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A Revolutionary New Solution In Early Detection That Simplifies and Enhances The Life-Saving Power of A Woman’s Self Breast Exam.
Ken Wright
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San Diego, California
United States
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Every dollar you pledge for the Eclipse Breast Health campaign will be used to move our working prototypes into beta production units that will go into the hands of 1,000-10,000 women by the beginning of 2014. These units will help us acquire critical user feedback to improve the Eclipse and drive its full production at the end of 2014. Be a hero to women everywhere and help us make early detection easier.

Your contribution will go directly to our cause - early detection - and making Eclipse a must have for women everywhere!

Do this for the women in your life. Right now we have incredible working prototypes, but we need your help in taking them to the next level, and letting Eclipse overshadow breast cancer.



We all know early detection is critical in the fight against breast cancer. However, monthly self-breast exams have left women in doubt – “Am I doing it right? How can I really tell if this is a change from last month? When should I see my doctor?"  Our mission is to empower women with the life-saving knowledge of early detection. With the Eclipse, women no longer have to rely on only their hands and the annual mammogram. 

We are creating a palm-sized home scanning device that creates a digital map of a woman’s breast with GPS-like precision. The Eclipse allows women to “see” what can’t be felt in a traditional monthly breast self-exam. Images are uploaded so changes can be monitored.  If denser masses appear vividly on a computer or tablet screen, it will prompt users to seek a comprehensive diagnosis from a medical professional.  As we all know – early detection in changes is key to saving lives.

The Eclipse device uses a 100% safe cross physics combination of sensors and low level photons (LED lights) to gather images and acquire data.  It’s as simple to use as a digital camera and uploads just as easily.  Simply move the Eclipse device over the entire area of each breast, and the images will automatically connect to make one large image of the entire breast that can be saved for reference.  The only energy used in gathering these images is a harmless low-power LED light that measures micro-pressure points onto a soft sensor pad. It’s like having your hand become a digital camera that takes a picture of the pressure point as you scan the breast.

Eclipse Digital Self-Breast-Exam Device 



Eclipse Self Exam1. The Eclipse self-exam is easy and best performed while lying down. Place a pillow behind your left shoulder and arm.

Eclipse Self Exam2. Hold Eclipse in your right hand. Press the device at varying pressures on your left breast. Move the device in a top-to-bottom motion to ensure you scan the entire breast. Once you finish on the left side, switch the pillow to under your right shoulder and repeat the procedure on your right breast.


Eclipse Self ExamOption: You also can use the optional Eclipse “grid shirt” that helps guide you through a complete exam.

Eclipse Self Exam3. After you’ve finished scanning, transfer the images to the Eclipse software or to your Pink Cloud account.  You can do this wirelessly or by connecting the Eclipse with the supplied USB cable. The Pink Cloud is our turnkey service that stores your images on our secure website and allows them to be reviewed by medical professionals.



The Eclipse combines patent-pending imaging and sensor technology into a simple and safe system that allows women to easily monitor their breast health.

The Eclipse uses no radiation or invasive technology, so women are able to use the Eclipse as often as they like without any risk of side effects. Scans are administered by applying moderate pressure while sliding the device in an overlapping pattern across the breast to produce a series of high-resolution deep-tissue images.

Images are created with TransPhotonic technology, a one hundred percent safe cross-physics combination of sensors and low-level photons that closely mimic the human touch. The sensors, however, are up to 5 times more sensitive than fingers, enabling the Eclipse to discover and capture images of small masses that could otherwise go undetected in a traditional manual self-exam. TransPhotonic technology was originally co-engineered by our founder, Ken Wright, for U.S. Navy submarines to “see” in murky-water and other obstructed situations.


Within the Eclipse software, a series of images are precisely aligned using a GPS-like function to create a complete picture of the breast. Deep tissue masses are highlighted in the image, which can then be saved and monitored for changes as part of your monthly self-breast exam, or shared with a medical professional, or the Eclipse Image Review Service.


The Pink Cloud is a networked breast health social ecosystem of Eclipse users. When a woman activates her Eclipse device, she automatically receives a Pink Cloud account. This turnkey service is as easy to use as iTunes and streamlines a woman’s ability to monitor her breast health. Images generated using the Eclipse are automatically uploaded to her personal, private account. Depending upon her preference, each woman may choose to keep her images private, share them with her doctor, use Eclipse’s review service or anonymously share them with other members of the Pink Cloud community.


Unlike traditional social media sites, the Pink Cloud is a safe, anonymous, member-only community.



