DON'T YOU WANT TO... get out the youth vote?

Don’t You Want To is a nonpartisan youth voting campaign designed to encourage students to become active citizens.

About Us

Don’t You Want To is an nonpartisan campaign that hopes to use design to go where grassroots organizing and volunteer-based registration campaigns cannot. This campaign covers three goals - get students registered by combatting common reasons they choose not to vote, get them informed about issues through materials like posters, candidate cheat sheets, and social media, and getting them to the polls on voting day. We'll personally be registering students on the Maryland Institute College of Art campus, but our larger goal is to make our design materials available free of charge to campuses all over the country. With positive messaging, energetic design, and strategic promotion, we hope to engage youth voters across the country and educate them about the importance of using their right to vote. Again, Don’t You Want To does not support any candidate or political party. Our aim is to encourage students take part in the voting process in whatever manner they choose. We will be making our designs open sourced (FREE!) to other schools and youth initiatives so that our message can spread far and wide.


Our Posters!



Close Up of One of our Posters

You can read all about our mission on our website, and you can follow along with our progress on facebook, twitter, and flickr. To see all of of designs, check out our Flickr site.  If you are interested in promoting our campaign at your school please contact us! We are happy to partner with both partisan and nonpartisan organizations from any college or university. Getting out the message is the goal of our project, so please get in touch!


Make sure to check back for updates because we’ll be rolling out new designs for more posters, candidate cheat sheets, and ballot guides as we get closer to the election!

What Your Money Supports

Your financial support will be serving several needs. With this money we will be printing a ton of materials to promote around our campus and Baltimore City, getting shirts made for volunteers to wear while registering students, and hosting events like debate watch parties at our school.  Additionally your support is helping to cover the cost of postage and printing registration forms for hopefully 1000 new voters at our school.  (And of course your support helps pay for the awesome gifts we'll be giving you!)

Thank you so much for checking out our project! We really appreciate all of your support, and we are so excited to see this project come to life! Also, shoutout to Anthem Cheri on Soundcloud for the track for this video,  and the biggest thank you to Jennifer Cole Phillips, without whom we never could have made this project what it is. 

Who We Are

Aviva and Jianna are seniors at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Jianna Lieberman is majoring in graphic design with a dual concentration in printmaking and bookmaking. Aviva is currently a painting major, but after this campaign she could probably graduate as a graphic designer too. Aviva has the greenest thumb in the world, can be impressively alert at 8 am, and lately dreams about voting in her sleep. Jianna is an expert Christmas cookie decorator, enjoys fantasizing about fonts, and is voting for the first time in this election.

Team on This Campaign: