Ecotone : a platform game project.

Ecotone is a single-player platform game taking place in a strange universe with an evolving gameplay which allows brainwork and skill phases.


  • Who we are

Hi! We are the Sundae Factory, a great team of friends and fond about video games. Ecotone is our first, but not last, indie video game. Our team is composed by a 2D artist, 2 sound designers and 2 game/level designers.  Each one of us has an experience in the video game and entertainment industry..  We worked on projects like the game "Squids" or on books like “ l'Epouvantable Noël du vieux monsieur tout de rouge vêtu” .  Our aim is to offer to gamers a new experience of gaming with an original concept and gameplay.

Ecotone artwork

  • Ecotone, our indie game project

Ecotone is a single-player platform game with an evolving gameplay which allows brainwork and/or skill phases.

The game’s primary focus is to invite the gamer in a new kind of world, and features a unique, dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere.

In the weird Ecotone’s world, the gamer embodies a strange little character lacking a real identity. But beware, the character goes through a dangerous environment full of strange creatures and monsters, and some of them may be dangerous. Each level is based on a sentence,   which is the key to solving the riddle.

  • Here is an idea of some of the things you can expect in Ecotone when it's released

-          A PC and Mac release, assuming the Indiegogo campaign is succesfull.

-          A strange universe and 3 worlds to explore with a lot of enigmas.

-          Our sound designer offers a sound atmosphere and gives a deeper sense of immersion.

-          An unforgettable story: Throughout the entire game, the story will allow the player to further immerse himself and learn more about his character and its story. While the gamer is free to make up his own idea about the world and the end of the game… But this, it’s a secret.


  • Why we need your help?

As our first project with sundae factory, we need to raise money in order to develop the Ecotone project and our future video game studio. That's why Indiegogo and you come in. We are very excited to try this crowdfunding system. We are working on the game in our free time. Completing and publishing this game is a major commitment and labour of love. We never give up easily being so involved in the process of creating novel games . If we get enough funding we will be able to make Ecotone the way we always wanted it to be. Our goal at $12 000 is minimal needed to enable for some of us to work full time. With this money, we will be able to pay some legal fees (like insurance), software properties (Stencyl Licence, Apple SDK etc…), sound design, graphics and perks cost. We also need to cover some marketing costs.  

Thank you all for your support!

  • What happens if you get over-funded?


Moar Stuff!

If we get more than we planned, we will make more worlds, levels, music and monsters to keep the adventure going!

Mobile Version!

If we get more than 20 000$, we will make an ios/android version of the game, we think this game can be great on iPad or iPhone as on Android !


 ecotone figurine

Thanks you !


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