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Elliot Quest is an 8-bit adventure / exploration Zelda style game
Luis Zuno
1 Team Member

Elliot Quest. Which feature some of the loveliest pixel animation I’ve seen in a while. Deceptively simple looking, it’s not just yet another pixel platformer – this is an open-world game, to be completed as you wish, along with spells, inventory, puzzles and the like. And there’s a demo too. And it’s tops.

- John Walker, Rock, Paper Shotgun





Game progress and updates at ansimuz.com

An 8-bits epic adventure like the Good Old Days

Elliot Quest is an adventure / exploration Zelda style game. Defeat all 4 Elements Guardians and acquire their powers. Explore Urule Island in search for treasures and artifacts, earn money and experience by defeating enemies.

The game is a metroidvania or zeldania heavily inspired in Zelda 2 (i like this one in the series). In brief you have to defeat 4 guardian (bosses) get their power and fight final evil or Good, depends on you.

I've been working on the game since Jan 2013 Full time and want to continue doing so, but for that i need your funding. Follow my devblog and find out what the progress of the development.

The game is made using ImpactJS engine so i can deliver the game in a webrowser platform along others platforms such Windows, Mac, Linux and OUYA.




  • Well balanced gameplay, easy to pick up, challenging to master
  • Open world to explore. Go and finish the game directly or explore to complete the 100%
  • Defeat 4 guardians, 5 bosses, 4 Notorious monsters and one final boss
  • Different magic attacks for different enemies, Not all enemies have the same weakness or resistances
  • Make bonus drop rate chains by defeating enemies wisely on time
  • Level Up System, build your character according to your play preferences
  • Karma System. You get a different final depending on your actions
  • Special areas only accesible by acquiring hidden crystals
  • Shops and townsfolk around the world will help you
  • Minimap system for all areas (as in metroid), never get lost again
  • Fight Notorious monsters and get special rewards
  • Puzzles, hidden paths and easter eggs
  • 9 Original Music Tracks from Michael Chait listen to them https://soundcloud.com/michael-chait-music/sets...

Recent Videos

Image Gallery





Explore a vast world and find hidden treasures

Tons of different enemies just showing some of them

There's a lot of tools, items and easter eggs to collect in order to get a 100% of the game.

Insruction booklet

Get the perk that includes the official instruction booklet with hand drawn (wacom) illustrations made by me


I am doing all the game by myself except from the music, that was made by Michael Chait a young composer from New York.

Listen to the music at Soundcloud.com

My Name is Luis Zuno i've been a web designer & Developer since 1999 and have a passion videogames specially zelda and rpgs such final fantasy and Dragon Quest (So... expect a game mix from those titles).

I have made minor games in the past using flixel (flash Game Framework) But Elliot Quest is my most ambitous project. and its made on Impactjs. 


The game is 40% done and i need money to finish it. Your funds will help me pay the expenses. Making a game is so much work (even for 2d games). 

Some of the things tha i will use the money for:

1. Food for me and my family (including baby Elliot)

2. Bills for the rent, internet and such.

3. Music composing and software licenses




With great money comes great responsibility. Having more money i have the freedom to work more on the project.


Release of the game for MAC, WIN AND LINUX


Release of the game for OUYA


Better Sound Fx, Music, and will retouch graphics improve animation, Better PDF Booklet

The character is based on my little boy named Elliot. Meet him:

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't invest money on my game but you want to help please spread the word! Don't underestimate the power of your voice to help make this game a reality.

Additionally you can vote up at steam greenlight it cost no money and you will help me greatly:



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26% funded
No time left
$6,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 4, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Just want to help

    Every amount counts! You only get real life Karma.

    4 claimed
  • $5USD
    The Game

    You get a digital DRM Free copy of the game for Windows or Mac. + OST for being an early buyer + Your name on the Early Buyers list on the official web page * * This benefit only applies to this perk only

    39 claimed
  • $8USD
    Bonus Pack

    You get a digital DRM Free copy of the game for Windows, linux or Mac. + The Original Soundtrack + Artistic Instruction Booklet in PDF with hand drawn illustrations by me

    25 claimed
  • $12USD
    The Explorer

    Previous Perks + Access to beta progress. You can play the game before it releases

    15 claimed
  • $15USD
    The Credits

    Previous Perks + your name on the final credits

    13 claimed
  • $20USD
    Credits Plus

    Same as previous perk, but a badge will be next to your name since you are so generous. Previous Perks + your name on the final credits with a badge

    7 claimed
  • $30USD
    Beta Tester

    You will play the game before everyone and you can also give feedback that will be critical to the final release of the game. + Beta tester + Game DRM (win,ma and linux) + Name under beta tester credits + feedback has impact on the game

    15 claimed
  • $150USD

    Ill build a statue of you (digital and in pixels) and will hide it in a special room in one of the temples as part of the easter eggs secrets of the game. You can include a 5 words legend to be read as an epitaph. The size for the sprite will be 24 x 32 px.

    1 out of 4 claimed
  • $250USD

    The game + OST + ALPHA access + Your name on the opening credits, only 4 available.

    0 out of 4 claimed
  • $1,400USD
    Executive Producer

    You are the big cheese, the guy with monocule and top hat. You believe in the project as much as me. Your name / company name will appear at the start of the game and the final credits. + The game + The OST + Alpha access

    0 out of 1 claimed
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