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By creating an invisible, liquid repellent layer, Dryzoo's unique process protects your valuable electronic devices from liquid damage.
Dryzoo Team
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Huntington Beach, California
United States
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The Dryzoo process creates a protective shielding for any electronic device, using our nano-technology, making your electronics resistant to liquid damage of any kind. During the first stage of Dryzoo, your device is placed into a secure machine that removes all oxygen from the device and from the machine’s chamber. Once this compression process is complete, Dryzoo then releases a non-toxic gas into the machine’s chamber. For the final step, Dryzoo introduces plasma that binds together to create an unbreakable, liquid-repellent layer. This protective shielding is 1,000 times smaller than a human hair, making it invisible to the human eye. After the Dryzoo process is complete, your device now contains a protective, liquid-resistant layer, completely shielding your device from any type of liquid damage.

Dryzoo is a unique process that protects your devices from damage caused by exposure to water and other liquids. Because of Dryzoo’s process, the fear of destroying all of your phone’s valuable data and information is eliminated. With Dryzoo, you no longer have to buy a new replacement device when your electronics are exposed to liquid damage, making it the affordable solution in today’s economy. Dryzoo offers affordable and dependable protection at a substantially lower cost, making it the superior solution to protecting your electronics. 

At Dryzoo, we understand the having your electronics is not only a convenience, but also a necessity for everyday life. When you mail in your phone to our Dryzoo headquarters, we offer a 24-hour turn around time, eliminating the inconvenience of being without your device. We also have developed and manufactured high quality packaging, protecting your devices when they are shipped back to you. Our packaging has inserted foam that is customized to the exact size of your device, making it secure during shipping. Your devices are fully insured, and also include a tracking number, shrink wrap sealing, and require your signature upon arrival. 

Dryzoo is an entirely unique process that provides superior protection to your most valuable electronics. Other processes, such as self-applying spray coatings, do not compare to the consistency and assurance found in the Dryzoo process. Spray coatings easily come off and do not penetrate deep into the device, leaving room for user error and inconsistent protection. With Dryzoo, you never have to worry about having to re-coat your device, as the Dryzoo process lasts a lifetime. Only with Dryzoo can you to completely submerge your device in any sort of liquid, not just water, for long periods of time. Dryzoo is the superior choice when it comes to protecting your electronic devices for any type of liquid damage. 


This test demonstrates how Dryzoo’s technology is able to create an invisible layer of protection, preventing the water from getting inside the pores of the tea bag. 

Dryzoo also works on the most delicate of materials. The Dryzoo process has been applied to this tissue, making it unable to absorb any liquid. The liquid will always roll right off, leaving this fragile tissue completely unaffected. We are able to demonstrate how our advanced technology can be implemented into a variety of products, all without changing the physical properties of that product. Dryzoo is truly a one of a kind product, making it better than anything else that is available on the market today. 

10 reasons you should Dryzoo your electronics!

1) The safety of your devices around liquids

2) Protective antibacterial coating

3) Eliminates the need to use bulky, unreliable cases

4) Unnoticeable coating

5) Guaranteed one-year warranty

6) High customer satisfaction rating

7) Protection of personal data and memories

8) Original quality and functionality of devices maintained

9) Affordable pricing

10) Same day service (within 24 hours)

BONUS: Free premium Boom Shield screen protector with every order!!

Referral Program

How it works: Once you purchase any type of Dryzoo coating, you will receive a personal tracking URL. Simply share the unique URL that is displayed after your purchase by using any of the share buttons. By helping us spread the word about Dryzoo, you will receive a $10 refund on your original purchase for each referral given. 

Why us?

Dryzoo offers a premium service that is superior to our competition. We apply our coating to a wider variety of electronics, at more affordable prices. Because of our unique process, we create a deeper coating on your device, fully protecting both the inside and outside of your electronics. Also, our complementary Boom Shield securely protects your screen from any cracks, scratches, or impacts of any kind. With no hidden service fees and a one year guaranteed warranty, Dryzoo allows our customers to receive total protection on their electronic devices, providing a quality service at an exceptional price.  


Dryzoo comes with a one-year warranty, offering you a replacement device in the event that Dryzoo does not protect your device from accidental exposure to liquids.

The Boom Shield also comes with a one-year warranty, and will be replaced in the event that your screen protector breaks or shatters.

How the Funds will be Used

The funds you help us raise will go towards the purchasing of raw materials, tooling, production, and shipping. We have selected our manufacturers based on their superior qualifications in order to provide you with the greatest quality of materials possible. 


Once we have reached our goal of $55,000, and our campaign has concluded, you will then be able to ship in your electronic devices, have them treated with Dryzoo’s technology, and shipped back to you on the same day. In addition to receiving your device treated with Dryzoo’s technology, you will also receive your complementary Boom Shield screen protector with the return of your device. If you placed an order for additional Boom Shields, they will also be mailed out to you at this time.

About us

Dryzoo is a highly qualified team, located in the heart of Southern California. We have made it our mission to make the best possible solution to water damage, available to all at affordable prices. After years of research, we have finally found a solution to end your water damage problems! With the Dryzoo process, we are determined to offer the highest degree of protection for your devices. Our experienced team guarantees the protection of your devices in the most secure way; all while uphold our number one customer satisfaction rating.

Thank you for your support,

The Dryzoo Team

Help us spread the word!

Have a technology blog/website/media page? Would you just like to talk more about Dryzoo? Feel free to email us at info@dryzoo.com.

If you feel that you are not able to contribute financially to our campaign, you can still help make Dryzoo a reality! Please use the Indiegogo share tools to help spread the word about our campaign with your friends and family. We would sincerely appreciate it! On behalf of all of us here at Dryzoo, thank you!

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This campaign ended on July 10, 2014
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Select a Perk
  • $1USD

    THANK YOU! The Dryzoo team will send you a personal thank you email. We truly appreciate your support.

    2 claimed
  • $17USD
    Boom Shield

    Receive the Dryzoo Boom Shield on any model of phone, tablet, or camera that you own. (Add $7 USD to ship outside US)

    1 claimed
  • $20USD

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any pair of earbuds. (Add $7 USD to ship outside US)

    0 claimed
  • $20USD
    1 day shipping (Small Devices)

    Guaranteed 1 day shipping on any of your electronic devices such as earbuds, phones, or iPods.(Domestic only)

    0 claimed

    Early Bird Phone

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any of our approved phone devices, as well as a free Boom Shield. (1-3 day shipping) (Add $25 USD to ship outside US)

    25 out of 25 claimed
  • $40USD
    1 day shipping (Large Devices)

    Guaranteed 1 day shipping on any of your electronic devices such as cameras, tablets, or DSLRs. (Domestic only)

    0 claimed
  • $50USD

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any of our approved phone devices, as well as a free Boom Shield. (1-3 day shipping) (Add $25 USD to ship outside US)

    9 claimed
  • $50USD

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any of our approved iPod devices, as well as a free Boom Shield. (1-3 day shipping) (Add $25 USD to ship outside US)

    0 claimed
  • $50USD
    Compact Camera

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any of our approved compact cameras, as well as a free Boom Shield. (1-3 day shipping) (Add $25 USD to ship outside US)

    1 claimed
  • $80USD

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any of our approved tablets, as well as a free Boom Shield. (1-3 day shipping) (Add $45 USD to ship outside US)

    1 claimed
  • $125USD
    DSLR Camera

    Receive the Dryzoo coating on any of our approved DSLR cameras, as well as a free Boom Shield. (1-3 day shipping) (Add $45 USD to ship outside US)

    2 claimed
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