Dry Spell

Sasha (Suzi Lorraine) tries to get her soon-to-be ex Kyle (Kyle Hoskins) laid so she can move on with her sex life guilt-free.

Short Summary

Dry Spell is a feature length romantic comedy about a woman who is going through a divorce and preparing to enter the dating world. One night she discovers that her ability to become aroused has left her. In short, she’s dried up. Believing that this is caused by guilt about moving on before her ex-husband has, she embarks on a quest to get him laid.

With a screenplay by Kyle Hoskins and Travis Legge, Dry Spell is a sexy, smart, lewd and oddly touching (pun only halfway intended) story that focuses on the fact that getting divorced can do funny things to a girl.

After an epic (but incomplete) attempt to raise funds for this film on Kickstarter, we found ourselves with a couple of investors (YAY!) but still shy of our budget goal (BOO!)

So, we've decided to give IndieGoGo a whirl. Our investors have been kind enough and believe in the project enough to put up about half of our production budget.
We have an INCREDIBLE cast, including Suzi Lorraine (Music and Lyrics, Won Ton Baby!), Kyle Hoskins (Raymond Did It, Nightwing: Escalation) and the incredible Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet, Slime City Massacre)!

Some of those names may sound familiar, especially to indie horror fans. I am a huge fan of horror films (in fact, my first feature film was the indie slasher Raymond Did It) and I knew that if I was going to pull off a low-budget romantic comedy, I would need actors with a broad emotional range, the ability to go over the top, absolutely zero fear of looking silly or being uncomfortable in the name of getting the shot, and the desire to work hard, spending long hours getting it right.

OF COURSE I sought out people from the horror community. Who would be better suited to this kind of project?

We have an AMAZING Director of Photography flying in from halfway around the WORLD to shoot this film on Red Epic.
We have an INNOVATIVE distribution plan that gets the audience access to the film without the meddling of distributors or suits that don't give a crap about anything but dollar signs and lets us, as Indie filmmakers, have an honest chance at breaking even. Maybe even MAKING a dollar or two on our film. Ask around. That's rarer than you'd think.
Now all we need to make this happen is your support.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $10,000 to close the gap in our budget to cover shooting the film, paying for our cast and crew and postproduction costs like replicating & shipping DVDs. YOUR contribution will help us make and distribute this film. We have a TON of cool perks including:

  • A direct digital download of the film for a mere $10 contribution!
  • Access to exclusive Behind the Scenes content and Personalized Thank You videos from the cast & crew!
  • Signed copies of the Dry Spell DVD!
  • Opportunites to be A PART of the film by picking up a walk-on role!
  • Many other unique perks!

With the money we have raised via investors will pay our principal cast. However, we NEED these additional funds to pay crew, feed people, get the DVDs made and be able to afford to make the film.

The Impact

In 2009, I began the process of producing my first film, Raymond Did It. I sought traditional financing through investors. I borrowed money from friends and family as well as small business owners. I supplemented the budget with a bit of crowdfunding, and what I couldn't raise there I put up out of pocket. We filmed Raymond Did It in the summer of 2010. In February of 2011, we did a limited theatrical run, touring the film in Rockford, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wi, Elroy, Wi, Los Angeles, Ca, and New York, NY. Shortly after our theatrical run, we were picked up for international DVD distribution.

For several reasons that I simply cannot get into on a public forum, I am less than pleased with the way the traditional distribution model has panned out for us. Furthermore, when I've spoken of doing an indie romantic comedy, I've been told over and over again by traditional distribution outlets that "you can't make a successful independent romantic comedy without an A-List actor attached" I despise being told what I "can't" do and I want to make this movie my way, on my terms and tell the story I want to tell. So, I've decided to go a different route with this film.

We are going to self-distribute Dry Spell, using IndieGoGo as our primary outlet of distribution.
This project is our way of trying something different. Of screaming from the rooftops that we can successfully make an independent film, distribute it, and NOT wind up in the throes of bankruptcy or beholden to distributors who don't care about the project. We intend to show that Crowdfunding, Internet distribution and Social Media have made traditional methods of indie distribution obsolete. Help us show that by backing this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even a single dollar contribution helps, but we know that money is tight and times are hard. If you want to help, but can't afford even a single dollar, you can still:

  • Share the link to this IndieGoGo project on your social media.
  • Tell your friends about Dry Spell verbally, call them. Write a letter. Spread the word.
  • Use the share tools listed on the IndieGoGo page to spread the word.

  • If you have a blog or contacts at a press site, talk about the project there.
  • Share the link on your social media again. We NEED to reach as many people as possible to make this work and we can ONLY do that with your help!

Thanks so very much!

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