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Elite set out to be the world's most comprehensive lost and found system with mobile security features.
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Wilmington, Delaware
United States
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Introducing PROTAG EliteTM

The world’s most comprehensive lost and found system


“We take a minimalist approach toward the creation of a premium product that is suitable for all kinds of users.”

Elite is the latest lost and found system with mobile security for iOS and Android*. Instead of one year, it lasts for decades by recharging with a built-in USB port. Elite alerts you on the mobile phone whenever you leave Elite-tagged valuables behind, and provides tracking features for both valuables and mobile phones via an online PROTAG TraceTM account. Trace acts as a centralized system for all your PROTAG devices and mobile security features, such as remotely locking, backing up, and wiping your phone.



Tag your handbag, briefcase, luggage, wallet, passport - even your child.

Latest News

We received our first independent review of Elite from zitseng.com!

Check out our gallery for videos of our app and photos of our packaging.

How is Elite Better?

The following factors differentiate Elite from its competitors:

  • Works with both Android* and iOS.
  • Protects both valuables and mobile phones on one centralised system.
  • Enables location updates of your lost valuables through 2-stage Crowd Tracking. First stage is a vigilant PROTAG Elite community, and second stage is an option to communicate with the user who has detected your valuable to help you recover it.
  • Encourages anyone who finds your lost valuables to report the find on www.theprotag.com.

Price includes a 3-year warranty, shipping, the Elite App, and the PROTAG Trace system for a centralised control of your devices at your office and at home. There are no recurring charges.

What People are Saying

Tech in Asia

"The device is mainly catered to working professionals and has a slim and sleek design that can be put into wallets without taking up too much space."

Android Guys

“Be sure to keep an eye out for the PROTAG Elite. These little guys are unobtrusive tags that alert you when your items are left behind and even indicate the last known GPS position.”


“There are no recurring costs as the tag can simply be recharged via USB — taking around 1.5 hours to be fully topped up and good to go for another year.”


“PROTAG Elite, may be exactly what you need to help keep yourself on track.”


“Don’t let a lost wallet, bag or passport ruin your next holiday, protect and track your belonging with PROTAG.”


“[PROTAG's crowdsourcing] is certainly a nifty a feature, one that would appear to be a godsend in, say, a missing child emergency.”


“All you need to do is place the credit card-sized PROTAG Elite into whatever thing you want to keep track of, and you’re good to go.”


“PROTAG’s system does appear more sophisticated though. It includes a Trace software that acts like Find My iPhone, enabling users to remotely track valuables as well as lock, backup, and wipe data off their smartphones.”

Crowdfund Insider

“You may also use the associated app to lock down your phone while shooting a picture of the thug who just pilfered your smartphone.”

Elite Features

Smart Alerts

Hate getting unnecessary alerts at home when you leave your wallet on the desk and go to your kitchen for a snack? Elite is smart; it knows when you are in your WIFI safe zone and you will not be disturbed by alerts. On the other hand, Elite will remind you that you left your valuables behind when you leave the safe zone, ensuring you never have to make that return trip to collect that forgotten something.


Smart Locator

Had a busy day and can’t remember where you lost your things? The Elite App records the last known time and location of the lost item. This way, you can easily retrace your steps to where you lost it. The app will also update this information onto your PROTAG Trace so that it is accessible online.


Smart Radar

Don’t you wish there was a quicker way to find your luggage on the airport’s baggage belt? Switch on Elite’s radar and get alerted when your luggage arrives. If you need more help finding it in the chaos, the radar will scan an area of 100 feet (30 metres) to pinpoint its location, ensuring that you find your luggage as quickly as possible.


Multiple Pairing

Have to keep track of multiple belongings at the same time? Our Elite App can connect up to 10 Elite units to a single phone.

PROTAG Trace Online System

Trace organizes all your PROTAG devices and mobile phones on one page. It provides extensive tracking capabilities for both valuables and mobile phones through crowd tracking and mobile security.

