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For every backpack sold, we donate a backpack filled with school supplies & a hygiene kit to a child in need and provide a fair wage for our Haitian craftsmen.

Edike Ayiti | Made In Haiti, For Haiti

On January 12th, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince, Haiti, destroying much of the city and leaving over 250,000 dead and 1.5 million homeless. To this day, nearly 370,000 people remain displaced, living in temporary tent camps without the most basic needs for survival. Many teachers continued without much needed pay, driven by a shared belief that education is the key to the future of Haiti.

At Edike Ayiti, we believe the key to a bright future for Haiti lies in inspiring the future generations and giving them the opportunity to receive an education. Partners in Health describes the island nation of Haiti as an "one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. Before the earthquake, Haiti’s per capita income fell below two dollars a day, at about $660 annually. At the same time, the health of the Haitian people also ranks as the worst in the hemisphere."

Even prior to the earthquake, Haiti has been plagued by donor dependency and so called "dead aid". This has created a culture of dependency. Many people become complacent, relying on a monthly hand-out of rice and a plot of land to keep their US AID tarp. The idea begins with something as simple as a backpack, waxed cotton and leather. We take this time tested product, something many of us take for granted, and expand upon it. We’re taking the process full circle by providing education to the younger generations, an occupation to those of working age, and a creative outlet to the many talented artists of this country.

School kids

How YOU can help us help

Edike Ayiti has created an exclusive line of waxed cotton & leather backpacks and tote bags. All of our products are produced by local artisans and at a facility called INDEPCO, a Haitian nonprofit organization located in Cite Soleil that focuses on diversifying the skills of its workforce while providing an exceptional wage and training. INDEPCO is the largest network of micro-entrepreneurs in Haiti’s garment sector. with 600 workshops and nearly 7,000 workers in in 32 cities throughout Haiti.

We have our designs and we have production ready to go, we just need the funding to make it happen! By contributing to our Indiegogo campaign, you can pre-order one of our backpacks or totebags and guarantee an education and a brighter future for a child in Haiti.


Our waxed cotton & leather backpacks and tote bags are treated using Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Protectant and local Vermont beeswax to allow them to stand up to the roughest and toughest conditions. The bags will be available in hunter green, black, Scandinavian blue, and rust red.

 Edike Tote bag


Side view of tote bag


The Details:

We need to raise $7,500USD for our initial production run. This covers production costs, material, hardware (snaps, buckles, rivets, etc), logistics, and operational expenses.

To offer everyone the opportunity to be rewarded for their contributions, we have teamed up with local artisans in Port-au-Prince to offer a variety of custom painted gifts. In addition to our backpacks and totebags, we a large quantity of handpainted necklaces and conch shells to offer for lower level donations.


 Pouchon Shells

Edike Ayiti Artwork
Once our funding goal is met, we are going to be putting the bags into production. We have two concept bags completed and production at the ready, we just need the funds to make it happen!


The Impact:

Edike Ayiti is a social business with a key focus on stimulating art, education, and industry in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. All of our backpacks and totebags are hand cut and stitched together in small workshops throughout Haiti, utilizing a network of ateliers provided by INDEPCO, a Haitian non-profit based in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-Au-Prince.

For every backpack and totebag we sell, we donate a backpack filled with school supplies and a hygiene kit to a child in need.  Every dollar spent with us helps us to provide access to education and meaningful employment in Haiti. All proceeds go to our educational fund which pays for teachers salaries, student tuition and school lunches. To keep everyone in the Edike Ayiti community informed, we will be posting all our financials as well as quarterly reports on our website and Facebook.

Our goals are:

  • To COMBAT barriers to education
  • To INSPIRE creativity
  • To STIMULATE industrial growth

Neighborhood kids



Even if you can't contribute, there are more ways you can help us!

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