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A graphic novel about a revolutionary social network that lets you interact with your dead loved ones. And how it all goes wrong.
Ilias Kyriazis
4 Team Members

FUNDED! We've reached our funding goal! The book is definitely happening now! You have until the end of the campaign to secure a copy (by claiming a perk) or regret it for ever ;)

[UPDATE: NEW PERK! Elysium Online iPhone skins and cases! See the "What do we need & What do you get" section below, the Perks sidebar or the Updates section]

[UPDATE: Backers can now upgrade their claim to the Original Page Pack for NO extra money!]

[UPDATE: You can now read the first 12 pages of Elysium Online at the Gallery section!]


Hello and welcome to our campaign!

 ELYSIUM ONLINE is a full color, 96 page graphic novel by Ilias Kyriazis.

It’s a sci-fi, horror drama that is as much about the way society deals with mortality as it is about disaster movie type mass destruction.

 It's an ambitious project we've been working on for quite some time. Currently the book is almost halfway finished. We thought that now was the time to present it to the online community, hoping we can get you as excited for the world or ELYSIUM ONLINE as we are!


"Just when I thought it was impossible to come up with a fresh, original concept in horror, Ilias Kyriazis has done it. And he drew it beautifully too. Someone needs to tell him there's such a thing as being TOO talented!"

Christos Gage, writer (Avengers Academy, X-men Legacy)

"ELYSIUM is a stunning piece of work.  A fresh concept with wonderfully striking artwork."
Michael Allred, writer/artist (Madman, X-Statix,


The story is about Elysium, a revolutionary social network. By logging in you’ll be able to interact with your deceased loved ones who now exist in a digital afterlife. It’s October 2021 and everyone is eagerly anticipating its official release.

What no one imagines is that the Elysium dead hate us. Just for being alive. And they’re biding their time until they get online. The moment they do, they’ll take over the internet and use anything with net access, from cars to aircraft carriers to wipe out the living.

Paul is an Elysium developer more at ease with the dead than the living. His estranged sister, Anne, is longing to see again her late husband online. Zarya is a goth, teenage beta tester that sees death as an adventure. Together, they’ll have to survive the nightmare that follows the Elysium Release Day.


 "A much scarier and more emotionally hard-hitting version of a Roland Emerich movie!"
Mike Carey, writer (X-Men Legacy, Lucifer)

"I've worked with some of the greats in the comic book business, so trust me when I say that Ilias is one of them! He writes, he draws, he colors - and he's a master at all of it. No throw some cash in the kitty, because we're all going to benefit from seeing this gorgeous and horrific graphic novel come to life! Or is that come to afterlife?"
Scott Lobdell, writer (Superman, Uncanny X-men)

About the creators

Ilias Kyriazis has been working in comics since 2001. He's had a successful career in Greece, winning a series of awards and creating much-loved books like MANIFESTO, BLOOD OPERA and BLAST Comics.

Lately he's been working mainly for U.S publishers. He's worked together with Scott Lobdell on two mini series, GALAXY QUEST: GLOBAL WARNING and GHOSTBUSTERS: DISPLACED AGGRESSION, and he wrote and drew the graphic novel FALLING FOR LIONHEART (published in Greece as MIA KARDIA GIA TON LEONTOKARDO) for IDW. He also created MELODY for DC/ Zuda (that was nominated for a LULU award for Best Female Character). Recently he drew the 2012 VAMPIRELLA annual for Dynamite. Currently he's doing inks and pencils for an as yet unannounced mini series for the same publisher.

 Joining Ilias is Dimitrios Kasdaglis. He will be drawing a series of “mock Elysium ads” that will be appearing throughout the book in crucial moments.

Dimitrios has been illustrating children's books professionally for more than a decade but always had a sweet tooth for comics.



What We Need & What You Get

 To make ELYSIUM ONLINE a reality we're going to need your help. We've set a goal of $7500. These funds (after taxes) will cover the printing costs, artists' fees and shipping. In return we have a variety of perks.

