Double Date

"Double Date" is a short film detailing the complexities and dualities of bisexuality while also being a story about relationships in general.
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The Film:

Double Date is a short drama detailing the complexities and dualities of bisexuality while also a being a story about relationships in general. Over the course of a night, a long-term relationship falls apart at the seams, while another relationship (a one-night stand) finds something deeper.

Jason and Kim have been in a loving relationship since they met in high school. Having graduated university a year ago, the two are now buying a house and moving in together. The film starts as Dominic, Jason’s childhood friend, is visiting the couple in Winnipeg. Jason sets up Dominic with his cousin Ellie, and the four of them spend a night on the town. After few too many drinks, the foursome return to Jason’s apartment. Their return is met with the appearance of Paul, Jason’s gay roommate.  The film advances after a game of drunken truth or dare reveals the secret of Jason’s sexual orientation and puts everyone’s relationships to the test.

Why this Project is Important:

In a culture where we put heterosexuality and homosexuality as two opposing forces, we often forget, ignore and belittle the fluidity of sexuality.  One of Double Date’s main goals is to diminish the belittling and broaden the discussion on bisexuality. In general, our culture’s discussion has been streamlined to appeal to the masses, giving easy answers to dense questions. Through simplifying these questions, we avoid the discussion altogether.

Mainstream society tends to view bisexuality as a half-way house for those coming to terms with their homosexuality, and more often than not, bisexual people are rarely viewed as having a separate identity. Even in mainstream queer cinema (a genre that’s meant to celebrate the whole spectrum of sexuality), the portrayal of bisexuality is once again skewed. In queer cinema, queer men who start off by identifying themselves as bisexuals tend to go through a clichéd character arc and abandon their bisexuality in favour of homosexuality. As storytellers we wanted to do the topic of bisexuality justice; Jason, Double Date’s protagonist, never abandons his bisexual identity. 

Double Date also transcends the discussion of bisexuality, delving into the dichotomy of relationships in general, and its fragility when one's faith in someone is never fully restored. Locking the main characters within Jason's apartment, the apartment becomes a battleground. A verbal battle royale of sorts between a group in love with one another, while still unafraid when going for the jugular. The film is also centered around love, fidelity, family, deception, betrayal, loneliness, hypocrisy, friendship and most of all fear. Being fearful of the truth and its side effects. The film examines the level of pain people will endure when endure to keep up their illusions and the ripple effects caused by the shattering of said illusions. Denial and confusion affects people. Feeling neglected and misunderstood affects a person's reason to rationalize. While having the biggest of hearts, the characters are reduced to the worst versions of themselves. 

Why We Need Your Help?

The film industry in Winnipeg doesn’t have the same resources as a bigger city like Toronto or Vancouver. With a small industry, we need your help to get this movie off the ground. We want share the film with you, but we can’t broaden our reach without your support. We’re already started raising money and we’re ecstatic to say that our first fundraiser, The Velvet Vixens Fashion Show (see pictures below) was an amazing experience and a downright success, raising over $2500

The Indiegogo campaign is going to go towards funding principal photography and pre-production costs. 60% of our funds will go towards the film’s production values and the film’s aesthetic. We’re talking about top of the line camera rentals, lighting equipment, sound equipment, props, set dressing, the film’s production design, hair, makeup and wardrobe. The funds will also go towards ACTRA fees, cast and crew premiums, location rentals, location and equipment permits, craft services and other production expenses. The leftover funds (if they are any) will then go towards the post-production process, at which point we’ll be launching a post-production Indiegogo Campaign.

Our Team:

Patrick Gratton – Writer / Director / Producer – Patrick Gratton graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2013, with an advanced major in Film Studies and a Minor in English Arts. While attending the U of M, Patrick wrote and directed a number of short films. His first short, Minutes after Midnight, was selected to play in competition at The University of Winnipeg’s Student Film Festival and received a nomination for Best Cinematography (Michael J. Scott). In 2012, Patrick’s subsequent short film, La Bastringue, played at The University of Winnipeg’s Student Film Festival and received four nominations, Best Actor (Thomas Toles), Best Actress (Christine Young ), Best Screenplay (Patrick Gratton) and Best Cinematography (Steven Johnson). The following year, Patrick and the University of Manitoba’s graduating film studies class produced a feature film adaptation of Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War, entitled The Assignment. The film was screened at the 44th Montreal Student Film Festival and won the prize for Best Adaptationat the New Hope Film Festival in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  After graduating from university, Mr. Gratton began working as a production assistant in the Winnipeg film industry. He’s worked as a PA on a number of film and television projects such as CBC’s Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story, Universal’s McKenna Shoots for the Stars, A Good Lie, YTV’s The Next Star, CTV’s Master Chef Canada, Strings and Teen Lust. 

Justin Burke -- Producer -- Justin Burke is a local entrepreneur and employed in the movie production industry. He spends his time involved in Winnipeg's creative culture. From working on movie sets to producing fashion shows he enjoys supporting the local industry. He started working as a model at Panache Management and soon realized he wanted to be more involved. The next step was studying the fashion industry and launching his fashion line Runway Fashions. Once off the ground he partnered with internationally known fashion photographer Ryan Wibawa, who helped take his business and career to the next level. He then focused on learning styling skills thus launching another branch of opportunities. Once he felt he had enough experience in the industry he moved into fashion events and movie production. His current goal is to bring creativity and passion to Winnipeg through film.

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