Elsie Sounds

A simple yet touching short film about somebody learning to live with his mistakes, even if it means letting go of his one 'true' love.
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Everything that Elsie was, everything she made you feel, everything she made you want, it was all there in that song...

Ours is a film with a universal theme - one of coming to terms with mistakes, and learning to accept rather than forget them. Our lead character is an unnamed male, who is dumped after cheating on his girlfriend, Elsie. The film examines the man's life in the aftermath of this breakup, and in twelve minutes, we're going to tell a story which spans five years! The man's connection to Elsie is represented by a song which he hears throughout the film, each sound evoking a different memory and emotion.

Though our theme is a simple one, we think we've got a few ideas to make our film interesting and unique:

1. We're planning to intersperse the main story with several memories of the failed relationship. To capture the hazy and nostalgic nature of these memories, we're going to use a innovative camera technique called lens whacking, which gives a rather distinctive feel to the footage, as can be seen in this video.


2. We're going to use an original song called 'Elsie Sounds Like This' by a local band called The Plains. With full rights to the music, we're going to be able to manipulate the song in interesting ways as the film progresses, in order to show how our protagonist's memories are starting to distort. 

3. We're going to tell our narrative using a voiceover which will be entirely in the second person, and by doing so, we hope to tell a more involving story!


This is our biggest project to date! Though proud of the short films we've made so far, we feel ready to take the next big step forward, by embarking on a much larger-scale project. 

To do that, we need to hire some better equipment: a sound recording setup, a basic lighting rig, a few lenses, and a camera rig. 

We also need to hire some specialist freelancers: between the three of us we have the know-how to satisfy most of the basic crew roles, but we need some help with the more difficult cinematography, and with getting a good sound mix.

Finally, some of the money can go towards bringing in actors and hiring locations. On the whole, we're using actors we know and who are willing to work for free, and we've scouted free locations. But inevitably, to get in some of the most suitable talent, we need to at least cover travel expenses. Similarly some locations are going to require a small fee. 

The amount we've chosen to raise will fulfil our most basic requirements, giving us the equipment that we've deemed most essential to making this film. The more money we can raise though, the better the standard of the film will be, and the better our chances of achieving some festival success! 

We're so excited to be starting this project, and we're dedicated to seeing it through to the end. We truly believe in our enthusiasm, our ability for storytelling, and most importantly, this idea, and with your help, we believe we can make something small but special!


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  • £5GBP
    MP3 & Thank You

    A "Thank You" on our website, as well as an MP3 of the original song to be used in the film.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • £10GBP
    A Kiss & a Credit

    All of the above, PLUS: a kiss from your choice of the cast & crew (pick Olly - he's dreamy), and a "Thank You" in the film credits!

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • £25GBP
    Extras Role & Mixtape

    All of the above, PLUS: If you're available on the right dates, we'll use you as an extra in the film (with credit!), and we'll give you a MIXTAPE of the songs which influenced this project.

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • £50GBP
    Private Screening

    All of the above, PLUS: We'll invite you to a special private screening of the film in a cinema in London, where we promise to show just how much we appreciate your help!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £80GBP
    VIP Screening Package

    All of the above, PLUS: we'll give you a customised, specially designed t-shirt based on an 'IDEA' logo (international postage fee applies), and we'll take you for dinner before the screening!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £100GBP
    Executive Producer

    All of the above, PLUS: best of all, we'll send you a rough cut of the film, and ask for your feedback, after which we'll credit you as an 'Executive Producer'!

    3 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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