DuckyOp - More than a mobile game !

Challenge your friend or a random adversary, collect enough OPs to obtain a permanent additional life point; don't drown and get your missions done !

With your help, our dream becomes a reality ! 

Now on Apple Store : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duckyop/id657220512?mt=8

On the Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wenetech.wenetech.duckyopbubbles&hl=en

Your Mission:

Fight your enemy, Soap Bubbles !!
Skip drowning and get your missions done.
Collect enough OPs to obtain a permanent additional life point!
Choose your weapon and find our hero's NAME.

Heads up: someone is trying to make your mission impossible !!

Story Of The Game:

No mercy for the bubbles! Torn apart from his family long before he hatched, our webbed hero, -an amnesiac duckling- finds himself in a bathroom. Your mission -should you accept it- is to help him escape from this cursed bathtub by blowing up the bubbles coming from everywhere. Are you a super genius villain? Or maybe just an average Joe?

Good news though, you will help our hero find his name ... But don’t waste too much time or you might end up swamped under water.
Dark Cucker won’t let you tuck your feathers too easily! Beware of his wrath! He's fluffy, he's fearless, he's coming...


Who Are We?

We are a group of creative individuals from different fields (management, computer engineering, marketing, international business, NGOs). Our after-work time is devoted to voluntary multicultural work and human causes.

Our Company, WeneTech, and its team started 3 years ago in website development and informatics. One year ago, we decided to take on mobile game development.
 Now it is time to bring our first game to life. We have faith in our project, and with your help, it will become true!


Why Us?

When we started this project it was just a dream. We wanted to invent an animated world that is both beautiful and entertaining. So we created a humoristic yellow hero in a very colorful comic environment with radiating visuals.

 Then we set off to elaborate a whole gallery of characters and places around the young duckling adventurer- A world for him to blaze through that could have him evolve and turn into the hero he is meant to be.

We are close to publish DuckOp for mobiles, our very first result of this thrilling world. 

Our team believes in this project and is devoted to it, and half of our team helps us as volunteers.

Part of the team (developers and graphic designers) are Syrians, living in Syria or around the world. We are all trying our best to accomplish this project because it gives us hope for a better tomorrow, and it helps our families staying in Syria throughout the current difficult situation.

Up to 22% of your pledge will go to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) mentioned below to help Syrian civil people and children.

With your help, we hope to develop a platform of games, to thrive and to give proper wages to our talented team. You can make it happen.

 Your contribution will affect lives, and will spread hope around the world.

Launch date:

This game will be launched in June 2013


What We Can Do With Your Help:

If we reach 8 000 €: DuckyOp game will be made available on the Apple Store and Google Play :)
If we reach 10 000 €: You can challenge your friends (we will add network options).

Where Your Funds Go:

Up to 22%: Donation for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) mentioned below, that help Syrian civil people and children.

Our team as for their part, will offer 22% from their working time as volontery work to cover the amount of donation.

30 % The remaining design work.
40%: Coding the game.
10 % Performance Optimization (research and development).
10 % Mobile adaptation.
7% Crowdfunding fees only if we reach the goal !!! Help Us !!!.
3% Creating and Shipping Physical Rewards

   Help us help others

What We Have Accomplished So Far:

- A 3 minutes trailer.
- Most of the graphic and characters design.
- The main algorithm of the game.

Our Thanks:

A big thanks to all our supporters and fans. Your help is the main reason we made it this far in the first place, and it is still as important today as we get closer to complete this project.

Other Ways To Support Us:

We are very close to the finish line, but we still need your help for one last push towards the actual game release: The first game of the DuckyOp series.

Like us on facebook:  www.facebook.com/DuckyOp

Follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/DuckyOp

Visit our site : www.duckyop.com

Like our trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0424JsJgKs

Spread the word amongst your friends.
Write about us in forums, or maybe newspapers.

# Civil Syrian Organizations:

Up to 22% of the collected funds will go to support the Syrian civil people via these two civil NGOs:


- http://www.afses.fr/

- http://www.syriefrance.com/


Contact Us:

Don't hesitate to contact us:

We'll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Team on This Campaign: