This documentary that explores the history of persecution and censorship in journalism in regarding Julian Assange.
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To all supporters of Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Bradley Manning. 

My name is Petite Pointer, filmmaker and visual artist of the films, "I Am Bradley Manning and Wikileaks 2012: Year in Review.


 We enter a new year, a year of same old same olds, resolutions and well as Hollywood producing new films including films about Wikileaks, that sensationalized the organization, leaving many people in the dark about the truth.


From "The Man that Sold the World" to "We Still Secrets: Story of Wikileaks" that's premiering at Sundance, despite big name actors appearing in these films, it's guaranteed to leave people in the dark about the truth and damage the reputation of what Wikileaks and Julian Assange is all about. 


As citizen journalists, filmmakers and artists, we to use reliable research as well as creativity to tell real stories that we won't hear in the mainstream media nor in Hollywood films without bias perspective. That is why I'm crowdfunding these films to tell the truth. 


"Don't Shoot Me, I'm a Journalist." is one of the trilogy films surrounding the topic of Wikileaks, Bradley Manning and Press Freedom; WKTMMP is a documentary that explores the history of persecution and censorship in journalism with the questions that many debate about "How can a journalist or his work be considered terrorists?" to "Do the leaks put people's lives in danger?", from Gutenberg to Loret to Zenger, in order to understand all of this we have to understand how we got here, and take action on the possible abolishment of press freedom.


The funds we're hoping to raise are only a part of the budget and will allow us to cover the production costs, equipment, travel and crew. Yes, it’s a high number, but we didn’t just pull it out of thin air. The entire production has been budgeted and scheduled from start to finish. We know what it is going to take to bring this film to its audience. Any donation no matter how small or big, the more people who donate, the better we can achieve our goal to make this film possible.


As a community that heavily supports this cause, as stated before, as Hollywood make films based on sensationalism and myths and being totally biased. Many audiences get left in the dark  about these topics, hiding the truth. As citizen journalists, we need to look at the whole picture to understand what's really going on and educate viewers with the right information.


We will start shooting in April of 2013, but how long that shoot will be is directly proportional to our budget. We need you to help us carve out as much shooting time as possible.

I really want everyone to get involved with this, together we can create ideas that can change things.

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