ElectraFin by Current Drives: Electric Powered Fin & Inflatable Paddle Boards

Help CURRENT DRIVES launch the first electric drive system for stand-up paddle boards and our 2014 Inflatable stand-up paddle board line-up.
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ElectraFin & International Women's Day!

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email: sales@currentdrives.com
phone: (800) 686-8592

An Electric Motor? YES! The ElectraFin installs in under 1 minute on most boards and kayaks, and the high efficiency battery powered electric motor propels you along for 6 hours on a single charge. Go further, explore more, fight against the current and wind or bring a friend along for the ride! 

3 years ago we built our first prototype and we saw an incredible demand for a simple low cost electric conversion kit for personal watersports boards and kayaks. We developed the ElectraFin to fulfill the demand in the growing personal watercraft industry for a fun and easy electric conversion kit. Convert your existing board/kayak, or grab one of our AWESOME inflatable paddle boards designed as a perfect companion to our ElectraFin system!

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To support the ElectraFin campaign with Bitcoin, please read these instructions to ensure you get your perks. On the BitPay order form for your "order number" please enter your email address in order to confirm your payment. Under "order total" enter the dollar amount for the perk you selected. Then email us at sales@currentdrives.com with your mailing address and the perk you chose so that we can ship it to you. International shipping billed at time of shipping.

Contact Us
email: sales@currentdrives.com
phone: (800) 686-8592

Stand-up paddleboarding is the fastest growing watersport and the most popular activity among first-time outdoor activity participants in 2013. Stand-up paddleboarding offers a fun and relaxing way to play on the water while delivering a full body workout. The upright position of the operator and the versatility of the SUP allows you to travel in many unique environments with great visibility of the water below you.

Current Drive’s inflatable SUP is an all-purpose inflatable paddleboard designed to perform equally well as a standard paddle-only board or with our ElectraFin electric paddleboard motor drive system. The 34 inch wide platform and 6 inch thickness is perfect for first time paddlers, fishers, yoga paddleboarders, and having more than one rider on the board.

Inflatable paddle boards are uniquely suited for travel, storage, and fun out on the water. The durable military grade PVC liner means that you can slide against obstacles without dinging your board like you would with a conventional fiberglass board. The inflatable nature of our boards also means you can have a HUGE 11’6’’ x 34’’ x 6’’ paddle board that fits in the trunk of your car…… actually you can fit 3-4 of our boards in most trunks! Take it on the plane to your next destination, store it in your larger boat for exploring areas you can’t take your boat through and getting to shore. Hike into unexplored waterways with the convenient back-pack.

The longboard surfboard is great for the beginner surfers gearing up for Jaws, and for long-time surfers who like to cruise and feel the fluidity of waves. The ElectraFin is designed as a drop-in replacement for a standard longboard fin. Unscrew your tradition fin, screw in the ElectraFin, and slap the supplied lithium battery on the top. Catch waves that normally only SUPers can get into, or just get back out to the lineup faster! The ElectraFin doesn’t restrict paddling, but pushes against the current! 


Kayaking has become one of the most popular watersports because of the speed, ergonomics, and ability to explore a variety of waterways. The ElectraFin R (designed for kayak rudders) easily replaces the existing rudder found on most flat-water kayaks to give users a push when arms are tired or when the wind, and current pick up. Now you can fish with both hands and travel upstream with the ElectraFin.

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ElectraFin Design

Manufacturing the ElectraFin

We are launching pre-sales for the ElectraFin on Indiegogo because we believe it is a great way to engage with a community of like-minded designers and new product enthusiasts. We want to know what you think about the ElectraFin, and how you will use it out on the water!

We are also very excited to introduce the Current Drives Inflatable Stand-Up paddleboards at an incredible introductory price to help us jumpstart our 2014 paddle board line-up. 

We have hundreds of hours of benchmark testing under our belt, and we are in the final stages of preparing the ElectraFin for mass production. We have selected a U.S. based manufacturing partner and secured a supply chain for the battery, enclosures, machined components, motor controller, and various other components for the ElectraFin.

The Current Drives inflatable paddleboards are manufacture ready. After multiple prototypes and guidance from some leading experts on paddle and surf technology, we are confident that our 12’ 6’’ tall, 34’’ wide, and 6’’ thick inflatable paddle boards are not only the best looking inflatable on the market, but also the best value! Upon completion of the Indiegogo campaign, the boards will be manufactured and then shipped to backers in July. We have already invested in the tooling and the factory that manufactures the boards is ready to fulfill our order requirements for up to 500 SUP’s per month.

Check out the Perks section for ElectaFin or Paddleboard Demos available at our waterfront shop in Seattle 5 days a week. If you would like to try one of the boards and meet our team; please give us a shout!

Contact Us
email: sales@currentdrives.com
phone: (800) 686-8592

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Contact Us
email: sales@currentdrives.com
phone: (800) 686-8592

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