Elementary Skincare Products vs. River Blindness: a Battle to the Health!

ESP is a new skincare line dedicated healing the toughest skin conditions out there, from skin cancer and Morgellons disease to River Blindness in Africa.


What if you could heal your skin AND heal a child in need with a single donation?

 Elementary Skincare Products Child with River Blindness

Have you given up on your skin? We haven’t!

Have you ever had someone guess your age and they guess five, even ten years older than you actually are?

Are you spending 90% of every paycheck on different skin remedies - wrinkle creams, eye serums, masks, and nothing works?

Elementary Skincare Products are different. They drive through seven layers of skin, all the way to the hypodermis, restoring your skin's pH levels back to their youthful origins.

Perfect skin from ESP


  • Awesomely Alkaline Moisturizer,
  • Even Steven Oil Nuetralizer, and
  • Gold Digger Mineral Infusion

allow your skin to defend and replenish itself as nature intended. Infuse your skin with gold, silver, copper and zinc as you harness the infinite power of the elements.

What We Need & What You Get

We need your opinion!
Let us heal your problem skin with ESP products.
We KNOW ESP products work, but how do they work for YOU?

Here are just a few of the ways ESP products can help you:

  • wrinkles
  • acne
  • sun damage
  • Morgellon’s disease
  • bumps, warts, and skin tags
  • MRSA-related skin conditions
  • what else you got?

Patrick Before and After
Try all three ESP products and see how they work on your skin - and let us know, so we can make the products even better.

Send us your feedback, comments, photos, videos, and stories.

If we use your photos on our site, we’ll pay you $50.
If we use your video on our site, we’ll pay you $100!

We believe in the simple science of beautiful skin.

But there is a cause very close to our hearts that’s just as important as eliminating problem skin, once and for all.....

Our company has a reputation for giving hope to the hopeless. Many people come to us with problems like MRSA, gout, diabetes, and other conditions that their doctors have been unable to treat.

Cure River Blindness Now!

Thousands of people write us every day to tell us how our products have changed - and even saved - their lives.

We believe that Elementary Skincare Products will make a significant impact - and even cure - a debilitating illness that affects millions of people throughout Africa and Latin America.

This disease is called River Blindness, and it’s TOTALLY PREVENTABLE.

People go completely blind due to parasites that have burrowed deep within their skin. ESP products penetrate to the skin’s deepest layer, killing foreign organisms like bacteria, viruses, and...you guessed it...parasites!

There is NO REASON for people to be going blind from a completely curable condition.

Child with River Blindness

Elementary Skincare Products has applied to partner with organizations like Oxfam and UFAR to get our products to the people who need them most.

It is our hope to donate a bottle of Gold Digger Mineral Infusion for every $35 we receive during this campaign.

In the meantime, we pledge to contribute 10% of all funds raised to one of the above organizations in an effort to eradicate River Blindness in Africa.


Other Ways You Can Help

We need to make Elementary Skincare Products available to as many people as possible!

We welcome your contribution, no matter its form!

Please spread the word about Elementary Skincare Products to as many friends and family as possible! You can simply copy and paste this content into an email and send it to your entire list. We guarantee you’ll get some great responses - because EVERYONE has something going on with their skin.

Healing your skin is SO empowering - especially when you thought it’d be impossible.

  • Share our pictures on Facebook and Twitter,
  • Shoot an email to a friend
  • Help us spread the word about these incredible new products.

Finally, as exciting as the science and technology behind ESP may be, our hearts are in Africa. We invite you to...

Heal your skin, heal a child in need.


Team on This Campaign: