Remember last nights dream? Ever thought what it means? In this series we'll look deep in your mind & explain every detail of your dream… or scariest nightmare.
Salvis Ceriņš
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What is „Dream Haunt”?

This will be a web show where we not only explain and interpret symbols of your dreams, but we’ll take it to a much deeper level. We will cross any boarders and plunge into subconsciousness to explore the secrets of the mysterious and fascinating world of dreams where rules of reality do not apply. We will not only help make sense of your dreams, but also help to understand them in the most entertaining way possible.

We are planning to create 12 episodes, splitting every episode in three parts with the total run of 13 minutes (so you don’t get bored). All sections of the episode will share one theme, but still differ from one another.


This dreamy show is created by Salvis Ceriņš and Dace Aleksandraviča – two friends who met four years ago while working on a web show about the latest movies in local cinemas. Since then, they have worked on a lot of  other local and international projects together.

Salvis is a multi-tasker, you can call him a producer and as well a cameraman and a writer. He just loves to produce new stuff and generate new ideas. He has filmed almost everything – from music videos to large festival coverage. He adores learning something new and always loves the challenging process of creating something new.

Like Salvis, Dace also loves to be a part of creating and shaping new projects. She has graduated the Latvian Academy of Culture and thus knows a lot about how ancient Latvians explained their dreams. Currently she works as a professional make-up artist and art director for photo shoots, and will help people look stunning in front of camera. As an artist, she is always full of creative ideas combined to being also skilled at managing and organizing the whole process of the activities connected to different projects. Besides, Dace has perfected her English to a really good level in London Stanton School of English, which makes her the perfect host and presenter of the show.

What We Need & What You Get

Our goal is to rise USD $20500 for our production costs. That includes – Professional video, audio and lighting equipment, studio and location fees, transportation to and from location, payment to cast and crew for they work.

It will take us one day to shoot one section, so shooting of an episode with three sections will take three days (which may not follow each other). Editing and dubbing should take at least another two days.

Transparency is very important for us, so we created a table listing our expenses:


Days needed(per episode)

Cost(per episode)

Total cost

Video equipment rental(camera, memory cards, lighting, tripod)




Audio equipment rental

(lav, portable mixer, recorder)








Camera/Audio/Lighting operator








Studio and location fees




Transportation and feeding




Cast (2 to 3 people)


$222 (for all)


Additional fees and taxes(Indiegogo, Bank, SRS)








We're asking you to help us raise this money and, in exchange, you’ll not only become a part of the team making this show come to life, but you'll also get really nice perks!

What happens if we don't reach our goal?

We’ll still go ahead and work on the show. One episode at least, but it also means that we may cut out some things that could make it really enjoyable and entertaining. We love the idea and we’re ready to work for free to create this show, but there are still some things we can’t get for free. This project is very time consuming, because we don’t want to offer just plain entertainment without meaning, we want it to be eductional entertainment.

What if we get further our goal?

That would be great! The additional money would help us to make the show even better, providing a better crew, cast and much deeper research and presenting it all in an even more entertaining way.

The Impact

With this project we will give some breath of fresh air to all who like to watch shows about science and discover new things. Think about that for a second – how many shows about dreams (or nightmares) do you know? Maybe it’s time for one who will be fully dedicated to the dream science and those who wonder – „what did my dream mean?”

We love making videos and do it with our deepest love from our hearts, but we also believe that everyone can change the world and make it better, not just for all of us, right now, but for all the next generations that will come.

You can help us change a little piece of world by helping us fund this project, because you’re the power and even small contribution will help and get everyone of us closer to something new!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you like our idea, but you can’t currently help us with money, it’s fine anyway. You still can support us and our idea! Forward this project to your friends and people who might be interested in seeing this project coming to life, because everyone of us dreams and everyone at least once in their life has thought of what their dream could possibly mean.

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  • $4USD
    Sweer dreams

    We have proverb – „three good things, but fourth from heart”. We know that you may not have a lot of cash that you can donate for our project. Our dream hauntress will make sure, you’re getting really sweet dreams tonight and of course – good mood when you wake up.

