dreamdateNYC will be the first product ever to use soft lips as the applicator! We have a design patent from the USPTO and have a patent pending for utility.


dreamdateNYC, as a concept, was developed after a number of brainstorming sessions with founders Phillip Seymour and Benjamin Martin.  The idea that teens are, by nature, very romantic and filled with idealistic images of love and life seemed to fit the ideals and images of our own goals for our product…one where they could dream about a real or imagined “lip-gloss” kiss.


dreamdateNYC is a lip-gloss applicator that will appeal to teens…and anyone else who dares to dream!  Its soft, life-like applicator helps tap into the “dream date” that every teen visualizes at some time during their formative years.  As each teen applies the lip-gloss, they can conjure up the date of their dreams—and protect their lips with a high-quality product, as well.



We ask you to join us in establishing this dream by becoming part of our movement as we progress into our next phase.  Our plan is to seek contributions to create the molds and begin manufacturing of this never before seen product.

dreamdateNYC will be the first and only product ever to use soft lips as the actual applicator!  We have been awarded a design patent from the USPTO and have a patent pending for utility.

We are looking to raise $15,000 to go towards the creation of the molds for production.


All contributors will be kept up-to-date through a blog found our website, www.dreamdatenyc.com, that will note the progress of the campaign.

Our rewards include limited editions of dreamdateNYC, customized lips t-shirts with rhinestones or studs, a photo shoot in New York City with a well-known fashion photographer, invitations to attend our dreamdateNYC Launch Party in New York City, and the opportunity to have a dreamdateNYC lip mold of your very own lips.  You will be free to kiss everyone!

                                                          THE IMPACT

We are very excited that dreamdateNYC will not only provide a unique product to a teen’s daily life, but also provide resources to assist an extended family of teens in need of help.  Here’s how:

Even though we are a cosmetics company, we believe that beauty goes beyond the surface.  Helping teens has always held a special place in our lives.  Therefore, part of our profits will go to THE DOOR, a magnificent organization that provides comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment.  http://www.door.org/

Additionally, we plan to develop a cosmetic awareness symposium at THE DOOR with a portion of proceeds of dreamdateNYC.


We have a team of proven, dedicated professionals behind our campaign.  A product manager with more than 10 years of experience in developing new products for top consumer companies, a business developer, a well respected press agent, artists and photographers.  With your help we will work diligently to assure success for both the company and the teens that will benefit at THE DOOR.

We strongly believe that our team’s experience not only in managing large projects but also in keeping our backers engaged and informed throughout the process, will enable us to bring dreamdateNYC to life.

Thank you for your participation and welcome to the dreamdateNYC community!

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