Here are the various items you can get as a “thank you” for being part of Elysium.

Check the sidebar on the right to see how they' re combined in “packs” and how to apply for them.

NEW PERK: iPhone skins and cases

In collaboration with www.BeSkinky.com  (going live next month), we’re offering iPhone skins and cases as a perk!  Available for iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5. 

- Designed to fit perfectly on the devices
- Photo quality printing with overlamination
- Innovative, Premium quality material used
- Easy to apply and remove with no residues left.
- Long lasting (years) even under outdoor use
- Invisible, scratch resistant, bubble free screen protector included
- Does not interfere with device functionality
- Adds style on the device
- Slim size providing total protection
- Designed to fit perfectly on the devices
- Photo quality, scratch resistant printing
- Innovative, Premium quality material used
- Long lasting (years) even under outdoor use
- Invisible, scratch resistant, bubble free screen protector included
- Does not interfere with device functionality
- Manufactured from heat resistant hard polymer used on the space industry

With each case or skin you get a premium quality - wet applicable - invisible screen protector  for free!
The pack will include the required jigs for perfect application, i.e. microfiber cloth, credit card type spray, and squeeze.

There are two ways to acquire one of these beauties.
-You can claim the iPhone Skin or Case Pack (see Perks sidebar)
-If you’ve already claimed a perk you can send an extra contribution for $15 (if you want the Skin) or $30 (if you want the case) and send a message or comment specifying your iPhone model.
There’s an extra $5 shipping charge for the skin or case. From that we exclude what you already paid for shipping. For example if you’ve claimed the $30 Sketch Pack, you live in USA and you want the skin, then from the $5 we exclude the $3 you already paid for shipping so you have to send $15 + ($5 -$3) = $17.
The skins and cases will be available a month after the campaign's end. We can send them to you  then for an extra shipping charge of $5 internationally or $3 just for Greece. Otherwise they will be sent along with the book and the other items you ordered.

Social Media Membership Pack (“Guest” / “Resident”) (SMMP/RSMM)

social media membership pack avatar

As small token of our appreciation ALL Funders get one of these. It includes ten different Facebook Covers, seven Twitter Backgrounds and a special .PSD and .TIFF template you can use to transform your Profile Picture in you favorite social media and proudly declare your support of ELYSIUM ONLINE!

 The “Guest” version includes only the Covers, the Backgrounds and the green, “Guest” version of the template.

The “Resident” version includes all of the above, plus the blue, “Resident” version of the template AND three ELYSIUM ONLINE wallpapers.

 You receive the Social Media Membership Packs within hours after you send your contribution regardless if the project reaches its funding goal or not.

ELYSIUM ONLINE Graphic novel

The main perk offered is a high quality edition of the comic. Printed in full color, 17x24 cm (6.7x9.4 inches) in size, the 96 pages book features the complete story as well as concept sketches, behind the scenes material and pinups.

You have the opportunity of having the book signed and having one of two types of sketches drawn inside. Option A is an inked head shot of one of the book characters and Option B is a more detailed inked sketch, a half figure / head and torso shot of any character you want (not necessarily from ELYSIUM ONLINE).


This perk will be shipped as soon as the book is finished and printed, in the (most probably early) summer of 2013.


You can have a digital version of the graphic novel. A downloadable PDF file with the complete comic but without the extra, behind the scenes material.

 You will receive a link to download this perk as soon as the book is finished, in the (most probably early) summer of 2013. All printed copies of the book will include the same link.

Previous Works Digital Pack (PWDP)

Previous Works Digital Pack

 A collection of some of Ilias's earlier, out of print comics, now offered in PDF format. Many of them are previously unpublished. Unless otherwise noted all the comics are in Greek.