The Pink Cloud brings together the combined wisdom, strength, and compassion of women who have taken control of their breast health. Once logged in, women can:

  • Access a secure area to upload and store scans directly from Eclipse.  Once uploaded, they can monitor their breast health on a regular basis, share their scans with their doctor or subscribe to an image-review service in which medical experts provide analysis of their scans.
  • Schedule automatic email and text reminders about self-exams.
  • Provide their insights, ideas and opinions as part of a community to help us improve Eclipse and the Pink Cloud as we develop new features and services focused on early detection.
  • Join our social network where they can share advice on how to better use the Eclipse, promote good breast-health practices and inspire other women to be proactive about their breast health.

Within the Pink Cloud Community, each user has an opportunity to ask and answer questions, seek and offer advice, solicit and provide counsel, and exchange referrals. In addition, the Pink Cloud hosts message boards, provides breast health information, and access to doctors.

Our aim is to make the Pink Cloud the destination site for breast health. Together, Eclipse and the Pink Cloud will become the forefront of early breast cancer detection.



Ken Wright is an accomplished inventor and visionary with a true passion for product development and industrial design.

With breast cancer awareness on the rise - and yet few innovative solutions on the horizon - Ken was inspired as a husband and father to utilize his skills as an innovator to make a better future for his wife and daughter, and generations of women ahead.

Ken has invented and contributed to award-winning product designs in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace, to telecommunications and healthcare. He also co-engineered an underwater laser scanning system for autonomous deep-sea exploration submarines which inspired Eclipse technology.

Ken also helped develop the first portable zinc-air fuel cell, the first full-motion teleconferencing system, and the first mobile satellite news vehicles. His “Edison” approach to code breaking and problem solving has made him an invaluable resource to such companies as Canon, AquaLung and NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems, LucasFilm, Paramount Pictures, Ford Motor Company and Disney.

Ken Wright: “Of all the projects I have ever worked on, Eclipse has the most meaning and value to me by far. The wonderful support we have gotten and continue to get will mean we can get this life-saving technology into women’s hands sooner than later. The Eclipse needs to exist now!”


The Eclipse team is a collaboration of intelligent and passionate technologists, scientists, doctors, breast health advocates, sponsors and associates that are determined to help ensure Eclipse becomes a reality for millions of women and loved ones.


What Inspired The Idea? Eclipse?

Ken Wright, the inventor of Eclipse, was involved in developing highly advanced sensor technology that allowed autonomous submarines to see through murky water. Not only could the sensors see through these obstructed situations, they could also discriminate between different materials and molecular properties of target objects on the ocean floor.  That led to the big eureka moment when Mr. Wright realized he could modify this type of technology using harmless low level light (Photons) to look into the body, and in particular, the breast, to find specific cell targets and diseases like cancer.

The Eclipse Discovery

Soon after his eureka moment, Ken Wright got to work. Over the next decade and a half - through countless hours of R&D, proof of concept models and prototype efforts - Ken was able to put this life saving technology into the size of a computer mouse for the price of a low cost digital camera or phone.

Eclipse Prototypes

Over 100 prototypes, proof of concept and experimental models have been iteratively developed to help us get to where we are today.

Eclipse Testing

We have done extensive in-house alpha and beta testing at our Innovation Labs in San Diego, as well as collaborative testing and research with several major medical universities and cancer specialists.

Your Feedback

We are now ready to put Eclipse into the hands of at least a thousand women to fully beta test the ergonomics and Pink Cloud experience using the Eclipse PS1 pilot program.

The Future

We are trying to break new ground and develop something that is undeniably needed: taking the guess-work out of self-breast exams with a simple and smart digital breast self-exam device. Like the now commonplace home digital scale, thermometer or blood pressure device, Eclipse delivers precise information that puts women in control of their health.

Where we are in development

Thanks to fully functioning prototypes and extensive testing, we are ready for our first beta pilot product, Eclipse PS1, to be manufactured in a limited production. A manufacturing plant in the US has been identified, and as soon as the funding is available, production can begin. A prototype of the Pink Cloud has also been in development and tested in preparation for the beta-tester community.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to empower women with the Eclipse digital breast self-exam system. Our goal is to put working prototypes into the hands of 1000 women by the first quarter of 2014 to gain critical feedback to have the Eclipse prepared for full production by the fourth quarter of 2014. Our goal is to have over a million Eclipses in the hands of women by the end of 2015, and more than 20 million within fiver years. We will also create and distribute over 1000 community kits to developing countries by the end of 2015, and 100,000 kits within five years.

Eclipse technology will also be made available to the medical community with the goal of radically improving current mammography systems, as well as empowering women and their doctors to work together to deliver the most comprehensive breast health.



