Emmy's Organics - Gift to Greatness!

re-designing our brand identity and packaging for the next big step!

Who We Are.

Emmy's Organics is a Gluten-free, Vegan and Raw Foods company based in Ithaca, NY. It is owned and operated by us, Ian and Samantha - we are your not-so-typical "twenty somethings" with a love for pure foods, community, and healthy bodies. With our years of experience in whole food preparation, we wanted to create a vehicle for inspiration and a way to provide the best food on the planet to our community and beyond!

We are committed to YOU having it all. We pride ourselves on the quality, creativity & sustainability of the products we offer. In respect for our bodies & the earth, we use the finest raw organic ingredients in everything we make and biodegradable/eco-friendly resources for our packaging. Our food is derived from nature, which in return nourishes us in the best way possible. Raw, Vegan, & Gluten-free foods are our passion, so you can always feel good about choosing Emmy's. All of our goods are made in a certified Vegan & Gluten-Free kitchen.

Check out our website to learn more: Emmy's Organics.com

The Intention.

Our sights are set and we're ready to take off! In 2011 we'll be re-vamping the overall look of Emmy's Organics. We will be working closely with an award winning professional designer who has developed popular brands in our industry. This designer will be re-designing our logo and creating new cutting edge packaging for our entire line of products. A study found that consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service they feel an emotional connection with. We are confident that by creating a new logo and custom packaging we will increase our sales and gain larger wholesale accounts (i.e. nationwide distribution) - which then in turn will allow more people the opportunity to treat both their body and the environment with the utmost respect, love and appreciation... which is what Emmy's is all about! We also believe that our new look will boost our credibility as a company that makes top-of-the-line healthy food. Basically, we are developing a brand that will stand out from the rest!

Some of you may or may not know this about us... but we do EVERYTHING ourselves - the logo design, website design, package design, marketing material, blog posting, making the products, ordering the ingredients, packaging the products and shipping (Ian's a pro at operating the fork lift!). Being able to leave our branding and packaging to someone more qualified, will give us the time and space to focus on production and sales. Wow! This is what expanding your company looks like and we are asking for you to be a part of it.

Your Contribution.

How will your money be spent? Well, first you'll be investing in a fantastic company committed to organic farming & sustainable practices, go you! Second, you'll be investing in your own health & well being. Plus, below is a breakdown of costs and what we'll be using the funds for.

1. $5000 - NEW Logo Design--the re-branding.
2. $5000 - NEW Packaging Design---the new bag design.
3. $5000 - NEW Custom Packaging Development--printing the new bags.

Our new packaging will maintain our commitment to sustainability and be made from biodegradable materials. We have the designer and the company who will be making our packaging lined up - all we need now is the funds.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the time to read what we're about! We appreciate your support of our dreams coming true.


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