Elenora LP

Elenora is getting ready to record their debut album this April!

Hey! We are Elenora, an unsigned band from Oregon.  We are crowd funding money to go record our debut full-length record this Spring. Recording a full-length isn't cheap nowadays. We will be in the studio for one month to create the best record we possibly can. Without label support bands like us struggle to put out records and keep our heads above water. This is a huge step in our career and we want you to be a part of it.


Our goal is $7,000.

Where it’s going: The $7,000 will cover our studio time, mastering, producer expenses and packaging. We will be taking on the responsibility of everything else such as food, lodging, gear, and travel, all out of pocket. In a perfect world, we could pay for it all ourselves. Unfortunately we cannot, so we are asking for your help!

For every tier of pledge we have awesome incentives, like Skype sessions with the members, a day in the studio, music lessons or even guest vocals on your bands upon record. For all of the incentives please check out the right ride of the page.


Other ways to help:

If you can't help us financially, there are other ways.


     - Share this page!  You can share it directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc! 


     - Tell your friends about us!  Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Show your friends, family or anyone our music!


     We are so grateful to have fans as supportive and amazing as you. Thank you for all the support--let’s make this campaign a great one!


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