Ellie Fun Day: Baby Blankets That Change LIVES!

Buy a blanket, change a life! Fair wage and dignified employment for untouchable caste women in India.
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What are we doing?

Ellie Fun Day designs baby blankets that change the lives of marginalized women in India. Our vision is to design a beautiful baby blanket made by Untouchable-caste women, in hopes of providing a fair wage and dignified living for many who are susceptible to human trafficking.

We're in the early stages in our efforts to get our social enterprise going. The funding will be specifically used to help establish our sewing center in India which includes the following:

  • purchasing sewing equipment, 
  • developing the production process; and 
  • providing adequate training for women who are uneducated and susceptible to human trafficking. 

Our goal is to develop a simple and reproducible model and provide a pathway out of poverty and oppression for marginalized women around the world. We are looking to raise at least $15,000.

What's the background?

The first group of women we are working with are Untouchable-caste women in the Indian state of Kerala. The Untouchables or Dalits are considered social and spiritual outcasts, the lowest within the caste system. Because of this many are not given equal access to dignified employment and do not have the resources for a good education. Even though the caste system has been abolished in India, there is still alarming prejudice against Dalits.

We’ve always dreamed of making a product that would be a pathway of empowerment for under-resourced people. In recent years we’ve built deep and meaningful relationships with a small community of Dalits in South India. After observing their lives first-hand, we learned that what the women really need is sustainable and dignified employment. They don't need a handout. They want to work, but they aren't given opportunities to do anything other than the most menial and degrading of jobs.

Why baby blankets?

The idea for the baby blanket came from my love for my own baby blanket! I brought my blankie everywhere! When my mom would wash it and hang it outside, I’d go outside, grab a corner and wait for it to dry! It was my comfort, my encourager, my companion in a dark and treacherous world. Over the last few years, I began envisioning how a baby blanket could do the same for our friends in India. 

What's going on now?

We are currently developing our prototypes and will be in India in November planning the development of the sewing center. With your help, we can get the sewing center off the ground and change the lives of Dalit families in India. 

How can I help?

Buy a blanket! We are producing a one time, short run of American-made blankets [and other goodies!] to support our Indiegogo campaign. Or course, all proceeds will be directed towards developing our production in India. You'll also get an early glimpse at the designs that will be coming out in the next year. 

Partner with us by purchasing a blanket or other really awesome gifts we've prepared just for Indiegogo! Consider buying one of our items as a Christmas gift! Though we won't be able to mail out the item in time for Christmas, we can email you a "certificate" you can print out to prove your gift to them is both awesome and world-changing!

FOR ELLIE's PHOTO FRIENDS this is limited to the California Bay Area. Thank you for your understanding.



  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING please contact us for more information

What else can I do?

A few other ways you can help us out:

  • "Like" us on Facebook and share us with your friends! Go here: www.facebook.com/elliefunday and encourage your friends to "Like" us too! 
  • Share the Indiegogo site on your Facebook and Twitter
  • Have a special ability or work experience you think would be helpful? Email us - we're always looking for people to partner with us to change the world!

We're extremely grateful for those who are willing to partner with us. It has at times been a long and lonely road. But your willingness to journey with us has made all the difference in the world.
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    Everything from Ellie's Blankie Swag AND one trip to India to meet the women who are making the blankets. Hear their stories and gain an in-depth perspective on our development work. Let this trip be an opportunity for you to dream of how you can change the world. (includes shipping and handling)

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