality Go Viral?”

From our AUSTIN, TEXAS "I Am Equality" Campaign -- Photographer, Erica Nix

From our New York "I am Equality" Campaign -- Equality Photographer, Amy Mayes

EqualityTV and "I Am Equality" Campaign Founder, Lisa Mae Brunson.


The EqualityTV Family LOVES to give back. We support Non-Profits and causes all over the world. We provide a platform for these entities to have a voice and we are committed to participate and be of service where we can. Here are just a few we support and participate in:

EQTV Family members Julie Aziz and Lisa Mae Brunson at the X'd OUT campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to ending the torture and sex enslavement of women and children.

We participated in a march in Hollywood, California, to educate the public about the presence of child sex trafficking in the United States.

We sponsored the Kid's Resource event which is a nonprofit created by the then 10 year old Gerry Orz, also a member of the Visioneers, who inspired a state recognized Bullying Prevention Day on 12.12.12. Day of Silence is December 12th, every year.

We supported Boo2Bullying at the LA Pride Festival -- a photographic campaign dedicated to eradicating bullying.

We march every year with HRC for Los Angeles Pride. We support all HRC campaigns and attend as many functions as we can.

What do you receive when you contribute to help co-create EqualityTV?

Check out the awesome perks you'll receive on the left of the screen! Check back regularly for 'Secret Perks' and an awesome series of mini-films we've put together for your enjoyment! Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you partnered with an organization who is dedicated to creating true change in the world. 

The Future of EqualityTV:

We have a 65 page Blueprint for our expansive global vision for EqualityTV, Equality City and Equality Lane. We won't stop at creating innovative programming. To truly create global change we believe we must inspire the world through various aspects of everyday life. In our Divinely Inspired vision we are creating a multimedia platform, a social network and a mobile app which inspires interaction with other cultures, and a comprehensive e-commerce platform that will bridge the gap between ethical companies and conscious consumers.

We are here to be of service to build a better future of Equality.

Other Ways You Can Join the EQTV Family:

‘Make Equality Go Viral’ by spreading the word. Share this campaign with your friends, family, partner, and/or animal companion. Indiegogo has some awesome ‘share tools’ at your disposal, so feel free to use them! Blog about us, watch our shows, and engage us on Facebook. If you ‘Like Us’ we have exclusive contests and opportunities on our FB page that no one else will have, so get plugged into our social media community today.

Check us out on blog shows, talk shows and other media opportunities! We've been featured 'Staff Pick' on Blog Talk Radio four times and counting! We've also been a Toyota Rav 4 Sponsored highlight show!

Toyota Rav 4 Presents: Going Places Radio -- Lisa Mae Brunson


You can become an official member of the EqualityTV Family! We are always excited to grow. If you have production or post production skills you would like to contribute to our production team, please contact us immediately! If you would like to pitch or offer content to our network, or would like to host a show or have an idea, contact the EQTV Family: equalitytv@gmail.com 

Every contribution helps and Together We WILL make Equality Go Viral!

EqualityTV – “Celebrating Humanity!”

EqualityTV – “Celebrating Humanity!” www.equalitytv.com

'Like Us' on Facebook: www.facebook.com/equalitytv

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user10105376

Twitter: https://twitter.com/equalitytv

Read about our EqualityTV Brand: 


Read about our "I Am Equality" Campaign: 


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    EQTV Hangout Party

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    Golden Ticket Access

    You've got the Golden Ticket to EqualityTV! This means you have EXCLUSIVE FREE ACCESS to ALL of EqualityTV and its networks for TWO YEARS. You'll get to play in Equality City, Shop on Equality Lane and upload as many videos you like on your very own channel for FREE. We'll never offer this perk again! Be one of the first to have an all access pass to a world where Equality truly exists.

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    Visioneers Producer

    Children are our future! Support The Visioneers with this perk which will go 100% to our Children's Programming and get a Producer's Credit on an episode of one of the shows. Plus, score a one-of-a-kind T-shirt designed by one of our Visioneers cast members! We'll even throw in a handmade card from the kids and a shout out on Social Media!

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    EQTV VIP Status

    Are you a VIP? At EqualityTV being a VIP means you'll get 'In Bed With Dann and Kelly' and score Producer Credit on the show. A percentage of this perk goes directly to the show. Want more? We'll throw in the Ambassador Pack, cause you're cool like that. Score a Special red carpet VIP invitation to the launch party!

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  • $1,000USD
    EQTV Founder Experience

    When VIP Status just isn't enough, we offer the EQTV Founder Experience. You'll be a guest on the Lisa Mae Show. Enjoy a special dinner with the founder at the hottest restaurant in Hollywood. Sip on a drink and share secrets. Your special VIP Invite to the EQTV launch party includes a secret surprise!

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  • $5,000USD
    Executive Producer Credit

    Here's your chance to leave your mark on EqualityTV and the world. Be an Executive Producer and create an episode of your favorite show! Expand your creativity and share your voice. In addition, you'll enjoy the EQTV Founder Experience. A perk that is too good to be true!

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  • $10,000USD

    Your wish is our command! For the Equality champion we've brought out the big guns. As the EQTV Genie in a bottle you get three wishes! You choose three shows to air on EQTV for a week. You'll receive Executive Producer credit for every show produced during your special week. We'll donate $500 to a cause of your choice. We'll even create a special sponsor banner for the shows you like. Also score the EQTV Founder Experience.

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  • $1,000,000USD
    Million Dollar Producer

    As Network Producer you choose the shows you want to see for a week. You’ll create your own show to air permanently on the network and receive Executive Producer credit for all shows! Have you always wanted to see A Gay Bachelor? Do you want a show about interracial dating? The sky's the limit! Have dinner anywhere in LA with the EQTV Family and score a special table at the launch party with red carpet entrance, a bottle and a basket of goodies!

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