2 Stage Crowd Tracking

Remember the frustration of returning to the last known location of your lost wallet and the wallet is not there? Simply declare your wallet is lost on the Elite App, and all other app users will keep a lookout for your wallet. When it comes within range of any app users’ mobile phones, the new location will be updated on your account. To give you an extra edge, you have the option to alert the Elite user who detected the wallet, to request help in recovering your wallet. This feature will be available in December, as we are preparing to upgrade our servers.


Mobile Security

What can you do when your mobile phone is stolen? Lock, backup, or wipe** it remotely from your online account - and even take a photo of the thief. In addition, if the thief switches the SIM card, the security feature in the Elite App captures the details of the new SIM Card and reports to your secondary emergency number.


Reporting System for Good Samaritans

How can a Good Samaritan who finds your lost bag help? He/she can easily report it by visiting www.theprotag.com and inputting the serial number online. Our servers will then alert you and provide a communication channel. By using serial numbers instead of private information, PROTAG protects your personal identity.

Technical Specifications


Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)


CSR 1000


iOS and Android*

Number of pairing per phone

Up to 10

Recharging mechanism

Push-out USB port

Charging indicator


150 mAh 3.7V Li-polymer

Battery life

1 year per charge

Up to 500 charge cycles


Up to 100 feet (30 metres)


84mm x 53mm x 3mm




3 years

Frequently Asked Questions

How we are different from other lost and found technologies?

We have a centralized system to protect both valuables and mobile phones - and it is compatible with both iOS and Android*. Our Crowd Tracking feature has two stages, you get location updates of your lost valuables through the help of all Elite App Users, and there is an option to communicate with the user who detected your valuable to help you recover it. We also have a reporting system for Good Samaritans to report the identification of lost valuables. This 2+1 concept to recover your valuable is unique to PROTAG.

How does PROTAG Elite record GPS locations?

When Elite leaves the Bluetooth range of your mobile phone, the Elite app will retrieve the GPS location from your phone and record it. In other words, it is the phone that store the GPS location and not the Elite itself. This way you will know where you lost your belongings.

How does Elite's mobile security features differ from proprietary software?

We offer the ability to take pictures of the thief, and offer protection for more than one phone in one Trace account. This allows you to track multiple phones in one centralized location. Simply add the new phone by logging into the Elite app on the new phone. Note that certain features may work differently on iOS or Android. In particular, iOS devices cannot be remotely locked or wiped as Apple do not grant such privileges to 3rd party developers like ourselves.

Which mobile phones does Elite work with?

Elite requires Bluetooth 4.0 and had been tested to work well on the following devices. Updates will be made as more phones are tested. Phones without Bluetooth 4.0 can look to our first generation device here.

Apple iOS

  • iPhone 4S and 5
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad 3rd and 4th Gen
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen

Android v4.0.4

  • Motorola Droid Razr

Android v4.1

  • HTC One (M7)
  • HTC One X+
  • HTC Butterfly
  • HTC Droid DNA

Android v4.2

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

Android v4.3

  • Google Nexus 4

Does Elite work with Samsung Galaxy S3?

At this point of time, Samsung Galaxy S3 do not support Elite due to API issues. However, when the phone upgrades to Android 4.2 or 4.3, the phone will be tested for support of Elite.

Are there any extra charges for my online PROTAG Trace features?

No, the price you paid is inclusive of the online PROTAG Trace features, the Elite App, 3-year warranty, and shipping.

Will we deliver if we fail to meet our funding goal?

Yes, we will deliver even if we fail to meet our funding goal. This is possible because we are all set to go into production, we just needed some additional help in lowering our costs further.

When will Elite ship? Does it ship internationally?

We will deliver the first batch of Elite by October 31, 2013, and it will ship internationally. We limit the number of units per month as we want to ensure that the product gets to you on time and is of the highest quality.

Project Timeline

Innova Technology has been developing this product for over 2 years. The Elite that you see in the video and pictures are the 100 pre-production samples.

Our hardware and software is finalized. Our app development on the iPhone and Android is in its final stages. The app will be sent to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for approval in August, and is expected to be approved by September.

With your support, we can make PROTAG Elite possible at a low cost. While we're close to entering mass production, your contribution will help fund large component orders.


