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A creative fusion of art & technology. Add a new twist to your everyday pictures & graphics.



What are EdgeLights?

EdgeLights are made-to-order acrylic signs.  Pictures are uploaded and etched onto the surface of an acrylic sheet with a dremel tool.  When added to an LED base, the etching in the acrylic refracts the light, creating a stunning image!

I’m an aerospace engineer by trade but have always had a passion for the arts.  I’ve constantly found myself having to choose between building that new engineering gadget or taking time back to draw and sketch.  EdgeLights are the perfect culmination of both!  After seeing some interesting designs online, I began etching out pictures in acrylic and putting them in custom bases.  Interest in custom designs skyrocketed, but etching each one by hand with a dremel is an extremely time consuming process.  We need to raise $8600 for a DIY CNC machine and the tooling requirements to professionally manufacture the base plates.  Help us get this going and in every home!

Great for any occasion

EdgeLights are a great way to add flare to your everyday office nameplate.  Every nameplate has a name and a company logo etched into it.

EdgeLights can also be used to upload your custom art, graphics, and designs! You can upload anything from your favorite photo to a custom designed graphic!

Custom LED Base

We've developed a custom LED base that holds all of our current EdgeLight designs.  Our first mock ups were made using a block of plywood from the local hardware store and some loose LEDs lying around the apartment.  As seen below, we now have a full prototype machined out of nylon w/ an aluminum base.  We've upgraded our lights to thinner LEDs w/ more colors and lower power consumption. The bases also come integrated w/ a 2.1mm 12V plug and a power switch.  All of the lights run off of a 12V DC wall charger (included w/ all of our EdgeLights!) We've identified a supplier who can machine our bases out of aluminum, but we have to order the first 500 units up front to make it cost effective.  This is where you come in!

We need your help! 

The goal of the project is to raise money for a DIY CNC machine. With the CNC machine and custom software, you can import a graphic or your favorite logo, add a custom LED base, and enjoy a custom made-to-order product: EdgeLights. Currently, every design is hand sketched into acrylic using a dremel engraving tool.  While a great expression of artistic ability, this process is very time consuming.  The CNC machine will allow us to make these for everyone!

If we reach our funding goals, we plan to ship out the first batch of EdgeLights early February of 2013. 

So what do you get?

We’ve got a variety of tiers set up for you to choose from:

$5 – You’ll get an EdgeLights LED key chain and a thank you note for being a supporter!

$25 – You’ll get the LED key chain plus your choice of either the 8” business nameplate shown above with a custom business logo or your pick of one of our custom city skylines(Full list of available options below). And of course a thank you note for being a supporter!

$50 – You’ll get the LED key chain and thank you note, plus a custom 8”x5” custom photo or graphic uploaded by you! 

$75 – You’ll get the LED key chain and thank you note, plus a custom 2 Color 8”x5” custom photo or graphic uploaded by you!  Add a second color to make your EdgeLight stand out even more!

$125 – BUSINESS SPECIAL – Great for small businesses or startups, you’ll get a custom 2 color 8”x5” custom photo or graphic uploaded by you and 3 custom nameplates w/ your business logo on them!

All of the EdgeLights will have a choice of either the polished aluminum base or a gloss black base.  12V DC charger is included w/ each base.

City Landscapes available:

NYC, Chicago, Boston, Philly, DC, Miami, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle

LED Base Colors available:

Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple, Yellow

Note: Due to copyright laws, we can not etch any images that are currently copyrighted or owned by another party.

What if I want to contribute, but can't?

No worries!!! The best thing you can do is spread this campaign to family and friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

Thanks for your support!

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