Eatyourkimchi: Opening A Studio

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  • $5USD
    Nasty Wall of Fame

    For everyone donating $5 and up, we'll put your name up on our Nasty Wall of Fame which we'll make on our website.

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  • $25USD
    Autographed Polaroid Picture

    We'll send you an autographed, ONE OF A KIND polaroid picture with up to three members of the Eat Your Kimchi team! One of us has to hold the camera...

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  • $30USD
    Eat Your Kimchi Music Album

    We're making you a mix CD and autographing it! We'll send you the Eat Your Kimchi greatest hits MP3 CD, with all of our songs, on a CD, including the I’m the Spudgy 2NE1 cover, Bunnies are Puffy, Eat Your Kimchi Style, and more!

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  • $40USD
    Autographed Picture + CD!

    We'll send both the CD and our autographed picture, in one special combo package! Wow!

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    Special Donor Song and Video!

    For twenty people only, we will make one super duper video shouting out all your names in thank you song format. We’ll post the final video to our bonus channel!

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  • $100USD
    Super Special Sticker Pack!

    A 4x6 sheet of your very own limited edition EYK stickers. We only have 100 sheets to give + our autographed picture + our CD as well!

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  • $150USD
    Care Package

    We'll put together a small care package of our favourite things from Korea! Including: snacks, cute stationary, things in Engrish, Wonderful Treasure Finds, and cosmetics!

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  • $300USD
    Korean Beauty Product Care Kit

    Martina will head over to her favourite Korean cosmetic boutiques and make you a care package of her fav beauty supplies! Including: face masks, face packs, nail stickers, eye shadow, lotions, and more!

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  • $500USD
    Music Monday Laptop Takeover!

    We’ll put in YOUR picture on our laptop for Music Monday (so long as it’s not and pornos or profanities you Nasties you) AND we'll send you a CD of the Kpop band we're reviewing for that Music Monday + the autographed picture of us!

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  • $500USD
    Shout Out + Polaroid + CD

    We’ll give a personalized shout out to you, your friend, or your family member for an EYK episode of your choice (Music Monday, W.A.N.K, F.A.P.F.A.P, or TL;DR) Great for birthdays, asking someone to the prom, or marriage proposals! And we'll send you our autographed picture + CD!

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    Evening with Eatyourkimchi!

    If you’re in Korea within the next 12 months, we’ll go out with you for dinner and Noraebang, and we can guarantee that this will quite possibly be the most entertaining Noraebang experience of your life

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