Elanne & Ivy Lockets

This campaign is to raise the funds to have custom-printed glass lockets with the Elanne & Ivy name on them.


Short Summary

Hello! My name is Catherine Robertson, and I am the owner of my own jewellery company called Elanne & Ivy. My company name comes from my middle name, Elanne and my daughter's middle name, Ivy.

I have been designing and making jewellery for nearly twenty years now, and I am passionate about creating beautiful pieces of wearable art.

I would like to have glass lockets made with our company name on them. Having the Elanne & Ivy name will add a personal touch to our popular glass lockets, and make them very special and uniquely ours.

Contributors to this project will help us to raise the funds in order to support the production of the lockets.


What We Need & What You Get

  • In order to proceed with productiom, we need to raise $1000 
  • These beautiful lockets will be produced specifically for Elanne & Ivy

The Impact

Every contribution to this project will bring us one step closer to reaching our goal! With your help, we can get there! 

Every contributer to this fundraiser will recieve one (or more) of the first Elanne & Ivy  lockets ever produced! The lockets are gorgeous and unique. They are completely customizeable with charms of your choice. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help spread the word about Elanne & Ivy Jewellery! Tell your friends about us! 


Shipping is included on all contributions within Canada. If you are ordering in the US, add an additional $3 and International add an additional $5

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