The stories included are:

  • 24 Hour Comic
  • Action Movies Are To Blame (+English version)
  • Alanes (Αλάνες)
  • Angouleme (Λίγες Μέρες Στην Ανγκουλέμ)
  • Blockbuster
  • Comic Calendar
  • Crossover Cartoons (in English)
  • Dick Blossom (in English)
  • Ena Tsigaro Xronos (Ένα Τσιγάρο Χρόνος)
  • How I Learned To Love French (Πως Έμαθα Να Αγαπώ Τα Γαλλικά)
  • Girl On Girl
  • It's My Party
  • JFGI
  • Monologue (Μονόλογος)
  • Omorfi Mera ('Ομορφη Μέρα)
  • Private Lives (+English version)
  • Report From Earth (in English)
  • Sinou No Xon
  • The Dragon And The Ghost (in English)
  • The Iliad In Sixteen Pages (in English)
  • Τhe One And Only Billy Shears (+English version)
  • There's another (Υπάρχει άλλη)
  • Valentine Rufas (Οδηγός Του Βαλεντίνου Ρούφα Για Την Ερωτική Επιτυχία)

...that's roughly 250 pages of comics!

 Also included: a collection of his illustrations from that time.

 You will be given an link to download this perk as soon as the project reaches it's funding goal (even if that happens before the campaign times out).

 Art print

A beautiful reproduction of the book cover, the image at the top of this page! Printed in 300gr quality paper, 33x50 cm (13x19.6 inches) in size, guaranteed to look amazing on your wall.

It can be shipped two weeks after the campaign's completion or you can wait and have it delivered along with the book and the rest of the perks to save on shipping costs.

If you wish for the art print to be mailed immediately the extra cost is $5.

Art commission

You have the opportunity of commissioning a sketch from the book's creator or one of the artists attached to the project. It'll feature one to two characters and be on a separate A4 thick, Schoeller paper (29.5x21 cm / 11.6x8.3 inches) fit to be framed.

The guest artists are :

Yannis "Rubus" Roumboulias, fan-favorite, multiple award winning artist and star of the upcoming film "Indomitable".

Dimitrios Kasdaglis, famous Greek illustrator and artist on the special ELYSIUM ONLINE “mock ad” pages. [update: booked]

Tassos Papaioannou, comic artist, comic book publisher, graphic designer and designer of the amazing ELYSIUM ONLINE logo. [update: booked]

Michael Dialynas, multiple award winning comic artist, Ilias's collaborator on books like Ghostbusters and Blast comics. [update: booked]

Since these commissions are limited (one per guest artist, four by Ilias) please specify who do you want but also include a second choice.

These can be shipped within a month after the campaign's completion or you can wait and have them delivered along with the book and the rest of the perks to save on shipping costs.

Original pages

A piece of ELYSIUM ONLINE! Original pages from the book are offered as a perk for collectors. It is the first time Ilias is letting go pages of his work. You can chose which one you want (assuming it's not already taken). They're drawn on A3 thick, Schoeller paper.

No Dimitris's pages are available.

This perk will be shipped as soon as the book is finished and printed, in the (most probably early) summer of 2013. It is assumed you may want to get the book first to chose which page you want, in that case the page will be shipped later. If you already have your eye on one (from the promotional images) it can be shipped along with everything else.

Retailer Pack

You want ELYSIUM ONLINE available in you comic book store? Exclusively for retailers we have a special perk. You get 15 signed copies of the book, 2 signed copies of the art print and more. Also, your store will be depicted in the book, destroyed, part of the book's post apocalyptic landscape.

If your store is in Athens, Greece we'll deliver them to you, if it's elsewhere in Greece contact us. Otherwise see the sidebar for extra shipping costs.

Be immortalized in comics!

As a higher end perk, you, a loved one, your comic book store of your business can be drawn in the comic, taking part in the amazing events that take place after the Elysium Release Day. (Check the Immortality, Grand Sponsor and if eligible the Retailer packs).


