Don't Take This The Wrong Way

A comedy TV pilot about three guys who will do anything besides go with the flow of heading into their 30's.


About The Project, And About Us

Welcome to the IndieGoGo campaign for Don't Take This The Wrong Way, a half hour comedy TV pilot developed by Craig Lewis and Matthew Chandler. Friends from college, we have worked together both on stage and in film since 2002, including a national tour of Route 66, A Celebration of America's Mainstreet performed in front of thousands of people.
In 2006, we began developing our own material, from comedy sketches to web series to film shorts. All of that experience has culminated in what we feel is a new, fresh take on how guys in their late 20's are represented on television.

The script was first developed as a short film back in 2009. After many drafts and some great feedback, we came to the conclusion that the best medium for it would be television. The

Craig Lewis                         Matthew Chandler

tone of the show has been described as a combination of The League on FX with a younger, half hour version of Men of a Certain Age.

We have taken parts of our lives, along with what might have been, and created characters that represent the best and the worst of us. The #1 rule when writing the script was that nothing was off limits. Let's just say we didn't break that rule...

How This Works

While passion, training, and experience has taken us a long way, creating something takes the right people collaborating, equipment, locations, insurance, and for some reason they won't take a grateful handshake as payment.

We are looking for $18,000 for development, shooting, post production, and submission to festivals. This budget includes all of the fees acquired by IndieGoGo as well as the distribution of the perks you qualify for when contributing certain amounts.

By contributing to the project, you are in a sense joining the production team. Any contribution gives you access to bi-weekly emails telling you exactly what we've been up to and where we are in the process. This information is far more detailed than what will be posted on the Facebook page.

Contributions starting at $25 will enact exclusive perks you can only get by donating. These include digital copies, shooting schedule releases, outtakes videos, signed memorabilia from the actual shooting (irreplaceable!), personalized "appreciation" videos, all the way up to official credits in the final cut. There is no other way to access these items, and some are in limited supply.

And So It Begins

This campaign is an opportunity to join the process from the ground floor, and to push us over the final hurdle to create something truly amazing. The only thing better than enjoying great TV/Film is making it. Where else can you put in a little bit of money and make a friggin TV show?! Whether it makes it to air or not, it will be seen by THOUSANDS of people all over the world in festivals, limited releases, and eventually online.
Tell your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. Make the people you don't like jealous, and tell the people you like so they can be a part of something bigger than any one of us.
If you cannot contribute monetarily, we feel you. Money is tight, why the hell do you think we're asking for it?! You can still help by spreading the word. There are many "share tools" at your disposal through IndieGoGo.
Thanks so much for visiting our page, be sure to "like" our Facebook page, follow us on twitter, check out our YouTube page, read our Blog for the local Patch newspaper and (if you choose to accept this mission) welcome to the team!
- Craig and Matt

Team on This Campaign: