DropLED Pro - The last drop light you'll ever buy.

DropLED Pro - is the brightest, safest work light ever, and it's indestructible! Help us put this valuable tool into production, and save yourself $1,000s.
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DropLED Pro - The Indestructible LED Drop Light

If you’ve ever used a droplight (worklight, trouble light, whatever you wanna call it), you’ve had one fail on you. It's frustrating, and it costs you valuable time. When Jesse Kaufman moved his auto repair shop in next to our small LED firm, (where we're designing the brightest, most efficient LED light bulbs) he asked us if we could replace his constantly failing droplight. When we did, we were both amazed. (Watch Jesse's testmonial video.)

Over the last six month, he has beaten it mercilessly, and we have refined every aspect of it, such that it is now practically indestructible, perfect for the harsh environment of a repair shop.

The Drop LED Pro is a specially designed LED bulb that fits right into a standard lampholder, but performs like nothing you've ever seen.

It's the Brightest
The DropLED Pro is the Brightest lighting tool you’ll find, delivering 1100 (Photopic) lumens, twice as much light as a 75 watt “Rough Service” bulb. At 4000°K color termperature, it produces 1700 (Scotopic) lumens, for vastly better color definition and three times the eye response. It's also omnidirectional, putting out light in 270 degrees, exactly where you want it. You will see your work in total detail.

DropLED delivers over 1100 Lumens

If you haven’t burned yourself on a droplight, you probably haven’t worked very much. A Rough Service bulb runs 295°F, while the DropLED Pro is a cool 135°F, so you can grab it with your bare hand.
Never Burn Yourself Again

What’s more, RS filaments are over 2500°F, and have caused explosions that cost millions in damages. Let’s not even get into the dangers of CFLs.

Most Valuable
The DropLED Pro is built for a 50,000 hour lifetime, and we have other models in the oven at the Energy Star test labs to prove it. We warrant the light for 5 years for light output (in case you leave it on 24/7)  and for 3 years against failure (in case you do the kind of things we do to it every day). We calculate the potential savings at up to 100x the cost.
After 300 hits, we estimate $7,500 total savings


One thing we're sure of, your lamp holder will fail long before the DropLED Pro. After the forklift, we tossed this one 20' up in the air and it blew apart when it hit. You can see the gravel marks on the body, and the globe was crushed too, but functionally, the DropLED was unphased.The Lampholder Can't Take What The DropLED Can


At a mere 12 watts, it will also save you over $500 in electricity, but its brightness and safety make it more valuable than money can define. Every mechanic we’ve shown it to wants one, and we are ready to deliver.

Lighting Tool in the World
The DropLED Pro works in any country, from 90-240v AC. The DLP drastically outperforms every other light out there, and it's value only increases the further you get from the US. Read this document Comparing the Drop LED Pro with other lights.   (Order the LeMans - for international delivery)


IndieGoGo Helps Us Both

If you're reading this, you probably run a small business, so you know what it costs to get one off the ground. We'd like to build the DropLED without selling off the company, and your support is key. Pledging now will get you the DropLED Pro, and make it available for every mechanic who’s tired of of expensive, wasteful, weak and dangerous drop lights. It will allow us to:

  • Pay off initial tooling and testing expenses
  • Build our first production run

Who is Lumen LED?

We’re tiny now, but Lumen’s engineers have decades of experience with LEDs, in aerospace and hi-tech applications. They have designed and delivered for BART, Hughes, Intel, KLA-Tencor, Lawrence Labs, Maxtor, NASA, Quantum, Seagate, and Sun Microsystems, among others. When we complete our full line of Energy Star qualified lights, we’ll be on the road to saving billions of dollars in wasted energy every year.


How You Can Help

We truly appreciate your support. If a DropLED Pro will help you, help us by buying one (or more) right now! Even if you don’t use a drop light, you can help us by

  • Sharing this with your mechanic, tradesmen, and friends (Use the Indiegogo share tools!)
  • Donating the minimimum, and gettng a sticker!
  • Blogging about us, or referring us to other media
  • Volunteering in any way you can


We want to thank all of you for supporting us, and give a special shout out to all the mechanics and shops that helped us torture test this thing.

Jesse and the gang at Treds
Azaria and KC at Aamco Oakland
Robert Gross - Rolls Royce Expert
Paulo at Roger's Autoworks
Gary at Guaranteed Auto Service
The Pit Crew at Insta-Lube
Aman at Imperial Truck Repair

Thanks also to J and Larry for the video, great work!


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  • $60USD
    DropLED 60

    If you are among first 500 supporters, you can get our specially discounted Drop LED Pro for $60. Come June, it will retail for $75, plus tax and shipping. Thanks for helping us meet our goal!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $75USD
    DropLED 75

    We want to offer it for the retail price, so this pledge gets you the indestructible Drop LED Pro, the brightest and safest work light ever.

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  • $85USD
    DropLED 85

    If you can cover our shipping cost, your Drop LED Pro will be delivered to your home or shop that much faster, along with our cool impact logo sticker.

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  • $100USD
    DropLED International

    If you live outside the US, please order this to cover our shipping costs. Thanks!

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  • $110USD
    DropLED w/Holder

    You get the Drop LED Pro and a heavy duty lampholder with 25' cord and metal reflector. That way, you can compare it against your old one head to head.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $165USD
    DropLED x2

    Face it, if you have more than one bay, one DropLED ain't gonna cut it. Your mechanics will be trying to break it over each others' heads if they don't have their own, so do yourself a favor and buy two now.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $180USD
    DropLED International 2x

    The smart money says buy two if you're going to ship it around the world.

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  • $220USD
    DropLED w/Holder x2

    For 200 bucks, we'll save you a trip to the parts store and throw in two lampholders with your two DropLEDs. Thanks!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $225USD
    DropLED x3

    Three DropLED Pro's will keep your shop running smoothly for years to come.

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  • $420USD
    Drop LED Six Pack

    Got 6 bays? Outfit your entire shop in DropLED Pros.

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  • $1,200USD
    Drop LED Case

    Interested in selling the DropLED Pro? Get a case of 24 and impress all your customers.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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