Enon: A Horror Short

Enon acquires an artifact that he believes contains a dark power. After the ritual fails, Enon desperately tries to find another way to unlock its mysteries.
Ashley Bratkin
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I am happy to present you with our latest teaser trailer featuring footage for the final film. Please enjoy!

Want to help but don't have the funds? Click HERE. You have brought us one view closer to being featured on the site and much much more. Also, please like our facebook page to receive news and updates as they happen, plus lots of other neat horror related content!  Read to the end for more creative ways to get involved in the creation of "Enon."

Why Horror?

My name is Ashley Bratkin and I am a horror enthusiast. I am also the Writer and Director of "Enon," a short horror film for which I have organized this campaign. The horror genre, along with its vast variety of subgenres, can be funny yet terrifying, disgusting while intelligent, and much much more. It forces us to brave our fears and often shows us what we don't want to see. It is capable of manipulating our emotions and reevaluate our values by asking the questions we may not have thought to. It is more than entertainment, it is necessary, healthy, and important to our past, present, and futures. It does not want or need everyone to like it and it does not ask for your approval, it just is.

My wish is to create horror that is thoughtful, shocking, beautiful, and fun, with the help of my friends and your valued support. I am making this as much for me as I am for YOU.


Dissatisfied by the world as he know’s it, Enon purchases a mysterious artifact that is said to be capable of bringing about hell on earth. Using this artifact Enon performs a dark ritual, offering his own blood as the key to unlocking its power. However, he soon realizes that the ritual will cost him his life, unless he can find another way. 

This story follows Enon, isolated and depressed, as he tries to connect with something larger than life. Will he succeed or will he be cursed to live another day in an unchanged world?

Check out our website and our facebook page for more updates.


This film was inspired by a mysterious sculpture whose expression of agony mesmerized me as I developed the script through pre-production. If I can make you feel but a fraction of the power this piece possesses through Enon's painful journey, I will be a happy girl. I also hope to provide a small glimpse of my own personal struggle with depression and my search for something greater than an ordinary life.

About Me

I came to Vancouver B.C. from Brampton, O.N. in 2009 to attend film school. My intention was to direct, like so many others, but I soon discovered that the art department also encompassed many of my skills and interests. I have volunteered on dozens of projects since I graduated in 2010 in various departments, primarily art, working closely with directors to realize their visions. I have learned so much about all aspects of the filmmaking process but I recently realized that I had lost sight of my original goal: to write and direct!

Backed by Kymaera Films, a local production company founded by my friends and classmates in 2010, and many talented professionals who have already committed to this project, I feel ready to take the plunge to write, direct, and produce a short film that I can call my own! 

Please check out my website to learn more about me and what I do:



Ashley Bratkin - Writer, Director, Producer, Publicity Coordinator

Ryan Jackson - Producer, Story/Video Editor, VFX 

Jeevin Johal - Founder and Producer at Kymæra Films, Second AC

Gregory J. Brown - Director of Photography

Rob Hamilton - Gaffer

Sabia Kular - Art Director

Elizabeth Newman - Lead Makeup Artist

Danie Droulliard - Makeup Assistant


Timothy Lyle - Enon

Iva Kapsikova - Girl Next Door

My Cat Freddy - Freddy

I want to make something that my crew and I can be proud of.  A short film that might help us to progress our careers so that we may continue to do what we love to do!

What We Need

I am asking for the small sum of $1250, roughly 50% of our total required budget.

UPDATE: This is really only about a quarter of our total required budget as we have had to add another day or two of shooting in order to make this film the best it can be! 

These funds will help us to afford the following aspects of the film:

Set Decoration/Props - We couldn't create this world without em!

Costumes - You got blood on your pants? No problem.

Makeup/Special Effects - Blood everywhere!

Camera/Gear - Camera = Magic

Insurance - Blasted hindsight. Oh wait, we have insurance!

Catering - Because everyone's gotta eat.

Crew Honorariums - This crew is priceless.

Publicity/Festival Packages - What's the point if not for this?

Post - It's not free.

Indiegogo Fees - Lest we forget.

If we don't reach our goal we plan to pare back and go ahead anyways but this will have a great impact on the level of quality we can reach. Plus, we won't be able to offer our dedicated crew honorariums as much as we would love to do this! With your help, we can provide all these things!

If we reach beyond our goal, not only will we be extremely humbled by your support, but I solemnly swear that those funds will continue to be used for the good of the film, and those to come!

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Having been students and struggling artists ourselves we are well aware that not everyone will be able to contribute. No problem! There are many other ways in which you can get involved and help us out.

    Share, share, share this campaign with your communities. The more people who hear about our endeavour and get excited for the film the better!

    - Are you a composer? If you are interested in composing for this film please contact us at enonahorrorshort@gmail.com. 

    - Are you an artist? Do you have any unique art pieces or items in your collection that you would like us to feature in the film? This is an easy way to get a credit in the film and show off your work!

    - Are you a writer/promoter? There are lots of horror communities out there who would be excited to hear about this films development. We can't do it alone!

    - Did I mention share, share, share!

    Please feel free to contact us at enonahorrorshort@gmail.com if you have any suggestions to improve our campaign. We would also like to hear your observation, concerns, questions and comments in regards to the project. We want to know you because, without you, the reader, the audience, the contributor, who are we making this for? 


    Thank you very much for reading and considering our cause. I hope that, at the very least, I have helped inspire you to pursue what you love, despite your situation and whatever challenges you face. There is nothing we cannot accomplish TOGETHER!

    A wise man always told me "Find a way or make one." Words to live by.


    Ashley Bratkin and Crew

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