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  • $11USD

    We will tweet you a BIG thank you from our twitter and facebook accounts.

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  • $22USD
    Thank You Letter

    We will send you real Thank You Letter, signed by real ink. We also give you a FaceTweet. If you’ll donate at least twice in 60 days, we’ll include special certificate only intended for real dreamers.

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    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $30USD
    Thank You Photo

    We’ll take photo of Dream Hauntress holding your name and we’ll not only post it with FaceTweet, but also send it to your email with GPS information included, so you can geotag and find where it was taken. You also will get TYL.

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    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $50USD
    Singing Thank You

    Your Dream Hauntress has voice of an angel! She will not only sing a song of your choice, but also sing some latvian sleep songs for you and/or your kids.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $77USD
    „Dream Haunt” on DVD

    You have chance to preorder all episodes that we’ll create in this season, on DVD. We’ll also add Behind the Scenes for you. FaceTweet, TYL,TYP, STY not included.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2015
  • $99USD
    Dream Haunt” on BluRay

    You have chance to preorder all episodes that we’ll create in this season, on BluRay. We’ll also add Behind the Scenes for you. FaceTweet, TYL,TYP, STY not included.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2015
  • $111USD
    T-shirt and hat

    You’ll get dark colored hat with white text: „Dreamer”. We can offer you one of these t-shirt sizes: S, M, L. X and XL are subject to availability and may not be available. Text on front will say: „I (picture of heart) dreaming” under that will be dreamy face of Dream Hauntress. We offer t-shirts in black or white color. If you support gay rights we can color heart Picture in rainbow colors. Back will feature four lines of sleep song in latvian. FaceTweet included, but nothing more.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $123USD
    Personal Video Greeting

    Surprise yourself, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, relatives or your friends with a special video greeting in real latvian language! Don’t worry, we’ll include subtitles in english. It doesn’t matter if its birthday, anniversary or any special day for person or couple. Tell us about lucky recipient and we’ll try to make special day even better. Please contact us for DVD delivery date. Will be sent via post. FaceTweet included, but nothing more.

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  • $222USD
    Singing Video Greeting

    This includes „Personal Video Greeting” by Dream Hauntress Dace and she well also sing up to two songs by your request. Also we can try to deliver DVD to address on specific date (if it’s not publicē holiday). FaceTweet included, but nothing more.

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  • $250USD
    Virtual set visit

    No matter where you are, you’ll be able to see everything what our camera sees and hears while we’re filming „Dream Haunt”. We’ll let you know when our feed will be on line. FaceTweet, TYL, TYP included.

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  • $500USD
    Explain my dream

    Tell us your dream and we’ll try to feature in one of our episodes. Of course you can also ask question about oneirology or dreams and we’ll try to answer you in one of our episodes. FaceTweet, TYL,TYP and virtual set visit included.

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  • $777USD
    Product placement

    Would you like to promote some product? We can help you with that! Contact us for details.

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  • $1,111USD
    Credited as Executive producer

    With this you’ll become executive producer for one of our episodes. Of course you can get this perk multiple times and become executive producer for multiple episodes! We’ll write your name under „executive producer” in credit roll and you’ll get also a FaceTweet, TYL,TYP, virtual set visit.

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  • $2,222USD
    Sponsor an episode

    We’ll promote you as episode sponsor and you’ll get chance to promote your products with „Product placement” offer. This also includes Virtual set visit and DVD pre-order.

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  • $11,111USD
    Associated Producer

    With this perk, you’ll get credited as associated producer in our shows credit roll, you also get FaceTweet, TYL,TYP, Personal video greeting, DVD, BluRay, Virtual set visit and chance to us for lunch in Latvia. Tickets, accomodation and any other fees not included.

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  • $22,222USD
    General Sponsor

    You’ll be our hero, and we’ll proudly say – „show is brought to you by…” You definitely will get everything listed above, including real set visit and lunch with us. Still, no tickets or any other expenses included.

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