Ecstatic Dance San Francisco

Be A Part of Contributing to the Ecstatic Dance Movement "Find Yourself Dancing" in San Francisco. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at The Regency Center.

Ecstatic Dance San Francisco

We've finally found a Majestic Venue for Ecstatic Dance San Francisco where we can feel Free to Dance How We Wish, in a Supportive Loving Community, and with Delightfully Heart Lifting, Booty Bumping, Soul Freeing Dance Music...

With this campaign, we are able to fund the 4 Ecstatic Dances in April and May with DJ's:

April 2 - Dragonfly

April 16 - Sol Rising

May 7 - ALXNDR

May 21 - Kaminanda

Your tickets will be valid for any Ecstatic Dance SF in the future if you have not used all of them by May 21. If this venue does not work out and you have multiple passes from this campaign that are unused, then feel free to use your extra passes in Oakland in June.

However, If ED San Francisco IS wildly successful, then we will be able to dance every week at The Regency Center, instead of every other week.  OK..?  OK...! 

Let's Dance.


What We Need & What You Get

We are raising $7500 from you the community to start Ecstatic Dance in San Fransisco. You get entrance to Ecstatic Dance San Francisco for less than the door price, and we are able to secure The Regency Center as our home base for Ecstatic Dance on Tuesday Nights.  If we continue to grow this community, we may very well be able to dance here every Tuesday Night.  To start: We begin with 1st & 3rd Tuesdays in April and May, 2013 

Here is where the money from the campaign is going:

  • 2 months rent for The Regecy Center (4 Nights)
  • Additional Speakers for Epic Sound Quality
  • Lighting for delightful Ambience
  • Meditation Altar decor for Peaceful Introspecition
  • The Best Ecstatic Dance DJ's the World has to offer!
  • Fantastic Yoga & Contact Improv Teachers
  • Live Musicians for Delightful Sound Healing
  • Web & Print Promotion
  • Door Security during the Dance


What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is Freeform Conscious Dance.  That means it is a safe space to express yourself however you want to move to the music, without faciliitation.  To enhance this experience of movement, there is no talking on the dancefloor, nor are cameras allowed, so you can feel fully free and alive in your dance.

Being Barefoot is also encouraged to feel more connected to the ground.

This is a Sacred Space where you are invited to come as you are, however that is; without the use of alcohol or recreational drugs.  You may find yourself Dancing in your Bliss... or Dancing your Grief... Perhaps with your Joy, your Sorrow... Your Anger, Your Silliness... Your Sexiness... All of it...   This is Your Dance Space.

For some this is Movement Church.  it's a Chance to Connect with Others, or simply to Find Oneself.  For some it is simply great Excercise, and others it is their Psycho/Somatic Therapy.  

We will not tell you What to do, or How to Be, as You Experience your Dance as you Wish... You are Free...

As long as we agree to these two simple Guidelines:

1.  No Talking on the Dancefloor

2.  Respect the Space.  Yours & Others.


The Format

Yoga and Contact Improv classes will be offered for the hour before Ecstatic Dance  begins (which is included in your pass) so that you may leave the rest of the day behind you, and prepare your body, mind, and spirit for The Dance.

There will be brief opening and closing circles to bring a feeling of togetherness and unity in our intentions for the evening.

You may connect socially (with your words) in the Lounge, or after the Dance is complete.  Non-Alcoholic drinks, water, and tea will be made available for your thirst.  Please bring your own bottles, as this is a no-waste event. 

An Altar will be created each dance for you to have safe space to sit and reflect, to meditate, or pray as you wish...

You may Dance, Skip, Sit, Roll, Jump, Scream, Sound (not Talk), Sing, Stand, Stumble, Cry, Smile, Leap, Run, Shake, Hoop (space permitting), Contact, Be Together, Be Alone...

(If you are ending a dance, or do not feel like dancing with someone, Hands at Your Heart in Acknowledgment - "Namaste" - is a nice way to say "Thank You, I See You"


The Impact 

Our Hope is that this Ecstatic Dance in San Francisco improves the Lives of it's inhabitants, both Collectively and Individually.

The Opportunity to Dance without Distraction, with Complete Acceptance, and Positive Encouragement is somehow a rare phenomenon in this modern world.  By funding this Campaign, and attending and participating in Ecstatic Dance, you will be sending a message that we value incredible sacred spaces to dance in, where alcohol is not served (which is usually what pays the rent in these amazing spaces), where unique individuals gather together in their common love of Movement, Music, and Community.


Other Ways You Can Help

Share this IndieGogGo Campaign with your friends, and invite them to come dance with you in San Francisco on 1st & 3rd Tuesday Nights starting in April...!  


April 2nd is Opening Night!

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