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Enhancing Reality by Creating VR Pleasure Toys for Men!
Steven Csanyi
Email Verified
555 Facebook Friends
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Hong Kong
6 Team Members

Can I back this Project Anonymously?


Indiegogo gives you the option to back a project anonymously. Just check the “Don’t display my name on the campaign page.” box when you select a perk!

Stretch goals are made so we can unite, grow together and offer you a better quality product through raising additional funds. eJaculator has established FIVE stretch goals that will ultimately benefit you through an amazing user experience. 

Is there a Gay version?
Yes, there will be Gay video section + Gay silicone selection. You will need to specify this when we send you an email to confirm your address and silicone preference.

An amazing future awaits us all in the world of #SexTech. 

This is just the beginning of the eJaculator line of products. We have a strong vision and big dreams to shake up both Virtual Reality and the Adult Industry for both Men & Women. Pleasure Toys will never be the same again when we set course and change the way people view and experience their sexual wellness.

We want YOU to be along for the ride. Therefore we're offering a LIFETIME discount of 20% off all retail priced, tangible product(s) eJaculator develops and sells to ALL backers, of eJaculator units. Lock in this deal for as long as you live before we realize we've lost our minds. 

Not only will you be the first to experience a mind blowing product that will pleasure you time after time. 

You will also become part of an unstoppable SexTech VR movement. 

It's because of Backers like you who make project's like eJaculator happen.
With that said, we want to thank you.

After months of development and two rounds of scaled up testing, we have fully-functional prototypes of eJaculator in its production configuration.  We are collecting and analyzing the data from our last round of testing to validate our design, and will hopefully be ready to order tooling by early October. 

We are a group of technology enthusiasts that teamed up to build the best pleasure toy for men, EVER!

We're a company comprised of people located all around the world: To bring the best product to market, we work with the world's most talented developers, no matter where they reside. 

We looked at all the male pleasure toys on the market and felt they didn't have what men deserved. Therefore we set off on a journey to design the best pleasure toy for men. 

The eJaculator was conceived to bridge the gender gap in adult products and level up the quality, choice and satisfaction that men can experience in the virtual realms of solo pleasure augmentation.

Where do we ship?
Everywhere. Every country. Every city.  Worldwide.

Will eJaculator be shipped discreetly?
Absolutely. The packaging and shipping label will be completely discreet. 

Can I back this project anonymously?

Yes, Indiegogo gives you the option to back a project anonymously. Just check the “Don’t display my name on the campaign page.” box when you select a perk!

We have spent close nearly 2 years researching and developing eJaculator. 

Steven moved to China and for the past 10+ months has worked on several designs and prototypes; he has been simultaneously locating  factories, procuring components and testing samples. 

We're ready to begin manufacturing. 

The challenge will be holding all material suppliers and factories to strict timelines. Quality shouldn't be an issue although constant communication (btw Steven speaks fluent Mandarin) and monitoring will take place to ensure you will receive the best quality male sexual wellness pleasure toy the world has ever experienced!

Can I back this project anonymously?
Yes, Indiegogo gives you the option to back a project anonymously. Just check the “Don’t display my name on the campaign page.” box when you select a perk!

Is there a Gay version?
Yes, there will be Gay video section + Gay silicone selection. You will need to specify this when we send you an email to confirm your address and silicone preference.

What voltage does eJaculator product(s) support?
The eJaculator units are powered by a Removeable and Rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is housed in our very own plastic with electronics inside so you can conveniently charge from any 5v USB port. Doesn't matter where you are, you can charge eJaculator's battery from your computer's USB, your mobile phone's AC charger or Car USB Charger. 

Will the eJaculator VR Mobile App work with my mobile phone?
Yes, our developers are building out code so the VR will be compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Can I just use this as a stand-alone device without VR?
Yes, there are 3 buttons outside the main device. Powering On/Off and to begin movement, simply hit either arrow for Increasing or Decreasing Speeds. 

Will there be multiple silicone sizes?
Yes, there will be two sizes; Mainstream and Holy Sh*t size. Prior to shipment, we will confirm both your address and silicone sizing requirements.

Can I mount my eJaculator?
Yes, but preferably not on your wife or girlfriend.

Our goal is to make it as convenient for you as possible and therefore devised a design plan to allow the eJaculator to be mounted.

The Desk Mount will suction cup to any flat surface to hold your eJaculator from moving astray. 

The Leg Mount will be placed between your legs while you lay down in bed or in a recliner chair, allowing it to hold upright our eJaculator device while remaining hands free and in total ecstasy. 

I preordered an eJaculator, but I didn't get a confirmation email. How can I check the status?
Please refer to this IGG article on How to Check if Your Contribution is Successful. If there is still an issue, you may contact us at sales@ejaculator.com with the subject line: PREORDER CONFIRMATION.

There was an error with my contribution. What happened?
Please refer to this article on common contribution errors and steps to resolve: Common Contribution Errors.

When will my eJaculator ship?
Backers of eJaculator will be shipped first come first serve. We're estimating Mid January shipment of all hardware. The eJaculator VR Mobile App will ship after conclusive testing, although we're estimating near end of January. 

eJaculator InDemand pre-orders will begin to be fulfilled once the orders from the original backers have been fulfilled. All orders are processed in the first-ordered, first-received basis. 

Why do I need re-verify my shipping address?
We want to make sure what we're sending you is to your current and updated address. Therefore, prior to shipment, we will verify through email confirming your complete address and telephone number. Please keep an eye out for the email with subject "eJaculator Shipment; CONFIRM YOUR" for further information.

Can I name my eJaculator?
Sure, but please keep it classy. You wouldn't want to hurt it's feelings now, would you?

Can I talk to my eJaculator?
Absolutely. Adores all the attention it can receive. Although do not expect much of a conversation, it's quite shy. Please do give the internals a good bath to maintain hygiene. 

When will accessories be available for eJaculator?
You can purchase a number of accessories on the eJaculator Store when it launches. This includes functional accessories, Silicone Sleeves, Additional Batteries, Mounts, Lubricants, and more.  We will keep you posted on the store's opening.

What is the warranty?
A standard manufacturer warranty of ONE YEAR will apply. Unfortunately due to the nature of the item, we can not accept returns of used item(s) for the purpose of refunds. If you're unhappy with the product and have not physically used it, you have 14 days to initiate communication with us from the date it has arrived. Returns of unopened or undamaged incur a 20% processing fee. We currently have 2 addresses around the world where you can send this; Hong Kong and USA. Once the item is returned, we will refund your order (including shipping to you). 

For warranty claims, please email support@ejaculator.com for instructions. We follow industry standards therefore Buyer is responsible for return shipping to our address and eJaculator will cover shipping back to you. Once received your non-working item, we will ship you a new item. Our goal is to set up shipping + return hubs in every major country around the world within the first 16 months for the convenience of our customers. Starting with Canada, UK, Australia and other major markets.

If I have questions, how can I reach your team?

Please read through the FAQ first to find your answer. We are receiving a lot of special requests and are responding as fast as possible! 

As we receive more questions that are alike, we will update the FAQ accordingly. Thanks!

For questions related to the Indiegogo campaign, you can contact support@ejaculator.com

We’re happy to respond to any other queries you might have about the eJaculator. Contact us at  sales@ejaculator.com

Feel free to download our media kit 

It contains our press release and many visuals you can use. We would also love to talk to you or help in any way we can. From answering questions, offering unique pictures and setting up interviews with the founder.

Contribute Now and be part of the making of the World's First Virtual Reality POV Pleasure Toy for Men!

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