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Drexel University's Product Design senior class needs funding for the Product Design Senior Show.
Drexel Prod
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
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We are students from Drexel University and we are the first senior class of Drexel’s Product Design program. Our program is made unique by its adherence not to the passing on of time-honored design methods, but marked by its spunk and devotion to raising the standards of the future. We are the future — we are the first graduating class.

Because we are the first Product Design class at Drexel University, there is no precedent for how our senior show should be done. As such, we are creating this show from the ground up. We are responsible for organizing as well as fundraising. The money we raise will go towards event catering, promotions, poster printing, exhibition furniture, material costs, and putting the last finishing touches on our projects to make sure they really stand out.

Alexa Forney: Spoonful

Exploring the role of product design in social change, this project investigates using self-sufficient skills to improve the quality of life in low-income populations. In the wake of twelve months of original qualitative research, Spoonful attempts to democratize access to information and specialized ingredients in a population with limited budgets and limited access to technology, utilizing micro-kits to disseminate recipes and valuable information on self-sufficient habits.

Bradley Seigel: A New Desk

I set out on my senior project to redesign the office desk for more efficient and productive use. This modular flat-pack desk can be made out of many materials to fit any work space. For people that mainly use a computer, the desk can act more as a bookcase with shelves than a desk with drawers. For people that use a desktop computer, it can be rearranged to accommodate that efficiently as well. It can also be made out a wide range of materials.

Nnaemeke Offodile: Helping Arthritic Hands

My goal is to lend a helping hand and provide both a product and a system that will change the realities of those with arthritis and allow them to live a less painful life. My system and product will incorporate proven methods of Arthritic treatments such as, moist heat therapy, cold therapy, massaging and stretching. The combination of these four methods will be delivered to all potential users through my product in a way that is easy to use, simple to understand, unobtrusive and, most importantly, designed with the user in mind.

Jingqiao Wang: Design for Sports Injury

My design concept delivers the right information for pre-professional soccer players to know exactly what they need to do and how to do them correctly in order to prevent injuries, improve their abilities to play soccer, and eventually help them to become better soccer players.

Jacob Beadenkopf: DIY Shoes, no tools required

By creating a design for a shoe that can be assembled without need of any specialized tools and can be constructed out of any fabric, the ability to makes shoes for oneself is made available to many. Additionally, a visual design language has been established that can communicate the design and instructions with minimal written language, making it widely accessible. The final design is intended to allow those in need to make shoes for themselves, and to give those who are not in need an opportunity to reflect on their place in consumer society.

Jordann Smith: Supporum, Helping Substance Abusers’ Loved Ones

Addiction is a family disease that has been growing rapidly throughout our nation, but most people know little about it and are victim to the stigmas associated with addiction.  More methods are being created to help the addict, but addict’s loved ones have little to no options to cope. “Supporum” is a system that helps substance abusers’ loved ones learn about their illness, connect with others in similar situations, and heal through achieving self-empowerment.

Mary DiPesa: Collaborative Space for Developing Neighborhood in South Philly

Point Breeze, a historically underprivileged neighborhood in South Philadelphia, is approaching a breakthrough. This area needs a reliable community centered environment for sharing and implementing ideas. Utilizing a range of conceptual design and mixed media production, my thesis asks and attempts to answer questions like: What happens to human evolution when our built environments shift?

Megan Peaslee: Reading with Arthritis

Inspired by people suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, this project tackles the issue of being unable to enjoy reading due to the effects of this disease.  This solution is inspired by a quilt and folds into a triangle, creating stand for a variety of books.  Along with supporting the weight of the book, the Acute Reader has features that aid in keeping the book open and turning the pages.

Nick Kovacs: Musical Medicine Project

Music has been used as a healing force for centuries. Today Music Therapy is effective in treating people with a variety of developmental delays through the use of musical group exercises.  Therapists lead these group exercises to help improve patients focus, motor and social skills. Music therapists still use traditional music instruments, which are not designed for the severely mentally and physically handicapped. My Musical Medicine Project is new musical experience that improves the motor skills of the patients and is designed with the end user in mind.

Osman Cueto: Empowering Asthmatics Through Education

Asthma affects about 1 in 12 people in the US, making it one of the most common non-communicable diseases. Having been diagnosed with asthma as child it is continually something I have to deal with. The purpose of this design project is to Empower and instill a sense of Comfort and knowledge to those who are affected. After countless hours of research, synthesising, and ideation the concept for “Breathe” the connected inhaler came about.

Seth Fowler: SoundBite - Innovating and Simplifying Music Creation

Many talented musicians lack the means and the technical proficiency to take the next step in their career and record their own music. SoundBITE gives these musicians a simple all in one solution to this problem that allows them to not only record their music but do it in fun innovative new ways.

Troy Hudson: Light Therapy Glasses for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, develops when people experience a lack of sunlight in their life and it affects between 4-6% of people in the United States, while 10-20% experience a minor form of this disorder. Light therapy helps to simulate the effects of sunlight; within the process of understanding the users it became evident that a more seamless integration into their lifestyles was desired. Lumiware, light therapy glasses, helps to encourage use of light therapy for people constantly on-the-move, and transitions people from SAD to happy!

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