DRACULA Is Everywhere!

Knock,knock , you have a postcard from......Count Dracula.Open it!
Gabriel Dobrescu
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   Hi,I am Gabriel and i Would like to make you a deal.

   I live in Romania, Dracula’s land and I am aware of the fact that all of you have heard of him from Bram Stoker’s ‚ "Count Dracula’’.

Aftern Bram stoker published in 1897, the book ’’Count Dracula’’ and also besause various movies preced it,the world saw in Transilvania the house of the vampire.

Many tourists come every year to see the places where once reigned Vlad Terpes(Dracula) and also the beauty of the places.

And because not everyone gets to see this places,I am here to help.

I was thinking that everyoane,adults and children, would like to see the place where this character after whom bookes and movies and documentaries have been done,lived.

I Will try to send in almost each state on Earth a postcard/photo with Dracula (maybe with a souvenir) or with Vlad Tepes’s Castle (Dracula Castle) but for souvenirs it depend on how much money i will have.

The interesting part is that i will pick adresses randomly chosen in order to see the reaction of those who received the postcard, regarding the fact that is connected to Dracula. The name ‚’ Dracula is everywhere’’ it is given by this action.

Of course there will be plenty of models with Vlad Tepes face or with the places he reigned.

Because now there are about 195 countries on Earth my action is quite difficult without some helping founds.

I will suggest the recipient to take a picture with the postcard and to post it on facebook page with the same name‚ "Dracula is Everywhere’’.

   Only with your help i will be able to surprise and please some people.


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    For more than 1000 $ we have a Special Dracula bottle of wine with a postcard,a souvenir and thanks on our facebook page. Or you can choose to receive a small container with soil around the castle, which some legends say that protects you against bad thinks.

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