ENVISION THIS RADIO connects listeners to visionaries of a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. We need funds to improve the show.

Our ENVISION THIS RADIO CAMPAIGN is designed to raise the funds we need to improve the quality and expand the listenership of an inspiring new online radio show at Blog Talk Radio, called ENVISION THIS! We broadcast weekly interviews with innovators who envision a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for humanity and the Earth.

We believe it is important to offer a high quality show in which all listeners can afford to participate. There is no topic more important than how we can envision and work toward a future that is sustainable for humanity, the Earth, and all her creatures.  It is important to get the voices of those who envision viable responses to the converging crises in economy, ecology, and energy out to the public. Our future on Earth can become beautiful, but only if we work together to make it so. Your contribution to this campaign is one step you can take to help make it so.

We need to raise funds for:

  • a dual headset and microphone for our co-hosts, Merry and Burl, to improve sound quality
  • an upgrade to our Blog Talk Radio membership to include a toll-free guest and listener number
  • help designing a professional website
  • a printer for our outreach to potential listeners.

Merry and Burl Hall co-host ENVISION THIS! Each episode has been reaching between 400 and 600 listeners, with one going viral at over 10,000! We have just been declared Featured Host by the Blog Talk Radio team, so those numbers will probably improve further. You can check out our archived and upcoming shows at blogtalkradio.com/envision-this.

Merry is a retired teacher and author of Bringing Food Home:The Maine Example. Burl is a retired mental health counselor and author of Sophia's Web:Reclaiming Wholeness in a Divided World.

Ways You Can Help

We want to show our appreciation to our financial contributors with the cumulative perks listed below.

If you cannot contribute financially (and Boy, do we understand that!) perhaps you know someone interested in sustainability, resilience, and equitability who can. Please send them here to check it out.

Each listener to episodes of ENVISION THIS! contributes to our success and to creating the better future we envision. Please join us live Wednesday evenings and contribute your questions and wisdom by dialing (646)652-2235. To listen then or at your convenience go to blogtalkradio.com/envision-this.

Each listener who “follows” us contributes to our standing at blog talk radio and encourages them to highlight our shows which helps to get the message out.

You will earn our gratitude and the knowledge that you are helping to improve the future for humanity and the earth.

THANK YOU! May you experience many blessings, Merry and Burl

Team on This Campaign: