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A feature length documentary tracking the history of the troubled 1994 Concord-New Horizon's/Constantin Films' production, "The Fantastic Four".
Marty Langford
Los Angeles, California
United States
2 Team Members
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11% funded
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$52,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on June 20, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    “The Doombot”

    A cool pdf link to photos of rare items from Roger Corman’s “Fantastic Four” as well as a shout out on the “Doomed” Facebook page from the producers! This pdf link will take you on a memorabilia tour to some amazing photos of props and behind-the-scenes events of “The Fantastic Four!” Want to see the Thing hanging around between takes at Roger Corman’s Venice Beach studio? We’ve got the photos and we’ll share them with you for just ten bucks!

    10 claimed
  • $20USD
    “The Red Ghost ”

    A copy of the “Doomed” e-book! This amazing assortment of brand new documents will be an instant collector’s item for FF fans, including a ton of new information and interviews not in the doc, photos of rare items from the film and a “Doomed” journal which will take you behind the scenes on the making of the doc. Find out all the secrets of making both “The Fantastic Four” and “Doomed!”. Even the communist Red Ghost would buy this one! You also get the “Doombot” perks.

    10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $25USD
    "The Awesome Android"

    This tall glass of water brings you the SINGLE DVD, movie only copy of "DOOMED!". Note that this is different from the 2 disc set, featuring all of the extras, from the perks below!

    14 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $30USD
    "The Impossible Man"

    Now, this is a unique experience. You get the FB mention, the single disc DVD and the e-book **PLUS** you'll be invited to a private, exclusive live webcast of one of the interviews during production. You’ll have a producer’s-eye view of the interview and get the opportunity to ask one of the stars a question. Be PART of the filmmaking experience!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $35USD
    "The Rama-Tut"

    Reed's stepbrother can be a pain, but he also suggests you consider this perk which includes a *SIGNED MOVIE STILL* from one of the FF heroes, as well as a single disc, movie-only copy of the doc.

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $50USD
    “The Mole Man”

    At this level, not only do you get the “Red Ghost” goodies: (“Doomed” e-book, thank you on FB), but you are also going to get a copy of the documentary you are helping us to make! That’s right, true believers! Upon completion we will send you a DVD of the final film with all the DVD extras. Hours of extra behind-the-scenes goodies like deleted scenes and a “Making of the documentary” featurette!

    22 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $100USD
    “The Puppet Master”

    This level of contribution is the “Twin Terrors” level. You get all the swag from the “Red Ghost” level as well as a DVD layoff of the complete interviews from the making of the documentary as they were taped for the film. Who can resist the demonic duo of these two charmers?

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $200USD
    “The Annihilus”

    Even better than a one-way trip to the Negative Zone, at this level you get all of the above treats and in addition we are going to mail you a rolled copy of the original “Fantastic Four” movie poster from 1994! These posters were only recently removed from their original sealed container. They are rare and you are going to own one! Excellent for FF fans and anyone that wants a great investment in a truly rare collectible.

    2 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $500USD
    “The Frightful Four”

    It took four super-villains to represent this level of greatness! What could be better than that “FF” poster from 1994? How about if we had it signed by the cast?! And then what if we added your name to the end credits of the documentary?! Plus, all the other goodies: (Copy of “Doomed” DVD, e-book, DVD layoff, “thank you” on FB)

    3 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $1,000USD
    “The Galactus”

    Galactus shows up and he’s bringing the swag! We’re going to shoot you answering some questions for the documentary and you will either appear in the finished doc or in the DVD extras, guaranteed! You also get all the other goodies: (Interviewed for documentary, “thank you” in end credits, signed poster, e-book, copy of “Doomed” DVD, DVD layoff of interviews.) There are only 5 of these so you better grab them faster than you can say Fin Fang Foom!

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $2,500USD
    “The Doctor Doom”

    We named this after the FF's baddest bad guy! You get all the above (DVD layoff, interview, signed poster, e-book, “Doomed” DVD, “thank you” in end credits, FB thanks) Also, 4 lucky souls will be invited to LA set in July to hang out with the filmmakers and at least one FF cast or crew member. Plus we’ll take your pic on the set wearing the cloak Dr. Doom wore in the 1994 movie! These are one-of-a-kind items we’re offering to only four lucky fans! Travel and accommodations not included.

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $5,000USD
    “The Ultimate Nullifier”

    Even Doctor Doom fears the Ultimate Nullifier, which is why we saved it for last. At this level you actually get a producer credit in the main titles of the film! Become a part of film and “Fantastic Four” history! As well as: (Set visit, interviewed for doc, signed “Fantastic Four” poster, copy of “Doomed,” DVD Layoff, “thank you” in end credits, e-book of “Doomed,” FB thanks.)

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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