Drinking Quest 3: Nectar of the Gods

The final game in the DRINKING QUEST TRILOGY is here! It's a Tabletop RPG, it's a Drinking Game, and now you can have the COMPLETE STORY. Also it's funny.

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Jason Anarchy said 8 months ago


E-mail our customer service guy Steve and he can look that up for you:



Jason Anarchy said 8 months ago

@Scumine Nearly everything has been shipped but your order was on hold hold because we didn’t have a shipping payment (A pretty common problem, it doesn’t prompt the user)

To set that up contact our customer service guy at SteveSummers@DrinkingQuest.com We can have that sent out as of Monday!

We tried e-mailing a couple of times but our e-mails sometimes get caught in Spam filters.


scumine said 8 months ago

I still have not recieved the hard copies of all 3 games.

Just wanted to see what the status is?