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Alex Hamm - aspiring entrepreneur - Looking to raise money to fund his entrepreneurial education at Ball State University.
Alex Hamm
738 Facebook Friends
Pleasanton, California
United States
1 Team Member

My Story and Inspiration 

Hi there, my name is Alex Hamm, and I am an 18 year old entrepreneur passionate about education and creating products that inspire people to change the world.

While still in high school, I started a publishing website on success and personal development called http://attitudes4innovation.com. The site has grown from tiny little blog to a vibrant community of ambitious readers and committed writers who consistently contribute amazing content.

This website was my first taste of entrepreneurship, and I have not since looked back. Since the start of that journey, I have also started a social media marketing consulting firm, and have had the privilege and opportunity to work with many wonderful companies and help them accelerate their social media presences.

I am particularly inspired by people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the hundreds of others who have used their insights and ideas to transform the world we love in today. 


I have been selected to attend Ball State University’s entrepreneurial program this Fall, one of the top programs in America for young entrepreneurs. Attending this university will allow me to accelerate my growth as an entrepreneur and become a world class entrepreneur.

My Dream To Transform The World: 

Attending this University next starting in the Fall of 2014 will empower me with the right tools, skills, and network to create innovative businesses throughout my life. This particular college has developed a special curriculum, which includes real life opportunities to start businesses and opportunities to network with and seek mentorship from world class entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, and angel investors. I hope to partner with some of them and bring my innovative ideas to life.

What I Need:

Breakup of the funding I will need to attend Ball State:

Fall semester classes: $10,500

Living Expenses: $6,000

Travel: $1500

What I Can Cover Personally: $4,500

Amount to be raised: $13,500

Even if I do not reach the entire goal, all the funds raised here would be used to fund my tuition and living expenses to participate at Ball State University.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Please help me get the word out about this campaign in your network.
  • You can use some of the Indiegogo share tools!
  • A big Thank You for the share :)


raised in 1 month
10% funded
No time left
$13,500 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 4, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Thank You!

    Even the smallest bit helps, and you will have my sincere gratitude for your support.

    0 out of 500 claimed
  • $10USD
    Twitter Shout Out!

    I will give you or your business a shout out to my 50,000+ Twitter followers. Great exposure!

    8 out of 500 claimed
  • $25USD
    Twitter & Facebook Thank You

    I will thank you via Facebook and give you a shout out on Twitter.

    1 out of 300 claimed
  • $50USD
    Personalized Thank You Card

    I will send you a personalized thank you card with a picture of my smiling face sitting in my dorm room when I get to Indiana :)

    1 out of 150 claimed
  • $75USD
    The Book of Motivation

    A compilation of the 50 best articles from my success & motivation website Attitudes4Innovation.com. Success tips, mindset guides, & motivational words! ($350 Value!)

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $100USD
    Attitudes 4 Innovation Booklet

    A compilation of the 50 best articles from my success & motivation website Attitudes4Innovation.com. Success tips, mindset guides, & motivational words! ($350 Value!)

    3 out of 75 claimed
  • $500USD
    Pen Pals

    You and I will be Pen Pals. For the entire time I am at Ball State, I will send you a letter at the end of each quarter sharing what I have learned, and all the amazing experiences I had. Pictures and videos will be included.

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Attitudes 4 Innovation Member

    In the next year, Attitudes4Innovation.com will be launching an exclusive insiders area, where we will be sharing exclusive content and videos on personal development only made available to high paying monthly members. This package buys early access to the members area for life.

    0 out of 7 claimed
  • $3,500USD
    Social Media Accelerator

    My social media marketing consulting firm will offer you a year long social media acceleration service. We will completely transform your social audiences and help you get more clients through social media. Email me at alex@alexhammsocial.com for details.

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $4,000USD
    Silver Sponsor - 3 AVAILABLE

    (All previous perks included) Quarterly emails on my progress, annual letters on my experiences at Ball State, personal get togethers as your time permits.

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $6,500USD
    Gold Sponsor - 2 AVAILABLE

    (All previous perks included) Monthly email updates on my progress. Semi-anual letters on my experiences at Ball State, personal get togethers as your time permits.

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Platinum Sponsor - 1 AVAILABLE

    (All previous perks included) Weekly email update on my progress, quarterly letters on my experiences at Ball State, personal get to togethers as your time permits.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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