Drybeat - A Short Film

A high school drama teacher who has lost touch with reality.


Drybeat follows Elliott Finley, a high school drama teacher who fades in and out of reality in a desperate search for fame and recognition as an actor. Elliott thinks that the world is holding him back from reaching his full potential. 


All donated funds will go towards covering our production, post-production, and promotional costs. We are not making this film to generate a profit. All money raised will be used to create a better movie. Some of our larger expenses include:

  • Location and Insurance Fees
  • Camera and Lens Rental
  • Advertising Costs
  • Catering and Craft Services
  • Casting Director

The more we can raise the better the movie will be! As local Richmonders, we want to make this movie a community event. All principal photography will take place in RVA, and we are working with local restaurants, venues, and institutions to promote and premiere our film.

Thank You

We appreciate you taking the time to read about our project. Any donation is greatly appreciated; by showing interest in our project you're helping our creativity come to life!

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