Help us make history for women everywhere by providing an effective means of early detection that leads to early treatment in the fight against breast cancer.

This is where we need your help. The Eclipse PS1 (Phase1) system is a non-medical, beta model device. We want to put the Eclipse PS1 technology into the hands of women and medical professionals as soon as possible to gather critical feedback.

We’re looking to raise $650,000 to finish the funding needed to get the Eclipse to market.


Become Part of the Eclipse Solution Team


Eclipse Early Adopter!

Make history by being the first to benefit from Eclipse! You will become part of a pilot team and learn how to use the Eclipse system and help us in the development of the final phase of Eclipse with your feedback! We want to know how you like the design, instructions, the Pink Cloud and educational components we make available. Your kit will include an Eclipse pilot system plus educational booklet and video.

What You Get


What is the Eclipse PS1 Beta

The Eclipse PS-1 is a beta model/system used for evaluation and feedback from women and medical professionals It's purpose is to get our technology into the hands of 1,000 women and medical professionals for important feedback that will ultimately help our final product. This will help the company grow its user experience smartly.

Getting early adopters in at this level has a huge win-win effect for both Eclipse and the women it will help. The whole purpose is to test and develop Eclipse iteratively until it is the best it can be.

The Eclipse PS-1 program is designed to take participants through a journey of learning and discovery about breast health. It is designed for both learning and input as the process moves forward. The Eclipse experience will guide participants through:

  • Educational breast health subjects
  • Techniques
  • Trials
  • Interactions with the Eclipse engineering and medical professional team
  • Help determine the final commercial Eclipse PS-2


NOTE: The Eclipse 1 device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The FDA has not yet evaluated the Eclipse PS1 device, technology, services or statements. The Eclipse PS1 device is a pre-production model intended to be used by our pilot program participants, for the use of simulation practice, education and testing. Since the Eclipse PS1 works off of very low-level light (photons), there is no invasive or harmful technology involved. Our goal is to create a device commercially available FDA approved device that will act as a prompting tool for the user to seek professional medical attention if changes in the breast are seen and/or detected, and empower women to better monitor their breast health.


San Diego Business Journal
Brad Graves, Bob Baransko and Korey Castillo, San Diego Business Journal

“We have interviewed and have seen many impressive technologies and innovative companies in San Diego but after visiting the Eclipse labs and seeing the Eclipse demonstration we were truly amazed. This is a technology and product path that will literally change the breast health industry. A definite game changer and life-saver.”

Stanford Logo

Dr Han Chiu M.D., MA, Stanford School of Medicine

 “I believe this is a great advancement for breast cancer and perhaps beyond to other areas of the body,” said Dr. Han Chiu MD, Stanford School of Medicine.  “It’s as safe as using your own finger tips only much more sensitive and effective.  There hasn’t been anything like this for breast health which gives me as a physician quantifiable data to be more objective while also adding to better patient interaction.”

James H. Adair, Ph.D., Professor, Material Science and Engineering and Bioengineering, Penn State University - Keystone Nano, Inc

“Eclipse’s vision absolutely resonates with the vision we have at Penn State and Keystone Nano.

Eclipse and our technologies will empower women with more than just early detection, it means that the words, "You have cancer.' will stop evoking the fear and desperation and lead to us treating cancer like just another treatable disease.  Early detection means far less invasive surgical options are possible.  Your early detection system resonates with me because we at Keystone Nano share your vision.

We share the same enthusiastic outlook for this technology and willingness to create solutions to transform this dreaded disease into a manageable illness.  My wife, Bernadette has battled breast cancer with 11 major surgeries; 4 rounds of chemo.

I am honored to work with the Eclipse team as part of our important mission.”

Device Would Add to Arsenal In Fight Against Breast Cancer
Click here to read more

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MEDCITY NEWS: Can this startup raise $650K from the crowd to launch at-home breast imaging device?

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YOUR FAB LIFE: At-Home Breast Cancer Screening Device Is First Line of Prevention

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GIGAOM: Do women need a digital breast self-exam? This Indiegogo project thinks so


Eclipse (General)

What is the advantage of using the Eclipse over a traditional breast self-exam?

There are three key advantages:

  1. Eclipse sensors are three- to five-times more sensitive than the human touch. This means potential issues might be detected much sooner… you’re literally “seeing” what you otherwise might not feel.
  2. You can save your Eclipse images to monitor changes in your breast health from month-to-month.
  3. Expert advice is a click away using The Pink Cloud. You’re never alone to review your Eclipse scans. You can subscribe to our review service to share your images with an expert. Or share the images to help your doctor to locate your area of concern easier.

Does Eclipse diagnose cancer?

