Enter the Dreamscape

A reflective journey into a mentality of awareness in which every moment, choice, and thought is a portal to your dreams, here & NOW.

Are you Awake?

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What do you believe?

I dream to dream.

Dreams are your fuel.

Remembering You.

Hello there! I hope by now you have gotten a glimpse of the Dreamscape, and what's to come...

I have decided to make this project as personal as possible, going through self publishing, local printing and raising the funds to do so with the help of those who have been following me on my journey from the very beginning and hopefully newcomers who see themselves in me as well!  I really wanted to make everyone feel as though they were a part of this project, because quite frankly - you all are! I seriously would not be where I am today had it not been for all of the support, love and reassurance the digital plane (the internet/social media/etc) has gifted me over the years; this is somewhat my gift to anyone who has ever believed in me.

I am beyond ecstatic to share my vision and work at this point and can only hope that after review you feel the same!

It is about coming in and out of awareness, time and time again through dreams and how we only forget when we cease to awaken and create. The story itself was written based on my 'adventures' in the Dreamscape through astral projections, out of body experiences, channeling, and lucid dreams I have had throughout my life, as well as practices from the past couple years in those matters. Golden Mirrors: Enter the Dreamscape, suggests a mentality beyond the norm - one of positivity, and light - which helps one manifest and bring thoughts into fruition through pure intention and belief in ONESELF. 

The book itself is 75 percent complete - I am currently working on laying out the manuscript in a format that flows best, and once that step is through I will be sending it off for editing. The amount that I am attempting to raise is the minimum I need to cover the cost of self-publishing, illustrations, rewards, printing, distribution, and indiegogo/processing fees & percentages taken from the final amount raised. 

My goal is to have the advance copy paperbacks printed by Christmas, with an official release date (to Amazon, Barnes and Noble Online, etc) on February 22nd, 2014.

On top of this, if I am able to reach $6,000, a goal beyond the one set, I will be able to pay for studio time and record an audio book version for you all. Also, if I am able to reach my original goal of $8,000, I will be printing 100 copies of Limited Edition, Gold Hardcovers - which will seriously be a work of art in themselves. I personally can not wait to have a copy on my shelf!! A "Dreamer's Bible" if you will...

Rewards, you say?

I have partnered up with amazing artists (Chuck Inglish, Erica Fiero, Crystal Peralta, etc. to name a few), in order to make this as beautiful as I dreamed and to be able to provide for all of you - unique, special gifts as an exchange for your belief in me and my work... 

Check out the rad gift details on the right ----->

Book Art

With your help, I will be able to bring my visions to life! 

Scanned image of a really simple, personal rough sketch and an illustrated draft, that will be sent to the artist/illustrator to remaster for the book's cover-art! :)

Here are a few examples of what will be remastered by a professional artist once funded:

Personal rough sketches to be remastered by artist/illustrator for book art.

Final Words

If I cannot meet my goal for this project, I will not be able to fund it. This is an all or nothing scenario. Thus, I will be putting my whole efforts, along with my heart and soul, to reach my goal of $4000... and hopefully able to reach the $8,000 mark as well to be able to work on the masterpiece itself!  If we cannot meet my goal, no money will be given to me... no books will be printed, everyone will be sad and no rewards will be gifted. I believe in this work that much.

Risks and challenges

There are risks in delivering any printed product, but mostly in terms of the deadline. It may take longer than expected to revise the proofs, create the visuals that will go along with the writing – or even to deliver the books to you. With that said however, I do not see any drastic risk or challenge as the most difficult part (in writing the actual book) is already through. If anything does in fact arise, I will be sure to update you all as soon as it does and work my hardest to remove such hurdles from the path.

I am grateful you watched my video, read my project description, and hopefully contributed to my indiegogo campaign.

Thank you so much for your time, consideration and support!!

With gratitude,

Dulce Ruby


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