Earth Defenders HD

Upcoming neo-retro styled space invaders-esque arcade and tower defense game, for Mobile and PC!

About me

My name is Manuel Etchegaray, I am a games developer from Argentina, sole developer at InvaderGames, and I need your help!

I have been developing games for a few years now, but only this year I started taking it more seriously. It has stopped being just a passion and a hobby to turn into something much more serious, something I can actually work on and get a realistic revenue from if I put my mind and effort into it.

Being completely indepentent and having no actual job (other than this) in a country where opportunities are rapidly fading away with every year that passes, I am literally broke. All I have is my desktop PC and the love from my parents, who are giving me their complete support to 'do whatever I like'. And you may guess; what I like is making games!


Earth Defenders HD



I am on the process of developing a game right now, A game I imagined two years ago and now I am finally building, piece by piece. The game is Earth Defenders HD, a retro-styled arcade space invaders-esque with tower defense elements, primairly designed for Mobile devices, but with PC versions in mind as well.
Initially the game will be released with ads or some sort of limitation on the story mode for free, then players will be able to get the full ad-less version for a (still uncertain, but probaly low) price. The in-game currency, if any, will be crystals, wich, even trough not essential for the game, gives a critical advantage when playing Arcade mode, since they allow you to upgrade your weapons, get extra HP, choose the bonuses that drops randomly, etc.


What I Need

I need $2500 to continue developing games, more strictly to finish my current project (Earth Defenders) and continue working on other projects afterwards. The money from this campaign will be mostly used to prepair the perks and ship them to the backers, wich is quite expensive being so far away from where all of this actually happens and taking taxes and currency devaluation. All the remaining money will be destinated to hire an artist for a few specific tasks, buy a tablet and port the game to the Apple markets. then if there are any remainders get a Notebook or a Mac, whichever I get to afford with whats left.

If I reach enough money for the Mac/Apple developers license, the game (and probably all of my current Android titles) will also get to be released on the iOS and Mac stores, I have a ton of reasons to release my games in the Apple stores, but mainly because the level of attention you get there is MUCH better than in the Google Play store, basically in Android if you are not a big company or reach a millon downloads in a week you probably wont get noticed..

The tablet (preferrably a Nexus 7 or alike) will be used to actually test and develop the look and feel of Earth Defenders on a real HD device. Currently my only way of physically testing Android games is my old Motorola Defy, wich is not only pretty old now, but its hardware specs doesnt meet half what actual gamers use nowadays to play. Its worth mention that it helped me a lot so far with testing lag and making everything run as smooth as possible on higher end devices, but it is just not addecuate at all, bear in mind the project is set to be released as HD.

At first I wrote my goal to be a Notebook or a Mac too, but after much consideration I left this as a last resource if I reach more than expected, as taxes and conversions will be quite painful, and I probably need to exceed the goal to do that.

The artist will be hired for a few specific parts of the game, such as character portraits and a few in-game icons wich I am not skilled enough to draw, this shouldnt take long either as they are just a couple pieces I need. I also want to pay afriend of mine who is composing the music for the game, he is doing a tremendously great job with that, and I would really like to compensate him for that! :)

What you get

I have been thinking a lot on the perks, theese should give a sense or reward to all contributors, no matter how much they give. Therefore, asides the digital rewards and the completed game, I designed a couple things for backers to reicieve after the campaign ends;


This is a preliminary design of the physical box, wich will include a CD with the Windows version of the game along with a promo code to be redeemed for mobile platforms. On the back, all credits and Sponsors will be included (they will also be included on the in-game credits)


Earth Defenders Poster

Theese posters where made shortly after the developement process actually started, I am thinking on screen-print them on a local place and ship it along with the box and lower perks redeemed.

The manual, even trough not designed yet is getting written at the time I develop and add features to the game, there are still some things to be added into the actual game before I can actually start designing it, but it will cover every single part of the game, including gameplay, tips and tricks, upgrades, description of a few specific options, story mode guide, and more.



The only thing I need to beware is that international shipping, With services like DHL or FedEx, is extremely expensive for single small boxes. therefore I am forced to use national postal services, they take weeks for packages to arrive on such long distances, Else I wouldnt be able to cover the shipping+assemble expenses and I am left with practially nothing from the campaign. I am hoping this wont be an issue for backers.

Expected shipping is around december 12, 2012, wich is when I am sure I will have the game completed and ready to ship it, also when I am sure I will have everything ready to go.


I can't contribute but I like the project, what can I do?

You can spread the word! and even downloading any of my free games counts. Also, when the game gets released for mobile it may have adverts on its free version. Anything counts, really, and even if I dont meet the preset goal, I will probably be ale to ship a few boxes and leave a couple poeple happy with my final product! :)


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