Effing Dead

EFFING DEAD, the first Survival game from the indie team TheShortAndTheTall: a small indie-team made of two guys. OPEN BETA available.
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EFFING DEAD is an indie-game by TheShortAndTheTall: a small indie-team made of two guys. Our game is a survival action-game that was just inspired by RE4 but more sci-fi and with some new game mechanics.


When water becomes the most important and rare resource on Earth, the company NO-END decide to try a completely new solution: space research for new resurgences.
Big spaceships filled of completely reliable research clones were sent into the galaxy, for the most ambitious travel ever.
But sometimes things don’t go as they should...

Star System GLeESI, planet GLeESi-d, satellite S/GLeESi-d-HOPE-12: one of the most important celestial bodies found. Not so distant, very similar to our Planet and, most of all, full of clean water.
There is only a problem: by weeks no signal from the station reached us.
It's not clear what happened: no alerts, no malfunction, no emergency alarms. Only silence.

But when all seems lost and NO-END declares the end of a great opportunity, a reply from Hope-12 appears: a single defence clone is still functional and is activated by the internal security protocol. It’s time to connect with him and find out what is going on...

It's up to the player to take control of the defence clone and check the research station.
The objective is to find out what's happen, clean any kind of hostilities and reactivate the main signal.

The defence clone is fully operative and ready to take action and fix any kind of problem. The player need to take care of his health but also of the connection with him: damage disturb and alter the camera signal. Plus he need to worry about have connections shields which must be removed or deactivated.

The clone can check the locations with the use of the central Sytem JCN but he has also a special ability when he aims objects: he can interact with station terminals, activate machines and take control of different type of sensors. The player will use the aim ability to explore and solve different types of puzzles to bring back the full functionality of the water station.

He also can perform SPECIAL MOVES and FINISH THE ENEMIES with the V-Blade on his arm and do BARREL ROOLS to avoid enemies grabs.


The Game Features

Third person point of view with real time lighting and day/night time

3D water with physics

In game Map with enemies presence

No need of inventory screen: change weapon and use stuff in game without any pause

Aim to interact and take control of different type of sensors

Exploration will need puzzles solving – we like action but also brain use

Different type of weapons, customizable with upgrades

Enemies with multiple type of AI and attack-defencebehaviour

Find the right tactics and the best way to kill the enemies for increasing your ammo and collecting coins for weapons upgrades

Do head shots or destroy bodies parts with your arsenal

Be fast with the button press when enemies takes you

Perform barrel rolls to avoid grabs and use the energy blade for special moves

Look out for your energy and prevent damage for the camera signal

Find out how to enter areas with camera signal shields


 EFFING DEAD open beta

But what's EFFING DEAD current state? 
EFFING DEAD engine is absolutely complete - and YOU can try all his power with current OPEN BETA downloadable right now.
If you have no time or just don't want to download the game, here a summary:


  • movement: completed - the hero can walk, run and do barrel rolls
  • game hud: completed - made of the energy bar, regions maps with enemies spots,  info and warning text on screen, weapons and object selector
  • exploration/interation: completed - analysis of environment elements, aim the weapon can activate specific object and machines for puzzles
  • camera mechanic: completed - enemies hits and connection shields put on the camera a noise effect more and more intens depending on the hit or power
  • fight mechanic: completed - the player can use traditional fire weapons, granades and melee fights
  • enemies: at the moment 6 different types (with 1 to 4 variants)
  • enemis AI: completed - different behaviors, speed and types (btw: any enemies try to avoid shots)
  • weapons: currently 6 completely upgradeable- the game has an attribute editor (WAE.ditor ) to build new




Why do we choose indiegogo?

We developed games in our past but they weren't our projects. With EFFING DEAD we are committed to make the game we would like to play - the point is that we are only 2 people with some external help and game developing is, sadly, not our day job. To make EFFING DEAD we work hardly at night and whenever is it possibile, so it cost us a lot of energy and time stolen from other things (family, friends, sport...) even if we are proud of our choises.

...but with the money from indiegogo we can make it a little easier and:

  • boost the develop by buying some updated hardware and maybe some professional software license

  • focus more on gameplay by addind more puzzles, new situations and new enemies

  • pay skilled people for modelling the 3D envs that usually would be on our shoulders - so the game will have a richer graphics and we can invest more time on bug fixing and improvements

  • (MAYBE) enlarge our target platform on mobile device maybe with Unity3D, in which we have some knowledge - but only AFTER the desktop version of EFFING DEAD

Please note that EFFING DEAD will IN ANY CASE BE COMPLETED but if the campaing will not go well, we will have some delays, maybe a minor variety of environments.

EFFING DEAD img  UNTIL THE END, the arena survival

UNTIL THE END - arena survival is a spin-off of EFFING DEAD.

It's concept is very simple: every region of the original game will be closed  and restricted, without any type of puzzles. The object is to kill as many enemies as possible and, of course, survive.

There is no end, just pure survival action: run, shot, save bullets, do special moves and find the best strategy to survive.

How to play with UNTIL THE END? Become a "BOSS AMONG THE FANs" (see perks) and you will have access to it. -_^



 About TheShortAndTheTall

TheShortAndTheTall is a small indiegames team from Italy, made of two Nice guys, Alessio (the short one) and ALberto (the tall one).

There is not too much to write about us, really. But if you are reading this, then you know we are in some way similar.
Look in the mirror and you will see a face as we see every day: the kind of person that stay a lot in from at the pc, has maybe a 3-4 (5?) days beard (if you are a girl skip this...), likes to try different genres, remember at least one game that in some way changed his live.
And, most of all, we will share the same love for videogames in general.
We choose to go a bit further and start to develop our ideas and concepts – we hope you will enjoy what we are showing and maybe give it a try, it’s what we are obsessed with. That’s why we don’t sleep too much and our minds are, for the most part of the day, focused on our projects.
That’s all, if you like follow us here on our blog and stay tuned for some news.



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    ONE DIGITAL COPY of EFFING DEAD + the WAE.ditor (the weapons attribute editor, so you can customize the game weapons and make soooo many heads explode).

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    ONE DIGITAL COPY of EFFING DEAD + 1 EFFING DEAD t-shirt OR 1 of the team TheShortAndTheTall.

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    ONE DIGITAL COPY of EFFING DEAD + the spin-off EFFING DEAD: U.T.E. (UntilTheEnd - an arena mini game, see more on game description) + 1 EFFING DEAD t-shirt OR 1 of the team TheShortAndTheTall + WAE.ditor (the weapons attribute editor, so you can customize the game weapons and make soooo many heads explode).

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    Everything in the 250€ "BOSS AMONG THE FANs" set + the Making Of EFFING DEAD, a digital pdf book (with pics and text about the development of EFFING DEAD).

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    Everything in the 500€ "HOLY SUPPORTER" set + you will receive weekly updates about the development state, with links and pics before anyone else (+personal stuff only for you).

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