  • March
    • Tooling (Injection Moulding tool) started back in March. Our Mechanical Engineer was in China during the last week of March to inspect T1 off-tooled samples.
  • May
    • App development entered final beta phase for iOS.
  • June
    • Pre-production run of 100 samples was completed with T2 off-tooled in mid-June. The samples are of manufacturing grade.
    • Android app (Samsung, HTC and Motorola) entered final Beta phase.
    • Product testing: An extensive 30-day product testing was conducted with beta testers. Product has been tested in Singapore and US by both corporate and consumer beta users.
    • Packaging: Retail Packaging is finalized. Packaging shots can be seen in our photo shoot.
  • July
    • Submission for FCC and CE certifications in early July. This takes about 4 weeks for completion.
    • iOS app was submitted to Apple Store for approval.
    • Android app finished testing and completed.
    • Setup QC and assembly line in China.
  • August
    • Bulk Component Order for the first batch of backers. Payment will be made on credit terms to supplier.
    • Obtaining CE/FCC Certification for PROTAG Elite.
    • iOS app submission to the Apple Store for approval.
    • Android app submission to the Google Play Store for approval.
    • Start Mass production (31st August).
  • September
    • Application on Google Play Store approved.
    • Application on Apple Store approved.
    • Bulk Component Order for the second and third batch of backers. Payment will be made on credit terms to supplier.
    • U.S. and Hong Kong distribution center contracts to be set up. Backers from U.S. will receive their rewards from our U.S. distribution centers. The rest of the world from Hong Kong.
    • Online PROTAG Trace system will be open for trial for Elite Users.
  • October
    • First batch of backers will get their PROTAG Elite in our special Indiegogo Edition Premium Acrylic Box.  Estimated shipment date: October 31, 2013.
  • November
    • Second batch of backers will get their PROTAG Elite in our special Indiegogo Edition Premium Acrylic Box. Estimated shipment date: November 30, 2013.
  • December
    • Third batch of backers will get their PROTAG Elite in our special Indiegogo Edition Premium Acrylic Box. Estimated shipment date: December 31, 2013.

We release limited sets of Elite for delivery each month as we wish to stick tightly to our delivery timeline. This ensures that the device is of the highest quality and ensures that you will receive it on time. There will be a one-time cost of $39 to our backers. The costs include the Elite unit and a lifetime service to Elite customers on the PROTAG Trace account. No additional fees will be charged for using the Elite system.

About us

PROTAG brings the very latest loss prevention products to the global market. PROTAG was founded with a vision that we will build the best tracking technology that allows people to prevent and recover their belongings from loss. This is especially worrisome for travellers in an unfamiliar country. We are a design-centric firm that takes into account customers’ experience in using our product. The PROTAG device is our first offering and is sold in several ASEAN airport retail outlets. After two years of in-house development, as well as collecting user feedback, demands, and expectations, we are ready to take the product to the next level by providing consumers with the latest in loss prevention.

PROTAG, the verbal representation and symbol of 'PROTECT’ was created and conceived by our consumers. The founders created this product as a result of having friends and relatives that have lost passports in cities without their embassies. This has created an unpleasant experience during travelling. Having experienced many valuable losses ourselves, we take into account the user’s experience in retrieving their item - and also value the feedback we’ve received from users.

Our Team

Our hardware engineers have more than 10 years Bluetooth engineering experience on CSR Chipsets. The reason why we use CSR is due to its closed, but reliable system. We worked closely with the guidance and support of CSR engineers while building this product. 

Our design team and software development team are also the ones that make all this happen. It did not happen by miracles, but through striving for design and perfection.

Why Fund Us?

The final production grade samples are built and the manufacturers for PROTAG Elite are identified for mass production. To introduce PROTAG Elite as a viable commercial product in the market, we need your help to lower our production costs as we negotiate with our suppliers to order our components in bulk. Your support will give us some bargaining power. Your contribution will also allow us to have a strong cloud and crowd system as we are invested in by the masses. By contributing to this project, you will receive a PROTAG Elite earlier than anyone else in the market and at the same time save about 50% off the market retail price when it is commercially available. This project allows us to receive bulk order discounts from our manufacturers and without you, we could not succeed. If you lose something, PROTAG Elite will always be there for you. We are asking you to help us make PROTAG Elite a reality.

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