No. The Eclipse is designed to track changes in breast tissue, which may indicate a need for follow up by your physician. Eclipse should never be considered an alternative to normal diagnostic procedures like mammograms. Eclipse serves as a “prompting tool” to seek medical attention sooner if something suspicious appears.

How can Eclipse improve my breast health?

Eclipse creates a “digital” breast self-exam by creating digital images of your deep tissue. The images highlight differences in the tissue density to indicate where a potential issue might be. The goal is to identify possible masses earlier to prompt you to seek further diagnosis by your doctor. Eclipse images also can be saved so you can monitor changes from month-to-month.

Do I need a prescription to use the Eclipse?

No. Your health care provider may recommend that you use the Eclipse, but a prescription is not necessary to purchase or use the Eclipse.

Is Eclipse covered by insurance?

Currently, Eclipse in not covered by most insurance. Eclipse is new on the market and we’re working with insurance companies in hopes of making it eligible.


Eclipse Breast Health Technologies | FAQ 2

Why should I buy the first generation Eclipse rather than waiting for the FDA-approved version?

There is no better time than NOW to get a start with early detection. As a user of our first generation Eclipse model, you will have the earliest possible start at methodically monitoring your breast health! In addition, you will receive a free upgrade when the FDA-approved version is available.

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    Be Part of Our Amazing Journey

    Be a part of a history making technology for our generation and generations ahead! We will keep you informed of our progression with updates on the Eclipse journey. You will become part of our life-changing inner circle of supporters!

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    Thank You! Wall

    Dedicate your support of our life-changing cause. Your name or the name of your choice will be, placed on the “Thank You Wall” on our website to thank you for your generosity in helping to make the Eclipse dream come true and to bring such an impact to the lives so many woman and those who love them. Plus we will keep you informed on our journey with regular updates!

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    Eclipse “Be The Solution” Tee

    Eclipse’s own “Be The Solution” t-shirt will be an awesome outward sign that shows others that you are supporting a revolutionary technology on the forefront of breast health! Plus the above perks! (Free shipping in the USA, $15 for Canada, $25 internationally)

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    Eclipse Science & Technology

    Get a privileged behind the scenes look with our blueprint journey that will keep you informed and educated via a special newsletter, videos and interactive connections with the Eclipse team. This rich experience is perfect for all you passionate techies, scientists, educators and health & medical specialists. We will also put you or a loved one first on the list to own the Eclipse PS2 system at a discounted price when it becomes commercially available. Journey starts Oct 2013

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    Eclipse Hero

    Take control and be among the first to put Eclipse to use. By ordering now, you will be put on the “A” list and receive one of our first commercially available models, the Eclipse PS2. This contribution also includes a 1-year membership to the Pink Cloud, plus all of the above perks. (Free shipping in the USA, $15 for Canada, $25 internationally)

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $199USD
    Eclipse Early Adopter!

    Become part of the exclusive pilot team and deliver critical feedback to help develop the final phase of Eclipse. Your kit will include an Eclipse pilot system, plus an educational booklet and video. You will also be one of the first to receive a commercial Eclipse, plus a 2 year membership to the Pink Cloud. Participation in pilot program is optional, and not required with donation. (Free shipping in the USA, $15 for Canada, $25 internationally)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $249USD
    Eclipse Pioneer VIP

    Receive all the perks in the above Early Adopter package plus you will also receive a lifetime membership in our Pink Cloud network and the “Be The Solution” Tee! (Free shipping in the USA, $15 for Canada, $25 internationally)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $399USD
    Eclipse Experience For Two

    Turn someone else on to the Eclipse system and see how it can change their life! We will have a system sent to you and one to a loved one whom you would like to accompany you in this incredible experience! You will receive all the perks in the above Eclipse Pioneer VIP package for two including a lifetime membership in our Pink Cloud network and The “Be The Solution” Tee! (Free shipping in the USA, $30 for Canada, $50 internationally)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Eclipse Elite

    A set of 5 Eclipse systems to show you care about the women in your life, includes the above perks in the Eclipse Pioneer VIP package for five. This Perk also includes a lifetime membership in our Pink Cloud network and The “Be The Solution” Tee! (Free shipping in the USA, $30 for Canada, $50 internationally)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $3,000USD
    Eclipse Sponsor

    Your company or your dedication put on our honorary sponsor page website; plus you will be included in our launch party and everyone will know that you helped to bring our technology to the forefront. Forever in gratitude, and knowing that you helped in our quest to improve and save lives☺. Oh, and plus the above Eclipse Pioneer VIP perks for up to 8 friends or guests too! (Free shipping in the USA, $30 for Canada, $50 internationally)

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2014
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