Other Ways You Can Help

If at the moment you're unable to to support ELYSIUM ONLINE financially, you can always help by telling as many other people as you can about this funding drive, and ELYSIUM ONLINE generally. Add it to your favorites on Indiegogo and leave a comment. Use the Indiegogo social sharing tools, share this on Facebook, on Tumblr, on Twitter... help spread the word.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #Elysium_Online on Twitter.

(And Follow the Elysium beta tester, @ZaryaBeta :wink: )



ELYSIUM ONLINE logo design by Tassos Papaioannou / One Man Show studio

The opening video was shot and cut by Sergio Kotsovoulos www.apicproduction.com with Tind 

and featured the track “Do I Know You” by Pan Pan.

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Select a Perk
  • $7USD
    eBook Pack

    You get a downloadable high quality PDF of the ELYSIUM ONLINE graphic novel and the “resident” version of the Social Media Membership Pack (RSMMP)

    55 claimed
  • $20USD
    Basic Book Pack

    This is the actual printed version of ELYSIUM ONLINE! Along with it you get a downloadable high quality PDF of the graphic novel and the RSMMP. Please add $3 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece.

    103 claimed
  • $25USD
    Previous Works Pack

    You get the Book, the PDF version, the RSMMP and ALSO the Previous Works Digital Pack (PWDP). (See description on the main page) Please add $3 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece.

    62 claimed
  • $30USD
    Sketch Pack

    For this you'll get a signed copy of the book and an inked sketch (Option A) of one of the characters drawn inside . Also included are the PDF version of the book, the PWDP and the RSMMP. Please add $3 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece.

    51 claimed
  • $35USD
    Art Print Pack

    You get a signed copy of the book, the PDF version, the PWDP, the RSMMP and also the beautiful, 13x19.6 inches print of the cover you can see on the main page. Please add $5 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece and $5 extra for early art print shipping.

    34 claimed
  • $40USD
    iPhone Skin or Case Pack

    NEW PERK! You get everything that’s in the Previous Works Pack plus an Elysium Online skin or case for iPhone 4, 4S or 5. The price above is for a skin, please add $15 for a case. Please add $5 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece. Double shipping charge for separate, early skin/case delivery (see Perks description on main page)

    1 claimed
  • $50USD
    Deluxe Sketch Pack

    Like the Art Print Pack ... but this time with a detailed Option B sketch of your choice inside the book. Please add $5 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece and $5 extra for early art print shipping.

    14 claimed

    Art Commission Pack

    A commissioned sketch by Ilias or a special guest artist (see details in the main page). Also included is a signed copy of the book, the PDF version, the art print, the PWDP and the RSMMP. Please add $5 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece and $5 extra for early art print shipping.

    12 out of 12 claimed
  • $220USD
    Retailer Pack

    ONLY for retailers! You get 15 signed copies of the book, 2 signed copies of the art print and everything in the Previous Works Pack. Also, your store will be depicted in the book (details in the main page). If in Greece see description on main page about shipping. Otherwise please add $48 for shipping in Europe and $58 for anywhere else in the world.

    1 claimed
  • $250USD
    Original Page Pack

    Your chance to own an original page from ELYSIUM ONLINE! An interior page of your choosing is available for you in this perk along with everything in the Deluxe Sketch Pack. Please add $5 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece and $5 extra for early art print shipping.

    0 out of 80 claimed
  • $350USD
    Immortality Pack

    Get immortalized in a book that's about digital immortality! You or a loved one have the opportunity to be drawn in the comic as a background character. Along with it you get the original page the character appeared and everything in the Deluxe Sketch Pack. Please add $5 for shipping anywhere BUT Greece and $5 extra for early art print shipping.

    1 out of 4 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Grand Sponsor Pack

    The Ultimate Perk! Your business logo gets displayed on the back cover of the book as “Grand Sponsor”. Also your business establishment is clearly depicted in the comic, destroyed during the apocalyptic events that take place. And you get the original page where that happens. And everything in the Deluxe Sketch Pack. Free shipping. Please add $5 extra for early art print shipping.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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