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  • $5USD
    Welcome to the Team!

    You will receive a personal Thank you email from the cast and crew, along with a Thank you shout out from our Facebook Page and in the closing credits of the film! (You will also receive a High Five from the Film's Creator - Tyler Young)

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  • $15USD
    Helping Hand

    You will not only receive the "Welcome to the Team" Perks, BUT you will also get a signed copy of the script from the Production Team! (You also get a BIG high five from the Film's Creator - Tyler Young.)

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  • $25USD
    Go For It!

    You will receive all of the above perks, AS WELL AS a special digital download of the film and sound track! (Also a BIG HIGH FIVES FROM THE ENTIRE CREW!)

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  • $50USD
    I Got Your Back!

    You will receive all the above perks, AND we will throw in a hard copy of "DRAIN", signed by the crew and stars of the film! You will also be entered to win a FREE Pass to “The Flashback Weekend” with the crew! (Details in short summary) BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We'll also toss in a bonus hard copy of the sound track! (You get a High Five too! It's starts like any old High 5, but then the energy between us will build, Our mortal flesh will meet, in a high five worthy of the Gods!)

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  • $100USD
    Welcome to the Family!

    Along with the above perks, you will receive a credit as a financier on the Film! AND you also get a free pass to the "DRAIN" Premier! (You're Family now, and Family doesn't High Five, Family gets hugs! Welcome to the next level!)

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  • $250USD
    Blood is Thicker than Water

    You will receive all of the above perks, PLUS a customized "DRAIN" basket which includes: A custom Drain Coffee cup, T-Shirt, and a LIMITED EDITION Copy of the DVD. (You'll also receive the most thankful, gracious, heartwarming hug! The kind of hug that is only experienced once in a life time!)

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  • $500USD

    Not only do you get the above perks, BUT we will advertise you (Or your business) as a Producer for "DRAIN". "DRAIN" is going to be sent to festivals all across the country and it would be a great way to advertise yourself or your business! We will share your company's Facebook or Twitter account in the credits, as well as on the "Bonus Material" section of the DVD! (You've graduated to level 3! A firm, professional handshake is in your future!)

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  • $1,000USD
    Clock In, Boss!

    Not only do you get ALL of the above perks, BUT you are officially on the crew! You will be credited as an "Executive Producer" for "DRAIN". This also includes a walk on role in one of our next Projects! (If you own a business we will write a scene that advertises your business/ product and put it in an upcoming film!) (You will not only receive all the above perks but you will also get ALL 3 SUB-PERKS! That right! HIGH FIVE, HUG, AND HAND SHAKE!)

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