El Huarache Loco Restaurant

Mexican food from the DF to SF... and now to Marin!

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La Cocina believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to make a living doing something they love to do. Why not be a part of someone’s dream. We support this campaign and think you should too.


First of all, thank you for visiting our page. Just that fact that you were interested enough to click on the link means a lot to us. And now, a little background:

The Dream

El Huarache Loco began 9 years ago out of my Tendernob apartment, offering my friends and family typical Mexico City style street food. I grew up in Mexico City, surrounded by the sights, smells, and sounds of my family’s restaurant and the typical street food that was found all over the Distrito Federal (DF). I dreamed of one day opening a restaurant of my very own, a place where my own children could grow up with the food of my childhood. When we moved to the United States, I hoped that this dream would come true, and that we’d be able to bring the taste of the DF to SF. I formally launched my business through La Cocina’s incubator program in 2006, selling from farmers markets and catering, and now, El Huarache Loco is finally opening our very own restaurant space at Marin Country Mart in Larkspur, CA- just a ferry ride away from SF!

The El Huarache Loco restaurant is the realization of this life-long dream of owning a family-restaurant, and a dream for so many others: my husband, children, extended family and friends, who have all invested their livelihoods in the success of this business.

What Your Support Means

Now this is where you come in: through investors, loans, savings, and revenue from our current operations, we have been able to fund most of the restaurant build-out and design, but we’re not quite there yet. El Huarache Loco needs $25,000 to cover some final essentials and make this dream a reality. By supporting this campaign, we can purchase:

  • Staff – We need skilled cooks, servers and hosts to keep the restaurant running well on a daily basis. 
  • Décor – We’re all about bringing the DF to the SF, which means we’ll need paintings, artisan pieces, and other items to give the restaurant the look and feel of Mexico City, and the Mexican restaurant from Veronica’s childhood.
  • Serving ware & small wares – These things may be easy to forget, but it’s essential to have high-quality plates, glasses, silverware, pots & pans, spatulas, etc., that are going to keep the restaurant going.
  • Opening inventory – Before opening, we’ll need to stock the restaurant with enough food to serve hundreds (hopefully more!) per day… including you!

Other Ways to Support EHL:

Even if you decide that supporting this campaign isn’t for you, there are still ways to help out! Come try our food us at Alemany Farmers’ Market, Marin Country Mart Farmers’ Market, and (of course) the restaurant when we open. Also, just spread the word. Tell your friends- via word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon- about this opportunity, and about where they can find us, too.


Visit Us!

Off the Grid: Fort Mason

Fridays 5-10PM

Alemany Farmer's Market

Saturdays & Sundays 9-2PM

Marin Country Mart Farmers' Market

Saturdays 9-2PM

And Coming Soon...

El Huarache Loco Restaurant

Marin Country Mart

1803 Larkspur Landing Circle

Larkspur, CA 94939

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