Dungeonforge is a free to play RPG where the community drives the content
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A combat-driven RPG fueled by unlimited, fresh, community created content powered by our innovative design tools.

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From between the folds of the fabric of reality they came, enticed by the call of the mighty Dungeonforge. The Aedifects, demigods with the power of creation in their hands, came together with one purpose: to create the ultimate test of the zeal and bravery of mankind. As a member of this ancient and almighty race of creators, the power of the legendary Dungeonforge is yours to wield. How will you use its might to shape the destiny of mankind?


Dungeonforge is a free to play RPG where the community drives the content. We provide a dungeon and quest creation system, a rich gameworld for community content to exist in, and insane, action RPG combat with some innovative twists thrown in for maximum freshness. Dungeonforge is built on two main premises, that great gameplay, first and foremost, makes great games and that community created content makes the gaming world go ’round.

The game will be free to play for everyone and all gameplay content will be available for free at all times. It is important to us to allow all players to enjoy the unlimited fresh content created by our community without restriction. Also, items that affect gameplay are not directly sold to players at all. Cosmetic items such as skins for your character will be offered to those interested in personalizing the look of their character. Our most interesting mechanic, however, is the Epic Dungeon system. Any dungeon can be played as an Epic Dungeon when using an Epic Dungeon Pass. This automatically increases the difficulty setting of the dungeon. When the dungeon is completed, all participating players are rewarded with Epic Loot. Epic Loot is simply aesthetically unique loot that may have interesting (however precisely balanced) effects when used. These effects will tend to be of a visual nature (think, transforming a defeated enemy into a harmless bunny rather than a corpse. Stuff like that). Epic Loot will also come in collectible sets that grant a boost to the user when all pieces are worn. Loot may be freely traded with other players so you can seek out and trade for the set you're currently collecting. When a dungeon is played using an Epic Dungeon Pass, the creator of the dungeon receives a kick-back of in-game currency to be used on cosmetic items or, if enough is accrued, even cashed in for real-world money providing a tangible reward for creating the very best content. Also, if your map is highly rated we'll promote it within the game upping the chances players find and play it and increasing your opportunity for such rewards.


PC is our lead platform for the game. Simultaneous launch will be performed on Windows and Linux, with Android being our next priority. iOS and Mac OS support is in the pipeline and console support will be considered based on demand.

The Dungeonforge

As the name of the game aptly demonstrates, the "Dungeonforge," our toolset for creating dungeons and quests, is at the heart of what we hope to accomplish. What we’re delivering is a set of tools for easily creating content for others to enjoy. 

Was there ever a time when playing a game you loved that your imagination just went wild thinking about what you might add to the game? You’re not alone. User-made creations are woven throughout the very fabric of gaming. Have you given any thought, even just for a moment, to what mark you might want to leave? What’s standing in your way?

With the map editor that is at the core of Dungeonforge, we give you all you need to create instantly playable content. You'll be able to create a dungeon by laying down prefabricated sections. Once you've laid out the rooms and corridors you can set down monsters, determine loot drops, set down treasure chests, even add NPCs that can act as quest givers, merchants, helpers, or whatever else your narrative requires. Quest creation and editing tools are included to create your own story. You can add dialog or even add full-motion cut-scenes to your dungeon quickly and easily. Once your dungeon is finished, we then take that content and put it center stage for all to enjoy.

New, user-created content is always available and accessible from within the game as part of a rich, interconnected gameworld with the very best content becoming an indelible part of the gameworld and its lore.

Editing Tools


Central to our promise of delivering a game with great gameplay at its foundation is our innovative take on combat. Dungeonforge is presented as a top-down, aRPG in the legacy of Diablo, Baldur's Gate, and other classics. Where we depart from the well-worn philosophy that governs that genre, however, is in the way our combat system emphasizes player skill and strategy to a greater degree, and the stat sheet to a slightly lesser. Stats form an important part of defining how a character plays and the ability to customize and focus that around your play style is fundamental to our philosophy. However, your character's stats are never given final say in victory or defeat. We put that power where it belongs; in the player's hands. 

Though the player perspective is borrowed from games like Diablo, the combat system finds inspiration in particular from two other, very different games: Dark Souls, and the Witcher 2.

The Dungeonforge combat system emphasizes timing, positioning and knowing your foe. Here, avoiding taking damage is on equal ground to dishing it.

Attacks are handled via the mouse clicks and the "qwer" hotkeys that should be familiar to many players. Where combat becomes unique, however, is in the timing-based combo system. In short, every attack can be strung into a combo. Every combo has a particular timing that, when exactly accomplished, grants a massive boost in damage or effects on enemies. This is supported by a robust animation system to vividly and fluidly display the combos and give players ample visual cues as to how the timing of a combo should be executed just by watching your character perform the moves. This prevents battle from ever degrading into "stand there and spam a button 'til monster dies" territory.
To defend oneself, a player has the ability to dodge incoming attacks or take them on a shield. Here, positioning and timing are paramount to avoid taking an ax to the face. These defensive maneuvers blend seamlessly with offensive attacks, opening up enemies for devastating counter attacks. 

