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Bringing 3D Printing and Scanning to a Retail Store in Tampa Bay, Florida
Christopher Lane
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Tampa, Florida
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Your contributions and the full service offering from Dynamic Z will include:

• Professional 3D scanning

• Professional Grade 3D printing (either Stratasys Mojo or Mcor, both of which offer leasing options)

• Consumer Grade 3D printing (Makerbot, Ultimaker etc)

• Use of workstation computers (PC and Mac) for high end 3D modelling programs

• An inventory of 3D printed goods for sale

• Order fulfillment shipped remotely via our website, so you don’t have to be a local to purchase items.

• Filament and spare parts supplies for local 3D printer owners.

• A full ranging catalogue of useful items anyone can have printed. The catalog itself will be custom created and will feature the most useful items. We will constantly be improving upon it to highlight the most popular or requested items.

However, it is also good to note that this offering will not be static and the remit of Dynamic Z will include collaboration, outreach and education. Live video feeds of prints will be viewable online together with youtube demonstrations of featured projects. The store will host a research and testing area to experiment with all of the new types of processes and materials being developed as well as a monthly meet-up for 3D printer owners and enthusiasts to discuss new technologies and how to make the store’s presence mutually beneficial. The intention also exists to offer low-cost or free 3D models to educators from time to time together with field trips to the store to engage a new generation of 3D enthusiasts.

We believe that fablabs and makerspaces those types of places are great for hobbyists, but they aren’t easy to be involved in without prior understanding of 3D printing and making things. The idea of Dynamic Z is specifically to expand the audience of 3D printing to an entire range of new customers by utilizing a custom catalog and educational tools.”


We decided to create this list for people who still don’t have many ideas about what they can print.

Here it is…..

101 Useful Things you can Print with a consumer grade 3D Printer

1. Lamp Shade
2. R/C Car frame
3. Replacement car handle
4. Replacement gear knob
5. Coat Hanger
6. Smartphone Case
7. Crossbow
8. Vase
9. Raspberry Pi Case
10. Keyboard feet replacements
11. Character Statues
12. Topography Map
13. Camera Stand
14. Watch Band
15. Unique Clock
16. Yoda Head
17. Business Card Case
18. Scale Model Engine
19. Ferris Wheel
20. Eiffel Tower
21. Flute/Whistle
22. Citrus Juicer
23. Mouse Trap
24. Glider
25. Wankel Rotary Engine model
26. Apple Slicer
27. Pool Table Bridge
28. Automotive Funnel
29. Marble Maze
30. Curtain Rod Bracket
31. Credit-card sized Comb
32. Cookie Cutter
33. Guitar
34. Scale Model House
35. Camera Lens Adapter
36. Glasses Frames
37. Vinyl Records
38. Child-safety cabinet locks
39. Wrench
40. Christmas Ornaments
41. Scale model Pirate Ship
42. Pliers
43. Pill container
44. “jigsaw” puzzle
45. Model train tracks
46. Backpack clip
47. Paper Towel Holder
48. Hairclip
49. Tape Dispenser
50. Cryptex
51. Shift Knob
52. TP Holder
53. Parts Drawer
54. Chess Set
55. Princess Crown
56. Robot Arm
57. Ice Cube Tray
58. R/C Car Wheels
59. Ball bearing
60. Scale model Solar System model
61. Dinosaur model
62. Beer Tap Handle
63. Putty knife
64. Electrical wall mount cover
65. Parametric Music Box
66. Door Hinge
67. Air hockey puck/paddles
68. Dryer Hose Adapter
69. Toothpaste Pusher
70. Scale City Model
71. Interlocking building blocks
72. Chainmail
73. Bracelet
74. SD Card Holder
75. Sink Screen
76. Planetary Gear Set
77. Cable tie
78. Speaker Enclosure
79. Skateboard wheels
80. Wine Rack
81. Crochet Hook
82. Measuring Spoons
83. Anemometer
84. Coin Holder
85. Clothing buttons
86. Door Stop
87. Harmonica
88. Earrings
89. Dice
90. Fan Duct
91. GPS Car Mount
92. Business card holder
93. License Plate Frame
94. Shampoo/Conditioner bottle top
95. Siren Impeller
96. Beard Trimmer Guard
97. Scale Rollercoaster Track
98. Spraygun Attachment
99. Earbud Holder
100. Photo Frame
101. Abacus
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