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Dunk!festival, European post rock festival, needs your help to make edition #10 unforgettable again.
Wout Lievens
1 Team Member

The situation

Dunk!festival2013 was, like every year a wonderful weekend with lots of great bands and nice people. A lot of energy goes into organizing such an event but to us it is energy well spent and most importantly done with much love. However, it also involves a lot of money. And let that be the spoiler of this year's edition. We are 10.000€ short to cover all the costs (70.000€) we made for dunk!festival2013. Having a second stage and more bands did not cause this problem though. This year's budget almost equals the amount we spent in 2012. We simply didn't have as much visitors as we had expected.

For a second we were considering to skip the 10th edition in 2014 and move it to 2015. But we just can't have a year passing by without an edition of dunk!festival. And certainly not if it is edition #10! So we are going to make this happen but this time we won't be able to make it without your help. That's why we have set up this crowd funding campaign.


What you pay for

Our goal is set to 10.000€ because that happens to be the amount we lack. But we are not going to use your money to cover the -10.000€ we need to pay for dunk!festival2013. We don't want to bother you with that uncomfortable situation. We are going to use your money to make dunk!festival2014 a weekend you will never forget! So every euro you spend on this page will be used to book extra awesome bands. The plan is to ask as much headliners and highlights from previous editions as possible and of course to attract some new great bands too. So you have total control over the extra awesomeness at dunk!festival2014. 'Extra' because it will be awesome anyway, as usual. If we don't reach our goal we will need to watch what we spend and we will have to reconsider wether it is realistic to keep this festival going.

If we can be sure of 10.000€ in advance we can have an edition similar to the 2012 edition.

Once we reached our goal, every contribution will add awesomeness to dunk!festival2014. Something we hoped we would've been able to accomplish without even more support from you.


dunk!festival2014 concept

- Although we loved the two stages experiment, everyone will play on the same stage again in 2014. It is all about quality and not about quantity. Like our fans :-).

- Tickets will be cheaper no matter what we collect through this campaign. However most of you seem to be more than willing to pay the 85€ we asked in 2013...

- It will all happen on April 18-19-20. Which means no freezing temperatures at night. It will probably be the last time we fix the festival to the Easter weekend. We are thinking of switching to a more interesting time and maybe even moving to another location. High summer, and in Brazil for example :-).

- The line-up will be even more awesome! But that also depends on the amount we collect here of course. Some of the biggest bands we had, have already shown their interest in coming back to Zottegem.

- Of course there will be free coffee and breakfast like always. That is the rule!

- There will be package deals including a combi ticket and a ho(s)tel for the weekend.


What you get in return

For each 1€ of support we will jump in the air and yell 'joy joy'. But next to that you are making dunk!festival2014 happen. You are even contributing to the amount of awesomeness of the whole weekend and that of future editions.

Of course each donation deserves a reward. We thought it would be nice to have some exclusive stuff that will only be available here, like the t-shirts, photo book or access to a secret gig the night before the festival. Some rewards also include an 'extreme early bird' combiticket for dunk!festival2014 with some cool extras.

If you are sitting on a mountain of cash and have been waiting all this time for a good opportunity to spend it you can book a dunk!band at your home. Fun guaranteed!!

Take your time to check out all the rewards. We hope you'll like what we have to offer! Feel free to also make multiple contributions and to combine different items.

(Shipping costs are included.)



Dunk!festival is organized by:

Jan Gabriëls (food & finance), Luc Lievens (line-up, some other stuff), Guy Rosseel (all technical matters), Wout Lievens (communication, programmation, dunk!records), Marijn Gabriëls (backstage), Joris De Bolle (artist manager), Bart De Koker (artist manager), Pieter Janssens (merch, dunk!records), Jelmer Van Lenteren (dunk!records).

Please contact us at info(at)dunkfestival(dot)be or firstname(at)dunkfestival(dot)be if you have any questions or suggestions.



Typo correction in perk 12€: 'this is your chance...' ;-).

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raised by 248 people in 1 month
148% funded
No time left
€10,000 EUR goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 30, 2013
Select a Perk
  • €5EUR
    eternal respect

    We have the best audience in the world. And we think you are going to give us 5€ if we kindly ask for it. Get our eternal respect for only 5€. And free coffee during the whole festival.

    22 claimed
  • €12EUR
    dunk!sampler digital download

    All the bands that were signed to dunk!records before dunk!festival2013 made this wonderful sampler with 12 exclusive songs. This is your change to support our label and the festival in one click. You also get free coffee during the whole festival.

    40 claimed
  • €28EUR
    dunk!sampler on CD

    Get the dunk!sampler with 12 exclusive songs on CD! Pre-order it here and receive it as soon as it leaves the factory. Of course it also comes with a digital download and you'll get free coffee during the whole festival.

    25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • €40EUR

    From now on we're talking about some serious supporting here. So we're not returning this amount with just a t-shirt. No! The t-shirt will be your trofee to show off with our logo and most important the fact that you made dunk!festival2014 possible. So that is exactly what the t-shirt will say: "dunk!festival2014. I Made It Happen!" And guess what, you get free coffee during the whole festival! (Exclusively available here.)

    32 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • €75EUR
    photo book

    Look back to the passed editions and see how wonderful each one of them was. We had some great photographers every year who took amazing pictures. Enjoy the 9 previous editions and support edition #10. This photo book will only be available here. So this is your only chance to get your hands on it. Extra: free coffee at the festival! (Exclusively available here.)

    21 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • €95EUR
    combi2014 + digital sampler

    No need to explain a lot here. You will have your ticket for dunk!festival2014 months in advance. Frame it, hang it on your wall and look at it every time we announce an awesome band joining the line-up for 2014. Because you will have made it possible for us to book that band! This ticket comes with a download code for the dunk!sampler.

    27 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • €125EUR
    combi2014 + t-shirt + download

    Is this an early bird ticket or what? Because of this crowd funding project, the value of this ticket will only increase when more people buy it. You will have your ticket half a year before normal tickets will be sold and you can show off with a t-shirt that says 'I made it happen', because that is the truth. This reward also includes a download code for the dunk!sampler and free coffee during the festival. (Exclusively available here!)

    30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • €150EUR
    combi2014 + secret gig

    This is gives you an extremely early bird ticket for dunk!festival2014. But! You can also attend an exclusive, secret gig in our headquarters on April 17th. That means dunk!festival will be four days for you! How cool is that? And oh yeah, you will get free coffee at the festival. (Exclusively available here!)

    6 out of 25 claimed
  • €250EUR
    combi2014 VIP

    Be our special guest for the weekend! Have a beer with the artists and crew backstage. Come and go when and where you want. Do I need to say more? Free coffee maybe? (Exclusively available here!)

    6 out of 10 claimed
  • €590EUR
    duocombi2014 + hotel

    No need to search the internet for a good hotel. We'll have it arranged for you and we will even pick you up and drop you off each day before and after the festival. Of course coffee is also free for you! (Combi ticket and hotel room for two persons.) (Exclusively available here.)

    0 claimed
  • €1,250EUR
    dunk!band at your place

    Book a dunk!band in your living room! Fun guaranteed!! Available bands within a 600km drive from their hometown: Terraformer (Liège), Ilydaen (Liège), Kasan (Leipzig), Atlantis (Utrecht), Celestial Wolves (Zottegem), Lost In Kiev (Paris), Kokomo (Duisburg), Late Night Venture (Copenhagen). Free coffee on the evening if the organizer of his/her event agrees ;-).

    0 claimed
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