Our desire and intention with the combat system has been clear to us from the outset: to design something that is unique without being unfocused or cumbersome, plays fluidly, is fun to use, and emphasizes player skill first and foremost. Whatever we did, the end result would have to be something that was worth coming back to play over and over again. Something that supported our underlying premise that great games are built upon the foundation of great gameplay.


Our characters are built upon our unique combat philosophy. Each character emphasizes different combat skills; one may facilitate speedy attacks and dodging to avoid damage, while another focuses on standing and delivering mighty blows while using a shield to absorb damage. To this end, our character system itself had to be something new and unique; simplicity with flexibility.

Characters are not function specific. In other words, there is no "tank" character or "dps" character. Rather, characters may each may fulfill a different role depending on build and gear. A vital part of our philosophy on characters is to allow the player to tailor their experience to their playstyle.

The Characters

The Characters
The game will launch with five characters, each with their own lore and playstyle. They are as follows:


Dauntless warrior clad in steel with a mighty shield in one hand and swift death to his enemies in the other. The swordsman is peerless at close quarters; his might overpowering the forces of the wicked as they fall before him.


The Wizard

Deranged and twisted by an unnaturally long life spent standing too close to the Source of ultimate power in the universe, he is a nearly unrecognizable shell of his former humanity; that humanity he sacrificed in pursuit of unlimited power. Though once coursed blood through the veins of a man, now flows the scintillating essence of the universe itself.



One with nature even as she is one with her bow. Lightning quick and deadly accurate. She knows the truth; that the quickest way to a man's heart is actually a two-and-a-half foot shaft of steel-tipped spruce given flight on the thrum of a bow string from 100 yards.



Efficient. Professional. Lethal. The Assassin has one job and he executes it with surgical precision and the utmost discretion. Swift and nimble, he is able to able to elude his enemies if (and it’s a big “if”) anything should ever not go according to plan. To quote a metal legend, “Killing is (his) business... and business is good!”



A mysterious entity in the form of a man, the Warden has manifested throughout history to hold back the storm in the defense of mankind. Able to part the onslaught of the enemy swarm; to arrest the swift blade of the destroyer; to push back the very breath of the dragon, the Warden has the power to turn the tide of battle and push forward unto victory.

A note on the Warden as far as gameplay. We really wanted to go beyond the normal cleric-type buffer/healer. In keeping with the idea of timing-based combat, the warden's protective abilities require a lot of timing to pull off. An example would be a bubble shield that can cover any players within a set vicinity and deflect all incoming damage, but only lasts about a half-second. The Warden is a powerful character that requires a lot of skill to master.


Game World

All content in the game will be accessible via a rich, dynamic, open overworld. Here you can explore and find new content, group up with friends, and jump in and take on the best dungeons created by you and the rest of the community. The very best maps earn the right to become a permanent part of the gameworld and its lore.


Any aRPG worth its salt will have a compulsively addictive loot system. We place a massive priority on creating interesting loot that has the capacity to complete change the way you play each time you pick up a new item.

Each weapon will have three attributes: base damage, elemental damage, and extra effects.

Base damage is simply the minimum amount of damage a weapon will do per attack.

Elemental damage comes in three forms: Fire, ice and electrical. Enemies in the game may have resistances or weaknesses to any of these three. Each is embellished with a satisfying visual flair.

Where things really get interesting is the Extra Effects. Weapons may exhibit extra effects ranging from fairly mundane modifiers to crit or knockdown chance etc., to far more exotic in rare cases. Some examples of the exotic being a fire-damage weapon that explodes an enemy on last-shot, causing AOE damage; an electrical weapon that chains lightning to a limited number of nearby enemies; an ice weapon with a small chance to completely freeze an enemy on hit; a weapon that on last-shoting an enemy causes them to reanimate for 8 sec and fight for you; a weapon with a very small chance of completely restoring health if you last-shot; a weapon with a very small chance of one-shoting mob-level enemies.... It could get completely crazy! In all of this, balance is an all-important priority.

We hope loot will provide a massively compulsive reason to keep playing and keep searching for the most unique and insane items.
A Word about Art Direction

We are very excited to introduce the world to the art of Humberto Urriola. We've been working with Humberto for a while now and his concepts never cease to amaze us with their out-of-the-box thinking. Take a look at the concept art for our wizard up there and just think if you've ever seen something quite like that. The art in Dungeonforge ranges from quirky, to strange, to dark and twisted and that's just exactly how we like it. Visually, we want to strive to make this the freshest game of this type you've ever played.


At the center of our long term vision for the game is a constant influx of fresh new content from the community. We will deliver, not just the map editor tools that allow everyone to create amazing content using the in-built assets, but tools that enable technically savvy users to create and import their own assets. In keeping with the theme of keeping things fresh and dynamic, we will continue to release new assets, both to make things visually interesting and to continually evolve the gameplay.

Themed content is also in the offing with various licenses of popular properties being considered.

It is our hope to build a game with such great gameplay and such powerful tools that we enable a community of extremely creative individuals to rise up around this game. We will support that community and the continued betterment of the game every step of the way, year after year, for as long as there is anyone still playing.

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