Drones for Gaza

Help us fund development of a drone to fly in medical aid into Gaza!!
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The siege, calorie count and the #ZeroStockList

Gaza has been under siege for over 7 years now, from the air, sea and land, by both Israel and Egypt.

During these 7 years, like right now, there have been at least 3 major Israeli offensives on the strip, killing thousands and causing billions of dollars worth of damages to the strip.

Although small amounts of aid does go through the Israeli and Egyptian border crossing, these are essentially token gestures! Hell, Israeli authorities have even calculated the amount of calories Gazan's should have access to and limit the food supplies entering the strip accordingly!! - they have deemed that Gazans should not receive any more than 2279 calories per day...

Just like food, medical supplies are also in dire short supply. With food, at least some food can be grown within the besieged strip, but medical supplies have to be imported.

British NGO, Interpal, has put together a very handy list of medical items that Gaza is running short on - everything from syringes and bandage plasters, to adhesive tape and gloves!

We want to, in addition to the small amounts of aid going in through the border crossings, develop a fleet of remote-controlled drones that can carry 9kg of medical aid through per flight.

What I Need

  • This IndieGogo funding request is not to build the fleet - but to help build the first drone and send in a few payloads (deliveries)
  • £4400 of the funds will partially pay for the drone and the modifications we need to make to the standard drone (Spreading Wings S800 Evo)
  • £850 can pay for two payloads filled with essential medical supplies (we are planning to do non-fragile items to begin with, in case the drone crash lands - they will still be able to recover the supplies in Gaza - gloves, pain killers, bandages, etc)
The total project will actually cost £9550 (£8227 for the drone and all the modifications, £850 for medical supplies, £473 for Indiegogo + Paypal/Card fees), but I am hoping to cover £4300 of it myself.
    I just need £5250 from YOU!

    The long-term plan

    With my modifications to the drone, it should be able to carry a payload of 9.1kg for a distance of just under 7miles. 

    For this first step, I'll do two payloads of medical aid to Gaza. If it works, I would like to get a two more helping hands, and 4 more drones, each doing 3 trips a day.
    That is 5 drones, each carrying 9.1kg of medical aid, 3 times a day = 682.5kg of medical aid per day!!

    Risks & Challenges

    As I see it, the risks of the project are essentially three:

    • Israel or Egypt launches missiles to take down the drone. This wont be too much of an issue, since the drone is relatively small, and even at full load will still be far more agile than the missile, which shouldn't be able to keep up with the drone's movement
    • Israel bombs the area where the drone lands, thinking the payload is of military use - I initially wanted to drop the payload on hospital roofs, but I fear that that may cause a bombing of the hospitals, and so, have decided to use bright yellow and orange packaging, and drop the payloads in fields. Once the payload is dropped, I will send the drone out to fly past the two nearest medical facilities, dropping leaflets to notify personnel that there is an aid package in a field near them
    • I get detained by Egyptian authorities when I land in Egypt. In which case, pray for me...
      If, for whatever reason, I can't deliver the project, the money you donate will be given to those who support the people of Gaza through humanitarian aid (food and/or medical) - such as UNRWA, Gaza's Ark, Save the Children.

      Other Ways You Can Help

      I know that some of us just can't contribute financially, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

      • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.
      • Corner at least one family member and get them to hand over a few quid/dollars
      • We want to hit the target by next Sunday! - I'm flying out the following week :)

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      • £5GBP
        Thank you!

        You have done something that most global leaders seem to be incapable of doing!

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      • £1,000GBP
        Drone rotors/wings

        If this drone is damaged during this first set of flights and we can't reuse it, we will send you the wings of the drone for memorabilia!

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      • £3,500GBP
        Damaged drone

        If the drone is damaged beyond repair (but we have it in our possession), we can send you the drone for keepsakes. Will take out the battery though to save on postage costs :)

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